Aligning oneself with Willingness … “How to cure ourselves of the Insanity of Unconsciousness”

    There are many ways to evolve. Up until now on this planet we have seen predominantly that evolution occurs when faced with extinction.  As a generally ignorant collective when it comes to the growth and survival of our own species, it would have seemed like this would be our best option for making drastic changes in the way we live our lives because of the way it affects the planet.

     Unfortunately, this has not been the case.  We are staring straight down the barrel of extinction and simply denying that such a thing can exist.

     I could write all day about how insane this stance is, or how insane our lack of urgency is, but instead I'd rather focus on what is actually necessary to cure our insanity.

    What we have been doing for some time is becoming addicted to safety.  All of our technology has been produced to shelter us from the wild world ... from the nature that we believe we "arose" out of into a more sophisticated way of being.  All we have actually done, in the efforts to separate our species from the natural order, is to cripple our connection to instinct. 

    We are capable of taking the instincts and gifts we were born with and using our focused intellect to move beyond a merely “reactive” existence into an existence of creation.  This ability is frightening, as our consciousness must at all times be burdened with conscience and the thought of consequence.  But within this matrix of mind there is a deep imperative that we must stimulate to move forward … as in the past our evolutionary process was in reaction to environmental factors, now it must be our creation

   This is due to the fact that we have frontal lobes.  These are best used for planning, and creating large and complex connections as well as means of harmonizing with a large and complex world.  They are made for that.  But they can also be used to justify base fear and separating us from anything that threatens our immediate stasis.  That's really what we are doing on the large scale now. That is unfortunate.

    We can call it dismissal, or refusal to empathize, but what it truly embodies is a disrespect of the world we were birthed into.  Rather than seeing and seizing our opportunity to join and conduct growth in harmony with all that exists in our environment, we are shielding ourselves from the possibility of pain.  We are doing this as a global society, as well as individuated beings.   

    So what are we looking for on the micro scale that will lead to evolution on the macro scale? We are looking for an alignment with reality that is based on a willingness to engage a tumultuous and ever-changing reality.  It does not matter whether this is processing emotion during a little league game or managing road rage. It is all about our Willingness to take what we are being forced to manage and handling it with as much calm and loving energy as we are capable of.

     We may or may not believe this is fair.  We may or may not blame others for the state of the world or the failing affairs of men as it relates to the planet's health.  It doesn't matter.  It just won't work unless we become aligned with willingness across the entire reality we are offered.  We can simply engage everything with our best foot forward or we can remain in stasis as a part of the evolutionary machine that refuses to bend to the will of nature to save its own skin.

     We don't want it to be on us.  I don't want it to be on me. I want it to be on "them."  I want the ambient "them" to get it together and fix what they've broken.  But there is no "them."  There is only a really large "us" that have come into existence on this planet who are refusing to take what is in front of them and make it better. 

   As we align our lives with Willingness, the Willingness to process emotion, to transmute anger, to foster forgiveness, to observe with positive regard, to empathize beyond our frustration and separation, we align the collective source of soul energy on this planet to doing the same.  We can become the parents of this generation and in doing so we can finally become stewards of this beautiful planet. 

    But have no doubts, it is on the "us," not "them" ... and it is in our willingness to engage regardless of our momentary addiction to safety and stasis that will allow us to evolve for the first time without the threat of extinction being the primary motivation.

    It is in Willingness to Engage that we move from passive to active, from reactive to creative … and therein lies the purpose of our incarnation into the messy and vulnerable world of mortality.  Courage only exists in the face of fear, and only in aligning ourselves with the Willingness to be part of the process in the nucleus of our personal worlds can we create the movement that will engage the whole of the global collective.  

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