Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing New Insights from New Masters



Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing New Insights from New Masters



Widely diverse theories on the nature of our universe agree in one intriguing aspect - everything in nature has a vibrational component.  Masters and visionaries throughout time - from Edgar Cayce to Stephen Hawking, mystics from Ancient Egypt and India to  our Deepak Chopra - share the basic tenet that at the most fundamental level, all inanimate matter and all living systems are particle and wave (matter and energy).


The modern physicist cannot explain the behavior of a basic subatomic particle, such as the electron, without invoking a wave nature. Researchers into the body’s subtle-energy systems speak of the intricate marriage of matter and energy. A powerful picture is emerging that paints the human organism as a complex of interacting subtle-energy systems.  This knowledge has made external adjustment and rebalancing of these subtle-energy fields possible.   Some people firmly believe that by applying the appropriate vibrational energy the subtle-energy states can be returned to the proper balance - restoring health and wellbeing. This understanding is the basis of many ancient healing traditions such as acupuncture.  More recently, creative healers have found that sound waves can also be used to adjust the subtle-energy fields producing a myriad of related benefits. This insight into the powerful, omniscient role of vibrational energy in our universe, will someday yield the complete explanation of why sound is capable of producing profound transformations in our consciousness and in our bodies.  However, we need not wait to enjoy the tremendous powers of sound - the benefits of these wonders are available today!


This phenomena aka Sound Healing (SH) or Vibrational Medicine, sometimes referred to as Human BioAcoustics, is probably the most exciting new frontier in Alternative Healing.  Beginning long ago with the Ancients to modern day Masters such as France’s Alfred Tomatis to our own Sharry Edwards, widely varying techniques utilizing special sound frequencies have produced remarkable results.  Sound is being successfully employed to: remedy many physical ailments, expand consciousness, enhance intelligence and to provide soothing calm for emotional and spiritual needs.


The author has intensely studied Ancient Civilizations and Secret Societies and their use of sound as a powerful tool; she has worked closely with modern researchers and medical professionals in her quest to understand and document the vast power and healing potential of sound. Fortuitously, she has enjoyed the privilege of studying under Sharry Edwards, the world renowned pioneer, teacher and advocate for the use of sound in alternative healing.  Sharry Edwards is probably the preeminent Sound Researcher of her generation; her life story is a great introduction to and primer on the field of SH.


Edward’s life and work reveal that special nano frequencies can be detected within our voices and emanating from our bodies. These minute sounds give clues to our physical and mental states of being.  It is widely believed these sounds indicate whether the body’s subtle-energy forces are in proper balance or out-of-harmony.  Sharry discovered that by carefully applying the appropriate frequencies harmony is restored to the subtle-energy systems; the corresponding optimum spiritual and mental states are also created to empower healing and growth.  


Sharry was destined for this work.  She was born with an incredibly acute sense of hearing that was further augmented in a near-death experience. She grew up in a pristine environment in Appalachia; this natural setting, free from modern noise and electromagnetic pollution, enabled Sharry’s gifts to reach their full potential  As she matured, Sharry was able to detect sounds emanating from people around her (clearly these were sounds that no one else could hear). She was also able to detect underlying tones present in an individual’s voice. These unique sounds held clues to the wellbeing of the person involved. Sharry learned to recognize the discordant sounds representing disease or imbalance.  With her natural curiosity and high intelligence she worked out the relationship of certain health issues to the mysterious sounds that she heard.


As Sharry blossomed, she innately recognized that specific sounds correlated to certain physical problems. She experimented creating harmonizing tones with her voice to alleviate the discordant sounds she perceived.  She developed the ability to produce extraordinary sine wave sound frequencies with her voice alone.  Contrast Sharry’s ability with a person who is deaf from birth. A deaf person cannot naturally develop the ability to speak - Sharry learned to use her voice in superhuman ways, guided by her remarkable sense of hearing.  Analogously, dolphins can receive (and transmit) sound frequencies about 10 times greater than the range of the normal human ear.  This ultrasonic ability gives the dolphin critical information about the complex world around them.  They also have the ability to communicate advanced information at great distances.


It is revealing to elaborate on a few of the cases that Sharry worked on in these early years: a friend (Bob) was traumatically injured in a motorcycle accident. He almost lost his life; an ensuing disfigured leg left him with a horrible limp.  Sharry worked intensely with Bob using special frequencies that she had developed.  He made remarkable improvement in a relatively short period of time - his ability to walk was radically improved and he was able to live a normal, pain-free existence.  There was near miraculous regeneration of tissue in Bob’s body. 


In vastly diverse examples Sharry was able to greatly help people suffering from glaucoma and emphysema.  She gave these people sound generators, which were designed to produce frequencies tailored to their afflictions. After regularly listening to the sound generators, these people showed remarkable improvement in their respective abilities to see and breathe.  I have personally experienced the wondrous ability of sound to empower the body to heal itself.  I have long suffered from shingles.  In my case the viral outbreak occurs around my mouth and lips.  This is extremely painful as you can imagine.  For years I suffered for 4 or 5 weeks at a time with each shingles attack.  With Sharry’s guidance, I listened to specific frequencies aimed at strengthening my body’s subtle-energy fields and fighting the shingles virus - the results have been amazing.  Today when I feel the onset of a shingles attack I listen to the tones and my symptoms abate in a day or two - as compared to previously enduring a month or more of misery.


 After years of achieving many unprecedented successes such as those described above, Sharry’s true genius shone through as she embarked upon her life’s work.  She knew that lasting benefit to mankind required her to create a systematic science based on her unique personal skills and to pass this knowledge on for all posterity.  After years of painstaking hard work Edwards developed a new science of Alternative Healing based on sound; she named this field BioAcoustics!


From her refurbished school building in Albany Ohio, Sharry has built a remarkable organization and program for scientifically studying and implementing her innovative discoveries of sound - BioAcoustics.  She has developed a rigorous course of study which she personally teaches to BioAcoustic students.  Over 4,000 have graduated from these programs – many are doing groundbreaking work. Collectively this group is generating voluminous data identifying the frequency equivalents of many critically important heath-related items - such as: vitamins, bodily organs & processes, pathogens, foods, chemicals, environmental toxins and more.  Research data, applications and case results are passed to Edward’s team in Ohio for inclusion in a master database; this database represents a wealth of knowledge for future work.


In addition to the areas described above, Edward’s work has been able to extend the use of sound to personality profiling, color therapy and to link music with the sounds of the stars – (as did Pythagoras and Kepler).  Further, intimate relationships have been found between sound & emotions, sound & colors, as well as intriguing connections involving physical objects and the environment.  These are exciting insights into the potential of the omnipresent vibratory world around us.


For readers interested in learning more refer to the websites listed below.


 free soundhealing mp3s



Sharry Edwards is the originator of BioAcoustics, with emphasis on human voice spectral analysis. There are BA facilities in 6 countries and throughout the United States. Over 4000 people are trained in BioAcoustics, many achieving unprecedented results.  For more information:

Jill Mattson is a three-time author and widely recognized expert and composer in the emerging field of Sound Healing.   Jill lectures throughout the United States on “Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing” - taking followers on an exciting journey revealing the Healing Power of Sound.  For more information:;



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Comment by Darlene McPeek Kancharla on August 27, 2012 at 1:10am

this article is also great, jill.. it seems that i am unable to feature it from your blog, though. :( maybe if you post it to prose of om, i can do that.  many hugs, darlene

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