Am I the only one who wants to be more communal?
I'd love to buy some land, build cabins, have a garden, go green, be self-sufficient and surround myself with the ones I love.
Isn't that what our ancestors did?
Don't get me wrong, I like running water and my cell phone, yet I long for a simpler existence.
Do we really need all the modern day 'stuff' to make us happy?
Wouldn't it be awesome to wake up when you want, do what you want when you want, not have to rely on utility companies, grow your own food and be surrounded by nature? Be surrounded by family and friends? Exist with like-minded people. Dig your feet and hands into the earth.
I realize you'd probably have to work part time, unless you could barter or trade for what you need. Maybe you could make things, sell your food or products to local stores.
Where can you do this? What states are zoning friendly?
I've been researching every state. Yes, even the ones I don't really want to live in. I've been comparing zoning laws and restrictions. Its not even just the states, each county has an entirely separate list of laws. I am compiling quite a stack of information.
I assumed places would want to jump on the whole 'green' thing..not always.
Then you have to research the area to make sure its safe. Crime rate is important. That said, I realize things can happen anywhere.
You also may or may not want to be in the middle of no where. I prefer things not too far away. I like the idea of being among nature, hearing coyotes howl, owls screech and other nighttime noises.
Then, small town, city or somewhere In between? I've lived all over. I haven't lived in eight states. I've lived in cities, in the country, the suburbs, in a commune and in the woods. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to any and all of them.
I want to surround myself with like minded people. Drum Circles, Kirtan, Yoga, and Art. These are the things I enjoy. These things make me happy.

Growing up, I knew some awesome, laid back people. No one really stressed, we had each others back and looked out for each other. We embraced our differences. It was okay to be different. We all enjoyed many of the same things and spent hours upon hours just talking and hanging out.
When i was a bit older we'd watch each others kids and if there ever was a problem we worked it out. I don't remember having to get other parties involved. We took care of our own issues and problems and we all helped one another.
Times were different. Times were simpler. I miss the togetherness, the oneness. I want that again. I miss going to the co-op!
People weren't scary. People helped each other. Our wants and needs were minimal. We didn't have to keep up with anyone. We didn't have to compete. We were us. We were ourselves. We enjoyed what we had. We didn't need 'things' to make us happy. We were happy. Material things didn't make us happy, people made us happy. We even hitchhiked everywhere. We trusted people and more times than not the people were cool.
We loved differently. It seemed to come more naturally, not forced. We were more at ease and comfortable with each other and ourselves. We went to music festivals in fields, the smell of weed, the laughter and the genuine love for our fellow brothers and sisters. If you'd forgotten something or ran out, people shared what they had. We didn't have much, but we had enough.
We didn't demand much and we didn't expect much. We had dreams. We had plans, but they were all attainable and not crazy, farfetched wants. We were realistic, but also dreamers.
We were hippies to some. We put our trust in the universe that things would work out. We didn't sit back and do nothing and we weren't lazy. We were different. Our approach to things were different. We liked simple. We were content. We were happy. We loved and we were loved back. We were accepting and we were accepted.
The more advanced technology wise we become, the more we lose our simple way of life. Our existence becomes hurried and rushed. We work two jobs to keep up with all the bills and payments. We work so hard to pay for the things we have, we don't have time to enjoy them. Do we really need them? Do we really want them?
We have lost our sense of self. We have lost ourselves. Most of us don't talk anymore. We text, message or email. We are hurried and rushed. We don't have time to just be. We don't make meals together or sit and talk. We grab fast food and eat on the run. We have forgotten how to communicate. We don't enjoy life.
We have noise all the time, TVs blaring, game systems making noise..the noises we don't hear are us communicating with each other. Face to face, enjoying what we each have to say. Listening, really listening to each other. Not somewhat listening as we return a text.
I want that back. I have been exploring how to get that back in my life. I miss that part of me. I miss nature, I miss people like me. I never fit in with all this. I don't want all that stuff.
I'm still that way for the most part. I don't own a TV or a computer. I do own a cell phone though. I'm always going through my things and getting rid of what I don't use or no longer want. I don't like 'stuff'. I have a handful of things that are important to me.
I am selling my home that everyone must own, to follow my dream and return to a simpler way of life. I will find my place, my spot and where I want to be, hopefully surrounded by the people I care about. I will also slow down to appreciate each sunrise and sunset. I will slow down to listen to nature, to explore and to renew my relationship with mother earth.
Am I the only one?
I would love to hear other ideas and thoughts.

Marylou Webb is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher, a Reiki Master, an Artist and an Author. She is mom to six awesome kids. She homeschooled them while traveling cross country for years in an RV. She is a domestic abuse survivor and works with women who have been or who are in abusive relationships. She has had many articles and books published. She is a Yoga Ambassador to numerous companies and serves on three Committee Boards through Yoga Alliance. She has designed workshops: Create a Positive Self Image and Teaching Yoga to Domestic Abuse Victims, as well as others. She also designed a Yoga Teacher Training Program. She is also in the process of creating Goddess Training Tribe which is designed to teach girls of all ages self-love and acceptance. Her art has been in solo and group exhibits throughout the US. She has been a presenter at many festivals. She loves Drum Circles, Kirtan and reading Tarot Cards.

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