Anxious? Depressed? Suffering? What One Thing Can You Do NOW to Stop it All?

No matter what your religious background, nationality, race, sexual orientation, or country of origin, this article series will help you uncover the power of the Vedanta Philosophy, and its simple and basic thinking to end your Maya, or suffering and misery NOW. In this series, we will discuss how our Ego creates the separation between us and God, and how yogic activities can make the cessation of suffering a permanent state of being, all while continuing to live and participate in our modern lives.

We’ve all felt it: a general malaise, worry about the future, ruminating about past “should” and “should nots”, and a feeling of being lost or disconnected.

Hundreds, if not thousands of books have been written, websites and mobile applications created, seminars and retreats invented, heck, without the above modern pharmaceutical and psychotherapy wouldn’t exist.

Especially here in the west, we want to do something to “fix” it, to make it stop NOW. So, we do our daily yoga, go vegetarian, investigate new spiritual practices, read this or that book, and attend a group meeting. Sometimes we achieve relief, albeit temporarily.

Recently a friend bragged, that she was doing extensive spiritual healing for the past thirty years. One look at her face, and I could see the pain in her soul. It was obvious: if you’ve been working on something for 30 years, and are still miserable, you may not be “winning”. On and off during our visit, she spoke about all the things she could not do, complained about the food, or the quality of air, and then spent countless hours espousing the limitations she learned about herself due to “human design” etc., etc. Unknowingly, for thirty years, she’d been collecting evidence that supported her ongoing suffering and misery. And unfortunately, her days are filled with self-doubt, tears, anxiety, unhappiness, and an ongoing feeling of not belonging.


What Can We Do to Stop the Suffering?

Stop. Stop thinking and doing and start feeling and being. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. You do not need to read a new book, attend a new class, achieve a new and lasting yoga asana, or write a new journal entry. But if you love doing these things, continue. If you’re seeing a medical professional and taking prescribed medication, continue. We are not encouraging you to throw the baby out with the bath water.

But to really, really, really cease your suffering, end your anxieties, change any feelings of not belonging, being different, feeling unloved, or lonely, you need to get connected to God, Source, The Universe, Your Higher Power, Sophia, whatever you call the source of your being, and disconnected from Ego. (Note, I am not saying: You need to go to Church, Temple, Synagogue, etc.).

You need to understand your one and true purpose on this planet, the ONLY reason you are here, despite what anyone has told you. You are here to realize and manifest your divinity.

I can hear people saying, but what about karma and reincarnation. Hang tight, we’re going to cover that. But, yes, if you believe you are here for karmic reasons—regardless of that karmic energy—your sole purpose is STILL to be one with your own divinity and your Source. We’ll show you, that when you do that, karma gets handled. Then if you decide to return to this Earth another time, you will have cleared that karma, and then be able to be of service, teach and heal. More on this later.

For now, until our next article, continue to do what you’ve been doing… yoga… meditation… Satsang… reiki… prayer… reading…earthing… whatever it is that you are doing. But, when you do it tomorrow, don’t do it for YOU, do it for God, Source, Shanti, Sophia, Yahweh, Buddha, or Muhammad, and begin to dedicate your spirituality to your true divinity—NOT TO YOUR HEALING, PROSPERITY, SUCCESS, ETC.

By concentrating your God connection, the walls of duality will begin to melt away. Observe how when you do it for God, your Ego—the true source of our suffering—suddenly begins to take a back seat. Note any release or relief you feel. And thank your higher power every night for the guidance, and newfound feelings of joy, bliss, and serenity. The more thankful you are, the more progress you'll make. Again, we'll talk more about this in future articles.

P.S. Don’t worry about getting it right, right now. That’s your Ego asserting itself into your life once again.

Until next time… On Shanti, Shanti, Shanti…

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