The anger of not having what we want, or the way we want it and the resulting frustration; in many ways derails our lives from where we want to go.

The sense of vengeance, and avenging life for not giving us what we want moves through us, causing decisions and indecisions for what could otherwise be a learning lesson for us, for our own good, disturbs us. In the mean time when we are spending time in our anger, it is like spending time in our own tomb, where it seems life is killing us. Here, with all our decisions going against life, they are working against us.

Are we different from life? If, Yes, then we should try living without life!!!

Since, we are not different from life, our perception of life is our perception of our own selves. We experience life in ourselves, and we can choose our experience! Life goes, where we go.

Are we angry with life? Are we complaining that it does not work and support us for our growth? Does it feel like somehow being stuck in life? Who are we complaining?

Are we complaining about ourselves?

When, we don’t know how do we buzz, we create problems. We create anger and frustration within us and around us! And, we are stuck in our anger and other’s anger, which makes us even angrier with more energy of frustration around it!

All of this leading to lack of self-worth, victimization, and a sense of aloofness, with no one to support us; because, either we have chased them away, or if anyone is still caring enough to be present for us, we trust no one. All of this may lead to an asylum, within our own mental ward; if we don’t decide to come out of it and take care of ourselves. And, there is no respite for us, unless and until we let go completely, and allow this process to cool us down.

Resistance is, we against life and Acceptance is we working together with life to make our both ends meet!

Acceptance, is also not about giving up on life and accepting our fate. It is seeing life in our highest light of understanding, and working out from there. We can’t give up on life; for where do we go without it? Life includes everyone and everyone is a part of life.

By, seeing ourselves in our highest light of understanding; we also see life as it truly exists and the purpose of life.

We stop fighting with it, and by letting go of our resistance to it, we order ourselves to become a part of life!

Any, perceived tragedy in our life is an effort by life, to align ourselves with life. The more un-aligned we are, it feels even more like a tragedy, and less like a helping hand from life itself!

Having ourselves aligned with life, we fall in love with life which is inclusive of everything and not exclusive of anything. The more aligned we are, the easier it is for us to move forward in our lives, with love and acceptance in our heart.

And, when there is total surrender to love, it takes us places that we might never have ventured by ourselves before. Life becomes adventurous every day, when love is flowing full force in our hearts and minds.

The lived life of the past might seem dreamlike; since there is no trace of anger, resistance, or frustration, and instead Love, Acceptance and Wisdom has taken its place in the present. There is a fresh light in our lives, and with no resistance to it, we may just glide across the events of our lives.

People become sweet in their demeanour, whether they are in agreement with us or not, because we become sweet in our demeanour and understanding. The whole world becomes a sweet place to live in, and every aspect of it becomes a subject of our love!

Life, becomes the very instrument of our love and expressions of love.

In the end, where does one go with Anger and Frustration, and where does one go with Love and Acceptance?

There is no beginning and end to it, when it comes to Love and Acceptance. It is a story of unimagined proportion and adventure! Whereas, anger and frustration eat ourselves up and lead us on a path of Self-destruction!

Why do we choose Anger & Frustration, over Love & Acceptance then? Is it something we choose consciously, or is something that we are programmed to choose as an unconscious response, that has become a regular, habitual pattern of choice for us?

How do we end this practice of Self-destruction, and start Living?

It can begin by none other than the conscious choice of Self-love and Trust.

The mirage of oneself(ego) is the cause of Anger and frustration. When our vision rises from our small self, to the infinite possibilities that we have within us, there cannot be any place for anger or frustration within us!

All of the anger and frustration can be doused with the presence of Love in our Hearts and all of the resentments can be melted inside it.

It is possible to lead a life of Love and Joy for each one of us; with the correct choice.


Asim Choudhury is the creator and founder of “Awakening the Inner Sun within” to help people to transform their lives for good with various quantum healing modalities. His mission is to allow others to receive the love and proper education that will eradicate the victim persona to find their inner healer within to finally end the search and meeting their inner master.

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Comment by Asim Choudhury on June 1, 2015 at 3:20pm

Thanks again Shelly :) Will follow them.

Comment by Asim Choudhury on June 1, 2015 at 2:39pm

Thank You Shelly for the beautiful editing and the submission :)

How and where can I learn to edit beautifully? 

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