Anxiety is a normal emotion our bodies go through in the face of fear and danger. The difference for those with anxiety and panic disorder is that there is no immediate danger present. The innate anxiety in the presence of something real causing the fear is genuine and sincere; however, so is what a person feels when faced with an attack. Is it fair to say it isn’t just because it is not real? To a person with this disorder, it is as real as it gets. That fear soon turns into an unexplainable panic in a very short period of time. Stress levels go through the roof as one continues down a path of self destruction, but is it really self destruction. Some would say so. It is very easy for someone to say just walk it off. Don’t sweat the small stuff. The truth is it is not that simple for a person with anxiety/panic disorder. It is very real and terrifying experience for them. Thoughts of sickness, death and terror are within them almost constantly. Any little thing or nothing at all can set it off. In fact, it is not just those who suffer from depression or a traumatic past or incident. It does exist for those who lead perfectly happy lives, have a healthy past, and everything they could ever want.

For those, it could simply be a chemical imbalance or a phobia. Is it possibly something deeper? Of course that possibility is always there; however, the main focus when attacks occur is when it will end. It literally feels as if one is about to lose control or their mind. There is a battle in the mind. Bargaining comes into play. In bargaining, it is just plea after plea that it will all end soon. Am I having a nervous breakdown? Have I gone crazy? Do I need to be committed? How am I going to live like this? These questions start spinning in the mind of an anxiety-ridden person. It is living in a state of panic where sitting still is not an option and pacing back and forth is common. The fear of losing control only becomes increasingly stronger in the midst of peaking. It feels as if one is outside of their body as some say they have experienced in near death.

Spending a great deal of time in hospitals and the doctor’s offices becomes a habit. Therapy and medications help, but it is a life-long commitment of maintenance. Other tools are always recommended to keep in check. Nothing a doctor will say is ever good enough. One is truly convinced they will never recover or some awful disease is killing them. It is always better to be safe than sorry. There is always a chance of something physical, but it is unbelievable what anxiety and panic can do to the body. The sensations felt are there and very real.  A good idea for a person with anxiety and panic disorder is to never own medical book or search for medical information on the internet. This only feeds the anxiety.

Many say that anxiety disorder is not dangerous or fatal, but that statement is probably the furthest thing from the truth. Yes, it is true that actual anxiety attack and panic attack might not cause death, but the toll the stress takes on your body can and might. The physical symptoms on the body and can wear you out quickly or little by little over time. Energy levels decrease the more and more the attacks occur and the longer they last. It is often friends or family will say just work out or stop being a hypochondriac, but it is not as easy for them. Yes, it is common to self diagnosis, dwell, and over analyze or over think. Essentially, it is obsessing in circles; however, again, is not all in their head. Anxiety and panic disorder is a real problem and can cause real problems. It is in the mind and is mainly about out thought process. This is why anxiety disorder is associated with hypochondriac tendencies.

It is important to recognize it and incorporate what is learned to control it as much as possible. Those who have lived with it for years might have it a bit easier, but some live with it to the point where they lose their jobs, develop more phobias, abuse drugs or alcohol, and even seclude themselves to their homes. Who can say if it is truly curable or just manageable, but there are also those who do recover or go into remission with or without medications. There are those who need lifelong medications and therapy, but they can still function and live normal lives like everybody else. Nothing is impossible, and anxiety and panic disorder is not a life sentence. Just as with any disorder, there are different levels of severity. With that in mind, nothing is written in stone and new treatments are always on the horizon with how fast our world progresses.  

The best part of it all is that those who suffer from this disorder can tell their stories and help one another. Nothing makes us feel better than being able to give back. Getting involved in support groups is one sure fire technique that helps not feeling alone and helpless. The number of people who suffer from this disorder is surprisingly high. It is a common disorder several face.  

Life is going to throw many curve balls our way, we just need to be prepared to catch as many as we can and not beat ourselves up if we miss one. Remember, anxiety is a normal and everybody has it. It is an innate fight or flight reaction that is in speed control for a person with anxiety disorder. It does not make an individual abnormal rather they just have an abnormal form of anxiety.

It is not a punishment or curse because of something we did wrong. It just is. Remember to breathe. That is key in moments of panic. It can be used to your advantage. They say those who suffer from this disorder are some of the strongest people. We are not given anything we can't handle. Think of it as always being prepared, which is not necessarily a negative thing. I think most would be surprised to see how calm they are when faced with the unexpected. There is not answer as to why some are chosen to carry what seems to be a huge bruden, but there is always a reason for everything. Spend some time with yourself in silence. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

Many blessings…Always think positive, Live out loud, laugh hard, love with your entire heart, be kind, have compassion, and dance like nobody is watching.


D :)


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