An Essential Crystal Healing Primer

Interview with Margherita Crystal Lotus , artist-medium, crystal healing arts facilitator and author of the Crystal Lotus Handbook - An essential Guide to Crystals.

by visionary artist and energy healer Deb-Aurah Araznu


What can crystals do for me?

Crystals are not do’ers they  just are, energy beacons, similar to a lighthouse or guide posts on your personal journey.  Having that in mind, have you asked yourself what you can “do” for yourself today. Working with crystals may open you up to be aware of you own inner capacity to take care of yourself better! That is the key in my own case I discovered this fact early on, by being transported to experience another realm with a piece of Labradorite. Just looking into the colors and feeling the energy made me leap in to a foreign area in myself, it was breathtaking and brought me in contact with me myself, my real spiritual being, I mention this episode in my book: The Crystal Lotus Handbook. There are of course other methods of making this connection, some with undesirable side effects, and others by applying long practice.

How do Crystals work?

Being near a crystal, if you are clairsentient, you probably feel the flow of energy around a crystal. A healer can use this flow of energy to affect healing. Even if you are not clairsentient you may feel this vibration as a temperature shift upon touching a crystal.

What is going on in the crystal is what is going on all around us on the physical level. We live in a constant flux of movement; this is also reflected on a subatomic level, by electrons and other particles moving around their atomic core. You can imagine it as the planets going around the sun on the macroscopic level. These movements create energy fields, which we might feel.  These fields are scientific facts and participate in holding the physical universe together. But what you may not know is this:

The crystals are the most stable containers for our physical reality, there are no other matter on the earth that can keep their form longer. No living being, no plant but crystals lives for eons. The earth is about 4.5 billion years old, and the oldest crystals now in form, are about 4 billion years old. In earth terms that is very old! It is hard to imagine that in Canada, and also in Sweden, where I am born, we are on some of the oldest part of the earth. The Canadian healing stones, from our Laurentian shield are hosting some of the most amazing healing minerals available.


Now how do you actually feel the energy of a crystal?

You can train and improve this capacity with practice by becoming sensitive to changes in temperature, color, sensation and in your own conscious awareness. That is just for starters, because as you learn to tune in with for example a crystal, you also learn to tune in with yourself! By taking a course in a crystal healing modality, you have the possibility to develop and attain this capacity.

So what are Crystal Modalities?

Crystal Modalities includes formal Crystal Healing training, which I learned from my crystal teacher Katrina Raphaell, but also includes healing methods and techniques such as Gem Elixirs, Crystal Talismans, Healing Jewelry, Crystal Sphere Massage, and Healing Prayer GemCodes. They are basically healing methods where the facilitator affects healing with the help of our precious crystals and our divine energy within.

So now I am really interested to know how to choose my own crystals, tell us something about what is involved?

Like all other things in life the tools we need always appear right in front of our eyes when we need it. Be it teachers, techniques, lessons or material tools. The thing to note is to become aware of this, and when you go to a gem show, or searching online for a crystal to help you with your situation., usually the first crystal that pops into your awareness is the one to choose. If you are unsure ask someone you trust, rather than reading commercial descriptions of crystals. What you are looking for is your personal energetic connection with your own crystal healing tool. 

You mention crystal healing tools, what are they?

Well, the actual crystal specimens (crystals) can be used as a tool or you can use a crystal to further enhance it for you personal use. Example of this is making your own crystal wand, or healing talisman. I have taught many courses to my friends and clients on both those topics in the past and seen the glow of satisfaction when they completed their tool. The reason being, they made it themselves and regained their own power back. That is healing in itself.

To ask further on crystal tools, are there crystals for specific intentions?

Yes of course, that is why Creator has provided the earth with numerous healing minerals and crystals for us to use, as each individual have their unique situation and problems to deal with. What you are drawn to and attract to you is for you to use. My crystal book details some very specific intentions for over 300 healing crystals to guide a person who want that information.

To do crystal healing with crystals how does that work?

