All Will Be Revealed, channeled painting and message through Deb Graves / Araznu


Channeled painting and message

Through Deb Graves/Araznu

August 2010

All Will Be Revealed, channeled painting and message through Deb Graves/Araznu

Inspiration for this image came as a series of visions. I saw
many hands pulling back the fabric of time and space
to reveal a place of great beauty. Within the fabric of time
came 1's and 0's like binary code, as if they are showing the removal
of a previous program.

As the painting evolved I noticed light coming from two distinct
sources. I questioned what I was seeing and was told to just let the
painting flow and not analyze it until finished. I saw so many colours
that I could not seem to do them justice. Everything sparkled with
golden and rainbow light. Within the tree trunks many faces, beings,
elementals and animals appeared.
The one that kept reoccurring was a Unicorn! I grabbed my Animal Spirit
Guides book off the shelf and looked up the meaning of Unicorn, yet
nothing seemed to fit. So I decided to refer to the internet and up
came the Biblical legend of the Unicorn and the garden of Eden. Eden
was this what I was seeing? I got my chills and goosebumps
which is a conformation for me. Wow, Eden.

It was then I remembered a meditational journey to a beautiful garden:

We sat resting, I say resting as I was sure there was more of my
journey to come. I felt wonderful my whole body was vibrating and
glowing. I had a new awareness to what I could sense and feel. My guide
now gained my attention "As you look around is there anything else you
see, a sign, a message, a symbol?" I was not sure what I was supposed to see,
but out of the mist appeared a circular grid, I described this to my guide
"I see a circular grid, a spiral, going clockwise, it does not end, it
just keeps going all the way through to the centre." She asked me "Where does it want
you to go?"
I looked into the spiraling grid in front of me, it seemed to go on
forever. As I walked forward an archway of beautiful magenta roses
appeared. The heavenly perfume from them was almost overwhelming, I had
smelt these before they were like the damask roses that I had in my
garden. I continued forward through the archway walking towards the
rotating grid. I now felt like I was a part of it, it was getting
warmer the further I ventured. Before me was a swirling grey mass I
said to my guide "I don't like grey" She replied sweetly "That's ok
don't judge it. Does it want you to go in a particular direction, or
does it want to show you something?" I sensed that it wanted me to go with
it. My guide then said "So can you do that, can you trust that this is for
your highest and greatest good?"

I walked forward trusting completely. "Wow" I exclaimed as I felt myself
moving a tremendous speed. My guide then asked me what I could feel.
I felt like I was in a wormhole, I saw brilliant colours swirling around me.
There was a bright light in front of me that I seemed to be moving towards.
"Oh my!" an intense wave of wonderful loving emotions flooded through my
body, tears ran down my face as I stood staring at the wonder before
me. My guide softly asked "and what is it you see?" With a shaking and
emotional voice I replied "I am in a most beautiful garden" more tears ran
down my face as I realized where I was. I was in Heaven? My guide asked
me a series of questions about this beautiful place. I then described what
I saw, smelt and heard.

As I moved forward I seemed to be floating, as if walking on air, around
me was a light mist which seemed to make everything glisten.
I saw plants that I did not recognize, tall exotic looking trees with huge
blossoms that came in glorious colours.
I could hear birds singing, so many that I could not single out a
particular bird. Then to my surprise a most beautiful white horse
walked towards me, I took a step back as I realized it was in fact a
To read the rest of this journey HERE

So now I sit in front of the painting, I ask again about the light
source and receive "two suns, and constant temperate climate" how
wonderful that would be. Next came "Many changes are flowing to
you at an extremely high rate of speed, it is all that some can do to
stay balanced and centered. It is now to connect completely with all
aspects of self and quietly assimilate and integrate on all levels. You
will emerge transformed, vibrating at the highest level. It is then
that all will be revealed as to purpose and direction".

I sense that they are talking about all of the shifts we have been
experiencing this summer, what with the solar flares, geomagnetic
storms, planetary alignments, eclipses and now the lions gate portal
opening Aug 8th 2010. I have found the need to find quiet places to sit
and meditate, relaxing and letting the energies flow through me,
grounding them to Mother Earth's core. It is this way that I have
managed to stay centered and balanced, even with all that is going on
around me.

It seems that this beautiful place is available to everyone who chooses
to raise their vibration and match this reality. Those who visualize
and live their lives as if they are already within the garden. It as if
you can jump through the fabric of time and into another realm. I look
forward to meeting you in this beautiful place.

Poem written July 4th 2010


As we move forward upon our paths,
our hearts joined as one,
love overflows and joy explodes.
Together we walk hand in hand
forever following those who have gone before
that have found their way to Eden.

A knowing leads us flowing serene
instinct within that has always been
revealing beauty beyond belief
the colors so vivid as before unseen
Eden was here all along
we now choose to look past the disguise
as the veil shifts a tear in our time
a new dimension is ours to explore.

Much Love and Blessings

Deb Graves / Araznu.

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