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Welcome to the innovative, inventive, genius, rebellious laboratory of the Nutty Professor known as Aquarius! The World would be so boring if we didn’t have these friendly, eccentric, humanitarian and sociable beings. 

We are now in the Age of Aquarius demonstrated by the fast-moving progress of technology. This energy is one that gifts us with all technological advances as Aquarians and the energy of Uranus (its ruler) “think outside the box.” They are able to grasp concepts that we can only fathom in science fiction novels!

The Zodiac, just like the seasons of the year, serves its purpose in guiding us through our evolvement. We see how Aries plants the seed of intention creating action (Spring). In summer we see the harvesting of our seeds.  The fall brings death to that which no longer serves seen with Scorpio’s energy.  Winter brings reflection and reconstruction with Capricorn.  And Aquarius brings that reconstruction through innovative thinking, freedom, acceptance of humanity (the energies of the Zodiac as a whole), and awareness! Where would we be without the genius and revolutionary ideas of this eccentric energy and its love for humankind? Furthermore, where would technology and the unifying of the World via advanced communications be without Aquarius? They are the sign of technology, science, and unity.

It is amazing how the flow of life, the plan reveals itself through the constellations! Each planet and its corresponding archetype has a place in how life unfolds. Again, we have death in Scorpio (Pluto), optimism in Sagittarius (Jupiter) reconstruction, discipline, patience in Capricorn (Saturn), and now we come to the ingenious, innovative, out-of-the-box ideas of Aquarius (Uranus). 

Do you see the pattern? Death, transmigration (rebirth), development of perseverance to move forward, and now we come to the inner awareness and inventiveness of how to use our new selves to better serve ourselves, friends and humanity.

But truly, isn’t that what it’s all about? How do we give back that which we receive?  How do we awaken the “Star” within us? The energy of Aquarius does so through its love of brotherhood.  Friendly, funny and eccentric beyond belief, Aquarian comedians that come to mind are John Belushi, Chris Rock, George Burns. One could say they’re like beings from another planet! All of us know an Aquarian, and they are probably the most unique people we know! Everyone loves them because they love people and see the humorous side of life and humanness, our quirks, eccentricities.  Friends mean everything to them, almost to a fault as they can seem impersonal to their nearest loved ones. 

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is a mover and shaker! It wants to effectuate change whenever possible and does so suddenly and drastically creating an unstable, impulsive, at times irrational environment. Here enters the shadow side of Aquarius. 

Rebellious, unpredictable, stubborn, and emotionally detached, their motto is “I know,” giving them the idea they “know all too much” creating a stubborn streak that can lead to such proportions as to be revolutionary! Historically, many of the most influential revolutions took place during Uranus’ discovery. However, they effectuated a much-needed change for humanitarian reasons. This is the modus operandi of Aquarius. Where would the world be if there were not those that chose to rebel against tyranny? Everyone is equal in the eyes of Aquarius. Abraham Lincoln Edison, Charles Darwin…Aquarians!  

Some may say well, this is interesting to know, but what does it have to do with me? I’m Gemini! We all contain within ourselves the different archetypes of the signs affecting different aspects in our lives. For instance, in a natal chart with Aquarius in the 7th house, the characteristics of Aquarius would come through in relationships attracting a funny, intelligent partner who is a good friend in which both share mutual respect for one another’s freedom. Freedom is very important to Aquarius.

Aquarius/Uranus in the natal charts is where we show more uniqueness, innovation and open up to a more humanitarian mindset.  Finding Aquarius is where we find our own “Nutty Professor,” that sudden spark of ingenuity in our mind. Yes, we all have a little bit of this craziness, just like we contain all the other energies of the zodiac within our birth charts.

Uranus (Aquarius) is our super-consciousness, the one consciousness of all, the integration of all energies, the electrical charge that connects to our higher intelligence. Because of this, the Aquarius energy is highly intuitive. Meditation is associated with this energy and with the planet of Uranus. The Star card in Tarot is associated with this sign and is representative of the knowledge that Aquarius holds. 

In the Star card, the woman has one foot on Earth and one in the meditative Waters of Consciousness symbolizing that when we seek spiritual reference points on which to base our lives, we find balance. Meditation and prayer stirs the pool of Universal Mind and provides proof of Divinity.  The physical world offers the same experience when perceived with the senses that have been energized by meditation.  Aquarius is the “star” within us all, the integration of our awakened awareness and uniqueness. We are all Stars waiting to shine and contribute to mankind.

During this time, engage in mindfulness meditation and Pranayama exercises such as alternate nostril breathing to align left and right energies focusing intently on the Brow Chakra. Open psychic channels keeping Chakras clear. For those who do not engage in these practices, take time to sit in silence and reflection eliminating all thoughts and distractions by keeping awareness on breath and its flow through the body 

LAUGHING YOGA!!! Great time to take a laughing yoga class! Laughing unites, creates friendships, brings out the crazy child in us. Aquarius loves to laugh.  In regular practice, make sure poses are equally balanced being mindful the ankles are properly placed for even distribution of weight  in the feet. 

Happy New Year and may your “Star” shine!

Debbie Peluso obtained her Bachelors degree from the University of Metaphysics in association with the University of Sedona in Arizona. She is a certified practitioner in Meditation, metaphysical/spiritual counseling, and is a working astrologer and co-owner of Zion Yoga Studio in the Washington, D.C. area.

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