In my course crystal healing, we learn how to do crystal layouts, which are now also described in The Crystal Lotus Handbook. If you are interested to learn these layouts you can prepare by working with the layouts described there. It is a fantastic base for becoming a crystal healer. But as always study in person with someone you trust to teach you. The personal attention cannot be dismissed. The reason is that we all need to be guided when we learn; otherwise your practice will only be an ego trip leading to more problems for you. I have learned that the hard way by making mistakes, so I am coming back to respect my teachers more and more, that way I too can learn more about what really is happening.

Yes a teacher is indispensable; tell us more about your teachers and what guides you?

When I studied with Katrina in Hawaii, I realized I was a brat on temper tantrum. She corrected me, and I felt humbled to the bone. It showed me my own inner strengths and how the energy works inside my body after the crystals was placed on my chakras. I can never forget my inner transformation during that time. It changed how I saw the world and made me aware of my inner worlds of delusions and fears. Ever since, I have promised to myself to dissolve my fears and shortcomings. Still, I try work on this every day. Crystals have come to stay with me for the long haul.

My inner guidance system has always been in place, I think this is true for everyone. The problem is most people have so many barriers to receive their own direct link to that place of clear and true guidance. For myself I work with my higher self and nurture the connection to divinity that way rather than channel other entities.  It feels safer that way. I have encountered guides that help me, but it is on a very private level. My sense is that if you want to explore how to connect with your own guidance, learn this from a real teacher with whom you have a personal connection.


Do I need a large crystal to do major healing work or does size or number of crystals matter?

Well in an intimate situation you may want to feel that there in fact is something there, if you get my meaning… same with crystals. It is favorable to start with a crystal size you feel comfortable with, and can really connect with. Often a bigger crystal have more impact than a smaller one, compare a tiny hut with a skyscraper. The tiny hut in the forest you might have to spend some time to find, but the skyscraper stands out right away - you cannot miss it. But to answer the question on a deeper level, it is those more subtle levels of energy vibrations that affect us more, because we are in tune with these vibrations. So picking a smaller crystal that you are intrigued about, but not yet feel might be an even more powerful help to you in the long run. Only you can make that decision. To do small or big healing work you must have this energetic connection with your tool and your divine source. So the conclusion is to select those crystals that you have an energy connection with.


What can crystal help me with?

Crystals meet you where you are and what situations you need to deal with now. And there are no limitations to where you can ask for assistance. The crystals are there wherever you are and how far you are willing to go.  Of course you can seek assistance on many levels: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. On the physical level you should go to the emergency room if you have broken your leg, but on an energetic level you can assist the process of healing by becoming cognizant of why and how it happened. Here we use our crystal to make those connections. Crystals are consciousness tools to open us to the magnificent divine that is within us, that heals all ailments.  The crystal journey is the ongoing travel between safe guide posts, which will make the crossing of the ocean of fears a breeze…

What is crystal healing and how do you do crystal healing in your online sessions?

When friends or clients comes to me and ask for help with a problem, I ask them to tune in with how they feel and guide them to “how to feel” about the issue at hand. It doesn’t matter what their problem is. What matters is how the emotions and beliefs they have surrounded their problem with can be set free.

I assist my clients by projecting a particular crystal vibration through one or more of my crystals to break up the emotional walls around their problem, so that they can own their own feeling states. Everyone is in fact doing the healing themselves. What I do is to hold the vibration necessary to loosen the emotional paralysis around the situation they are working with. I do not discuss this with my clients, but I focus on words that guide them on the right track, because they will know exactly what they feel when they allow themselves to actually feel what they stored in the area.

So what you are saying is that you do it as a distance healing?

Yes, in a similar way as when doing distance Reiki, but the way I project the crystal vibration is similar to placing a selective filter, which only  reflect a the correct vibrational frequencies that will help the person more efficiently. I have my personal set of crystals that I have learned to do this with. But if someone tries to do this without training on the specifics it won’t work. In my advanced crystal healing course we touch on this more in detail.  If you compare this with learning how to play the piano, we first start with the individual notes and how they feel, and later go for more difficult levels. If you know your crystals well and how their vibrational imprint affects the human system, you can learn how to do this as well. It is not a secret, just a matter of training.

