Animal Communication: A Meditation to Ignite Your Telepathic Spark

 Healing isn't restricted to physical discomfort or ailments; healing occurs in our mental and emotional systems, which are often the precursor to whatever physical issues befall us.  Even more significant is that our own healing is not restricted to our individual selves; as we heal, we affect all energies that surround us. 

Those of us who live with animals and wish for their  maximum health and wellness are able to manifest those wishes through spiritual and meditation tools, the easiest of which is meditation.  Using meditation  as a vehicle for animal communication, you are able to learn more about your animal's needs on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.  Sometimes an illness not readily identifiable can be discerned simply by asking a animal who appears unwell precisely where the pain  or discomfort is.  We can asking a grieving animal (a common state for those who have lost their own companions) what we can do to comfort them.  Animals appreciate the opportunity to express themselves this way.  Consider how frustrated they are when their caretakers don't recognize what they need most deeply.  Working on your animal communication abilities through meditation and visualization is a prescription for their wellness  and wholeness.  It will enrich your relationship as well in ways you could never before fathom.

Here is a meditation to help you communicate with your animals for their highest good.  The residual benefits for you are naturally relaxation and exercising your intuitive abilities.

Begin  by relaxing through breathing.  Intentional breathing slows your system down and opens channels for release and acceptance of new healing energies..  Inhale through your nose to the count of four.  Hold it to the count of four.  Release slowly through your mouth to the count of eight.  Again.  In for four, hold for four, release through your mouth to eight. As you repeat this, feel your body release tension and your mind begin to relax. 

Place your hand on your belly.  When you inhale, it should expand outward like a balloon.  Breathing and pulling energy up through your shoulders tightens your torso, creates tension, and blocks the chakras form fully absorbing the healing breath.

In the next round of breathing, become a surrogate for your animals.  As you inhale and hold, visualize your animals doing the same.  See the breath circulating through their bodies and clearing out stale or negative energy.  When you release the breath, see all their old energy leave and dissipate into the ethers.  Repeat t his until you feel/sense/see their energy as clear.

Now see a deep cobalt blue light circulating  in front of you between you and your animal.  See it moving closer and closer until it is right in front of your third eye/brow chakra.  You may feel a tickle or pressure in this area as it gets closer to this spot.  That's good.  It means you are sensitive to this energy which will open your psychic channels.  This is the seat of clairvoyance, the chakra that permits visualization of both physical and spiritual energies.

Let the blue energy enter your brow chakra.  At the same time, visualize your animal experiencing and accepting  the same blue energy. Imagine both of you connected by this expanding blue light.  Sit in that space until you feel you are securely bound to each other in this ray.

Now focus on receiving.  Whatever images, feelings, sensations, or thoughts come to you, understand they are not random.  They are the  thoughts and feelings of your animal.  It will most likely not come in sentences  but in  fragmented pictures or thoughts.  This is how animals think and relay information.  Because you are so close with your animal you will likely make sense of what you receive.  You just need to trust it.

The next step is transmitting your own thoughts and questions.  Stay centered, keep breathing deeply, and send those thoughts across the blue light directly to your animal's third eye.  Trust the message will be received and understood.

Take note of any sounds or movements your animal makes, any change of position, stretching, even a deepening intensity when looking at you.  These will indicate a deeper communication that your normal verbal communication.     You can test this by asking a question whose you already suspect.

Avoid yes or no questions. Ask questions your animals  can respond to very specifically, and  even if the answer seems  unusual or unlikely,  accept it. Discard all your assumptions.

Breathe together in this light until you are ready to let go and return to waking consciousness.  Then sit for a moment in stillness as you eadjust.  You might want to jot down whatever information you received so you will remember it.

Recently I asked one of my dogs who has never shown interest in toys what he most wanted and he said "an elephant."  I went later in the week to a store to find a stuffed elephant and put it in his bed, curious about his reaction, which would normally be to ignore it.  The next morning I found him  cheek to cheek with the toy, which  hasn't left his bed in three months. This is a reminder  of how something so simply can enhance  our animals' lives in ways we would not suspect using ordinary consciousness.

As a last ritual, offer thanks to your animal and tothe Universe for allowing your transcendence.

Rev. Lisa Shaw is an animal communicator, intuitive counselor, Reiki Master,  writer, and award winning professor who lives in Florida with furry and feathered companions.  She has trained as a hospice chaplain and works with animals and humans facing end of life decisions.  Her website is, and her e-bok, Illumination: Life Lessons from Our Animal Companions, is available on

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Comment by Lisa Shaw on January 28, 2016 at 9:59am

Just did. Thanks, Kathy.

Comment by Kathy Custren on January 27, 2016 at 9:06pm

Hi, Lisa - could you please be sure to include your bio paragraph, so it may be forwarded on to the publishers? Thanks very much ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Omtimes Media on January 26, 2016 at 4:43pm

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