In human form we embody the essence of the Divine, and that essence, according to multiple religious and spiritual traditions, is love. On this single point, diverse devotional adherents usually agree. They affirm that the human being is a spark of Divine light, a segment of the universal whole, and our journey through life is to make our way back to that greater Divine entity. Of course, karmic debt complicates the individual journey to varying degrees, but our ultimate purpose on earth is wisdom gathering on the road home to enlightenment.

The gathering of such wisdom is a multi-faceted, transcendent experience that transforms us as we reach beyond the physical. Meditation, yoga, prayer, ritual become the path to higher energies, and along that path we discover gifts of the Spirit that manifest along the intuitive continuum: gut feeling becomes acute sensitivity to energy; hunches become valid inner guidance; dreams become premonition; perception becomes clairvoyance. In this way we are all psychic, but how we use and respect the gift will determine its strength. More importantly, how we honor the Divine will determine how wisely we use these innate abilities. You see, being psychic, hanging the shingle in your window, earning a living as an intuitive without the devotional element is simply not enough. Being a true "psychic" requires a commitment to Love, a clear alignment with Spirit. With the understanding that our origins are Divine, we must then believe the the essence of pure Love radiates from our core. When we succumb to the diversions of the mundane world, we lose that connection. But through spiritual practice, we will radiate that love and operate with Divine support. It is only when we act from this sacred center that we find our true identity. Getting to it means unburdening ourselves from worry, fear, external distractions, expectations, and desires.

This is where psychic ability meets theological intention and consciousness study. John Williams clarifies the concept of our separation from spirit as Edgar Cayce saw it. Cayce, known for his prophecies and metaphysical interpretation of the Universe, viewed creation as the act of a supreme consciousness, the Creator, God, who then created smaller consciousnesses as mirrors of the greater. Our early existence was spiritual, parallel to God in thought and deed, our spiritual gifts imitating the Creator’s. But as we grew, still in spiritual form, we dwelt less in harmony with the Creator, separating ourselves from the Source of all life. We retained our gifts as weevolved into human beings, but our self-absorption muddied our purpose.

So today we are left with modern, secular explanations for “psychic” ability called “extrasensory perception.” It’s said that human beings use only 10% of their brain power, and exploring and exercising our latent  power increases our psychic abilities. Imagine the magic (and horror) humans could invoke by using only 20% more of their brain! ! The recent film Lucy addressed this. But lauding those skills as human keeps us disconnected from Spirit, limiting the progression of our return to wholeness. Williams summarizes Cayce’s caution against our fascination with ourselves: “the centering of our awareness on self alone resulted in separation from the whole.”

Here are a few examples of how the essence of love manifests in particular psychic modalities:  Animal communicators are indeed psychics, the best of them clairvoyants who receive and send images to animals, who think in pictures. Every practicing animal communicator does this work out of sheer unconditional love for the animals, period, and most of them share their lives with and devote themselves to a pack of furry and feathered family. They have no other motives. Authentic mediums, too, work from a central point of love, often coming to involuntary tears the moment they act as a conduit between a spirit and a grieving loved one left behind. Skills such as Tarot reading and pendulum dowsing can be learned from a book, butt hese will be restricted to the mental plane unless they are integrated with the spiritual, loving connection to the Universe. Mental energy renders incomplete without  heart-centered energy to give it higher purpose. There is a reason that the chakra system establishes identifies the hert center as the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. While the solar plexus controls mental energy, it is not until we reach the heart chakra that we elevate our energy, rising up to the clairvoyant and spiritual centers of third eye and crown from there.

So yes, everyone is psychic. But not everyone is spiritual. Only when the two meet do we effect meaningful change for ourselves and for others. One is fleeting; the other, eternal.   

Rev.Lisa Shaw, M.A., M.F.A. is an animal communicator, Reiki Master, intuitive counselor, writer, and professor. She has a graduate degree in practical theology with a concentration in Loss and Healing and has served as a Hospice Chaplain.   Her web site is  She hosts a free online Reiki Circle for Animals on Facebook twice on Sundays.  Search "Animal Reiki Circle" and request membership.

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Comment by Lisa Shaw on June 4, 2015 at 4:44pm
I think it,s open now. If not I will take a tutorial. Thanks for the prompt feedback.
Comment by Lisa Shaw on June 3, 2015 at 7:03am

Shelly, I revised and re-paragraphed, so please forward this latest

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Comment by Lisa Shaw on June 3, 2015 at 6:51am

Thanks, Shelly.  I just saw that somehow the paragraphing didn't transfer from Word to the OmTimes platform. I hope that's not a problem.

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