What inspired you to write your book: The Crystal Lotus Handbook?

Early on in my life I had a wish to write as I was so inept at writing, I used to get writing block even attempting to write more than a paragraph. I remember in school hearing my teacher reading an excellent essay of a classmate who managed to write several pages at an essay test. It was so natural for her to write, and so inspiring. The essay was about a tree and its leaves growing and how the sun light was reflected in the foliage. It was like I was there seeing it with her eyes and all other senses. I wanted to write like that. This idea grew into the burning wish to in spite of my lack of grammar and spelling, I would be able to write a book. Later in life I discovered I needed to work thought my inner pain and found an outlet in documenting it as a book that would be inspiring for others as well.  And there it came to be.

What is your most inspiring success story?

I think it is about my own healing journey of awakening, and also about the people I could assist. Just the smile of someone who made some connections with their inner and higher self, is so rewarding. I love it!  It makes me feel alive and happy for them.

In my own case I share my journey in my book, as I was told by my guidance team only to write about what I myself had experienced. It is the basic things in life: how to feel, how to remove the beliefs about our inabilities and in the end of the day be happy.

On the physical level I would say my best success story was that I gathered sponsors who made donations to me for the printing of my book. Without my friend’s generosity, it would not have happened. I thank all of them in the beginning of my book. And I continue to be grateful for all the people who support me.  In fact it is a continuing journey of exchange, as I learn more things.

What I had set up was what I call the Crystal Orb (also called Genesa Crystal TM). It is a copper structure of pure sacred geometry that I programmed to help me get sponsors. It worked, and now I am working on an online course of how to build and use The Crystal Orb, and it will be available soon.


Can you please explain to us about your crystal talismans?

A Crystal Talisman is a type of healing jewelry that is set to certain healing programs. The idea is ancient, but I experienced it personally a few years ago when I was trying to wire wrap crystals into a pendant. I had felt the energy of the stones and begun to feel what these energies did inside of me. I explored it further and I started to help others with what I had done for myself. 

There are many types of talismans, as a necklace a pendant and other jewelry forms, but also for various intentions. This was the crux, to focus on healing instead of selfish desires. The word talisman means “magical object” but the uses of a talisman was the main thing! If I wish well-being on another, I also get that back. So I have been clear on the fact that the word magic must mean to tune in with our own magic, or own healing capability inside, and not try to take something from others. That is what makes my talismans work. The responses were amazing, and in 2004 I received a gift from spirit in form of the complete set of instructions on how a “Crystal Life Spiral Talisman” should be done. By now I have done more than 800 of these personalized energy tools for my valued clients.  I developed my simple wrapping techniques into Gem Weaving on a sacred geometry symbol: the spiral. I also teach courses in healing jewelry, and give concise instruction how to make your own talisman in my book: the Crystal Lotus Handbook.

What can someone expect to experience in a crystal talisman session?

In my Crystal Life Spiral sessions, I test my client’s energy depletion's and accumulations and illustrate their energy levels in a chart. This is then the basis for which crystals I use in the crystal talisman. I ask all my clients to commit to wearing the Crystal Talisman for a precise length of time, usually 3 months, and then we do a retest. I hear all kinds of things they have experienced and completed in their lives with relations, health, financial issues or livelihood concerns.  No area is really excluded here, and that is the beauty. I can meet my clients where they need it the most. And I love this work. I do much of this work online via my premium training program online, and via private calls on Skype.

What do you love most about crystals?

They are available and accessible, even looking at a picture of the crystal you feel will help you, connects you with that healing energy you need. What I am saying is there is many means to access the crystal realms. I use this for my Healing Prayer GemCodes, which is a crystal healing image attuned to your personal intentions of healing. I t could be anything you want. Now there is the caveat that is has to be for the highest good for all concerned. Other than that go for it, on my website I have free downloads of Healing Prayer GemCodes for you to try if you feel so inclined. Love more with crystals!

Here is the link: Download Free Healing Prayer GemCodes



The Crystal Lotus Handbook

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