What it Takes to Succeed in Today's New

Collabroative Business World

 by Contemporary Mystic, Lori Daniel Falk



Succeeding in business has often been viewed as a competitive, numbers-driven game that relies on hard facts, financial analysis and exploitation of markets. That’s the old paradigm folks, and it simply isn’t working any more. We are rapidly moving away from this type of “fear-based” competitive environment, and in turn creating a corporate playground that thrives on caring and collaboration.  

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. and Kate Ludeman, Ph.D., studied hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners from companies such as Motorola, Dell, and the like, for their groundbreaking book, The Corporate Mystic.  Their findings led them to make the following prediction … “Successful corporate leaders of the twenty-first century will be spiritual leaders. They will be comfortable with their own spirituality, and they will know how to nurture spiritual development in others.”  

Stephen Covey summed it up best when he said, “Spirituality cannot be something a person toys with, a little compartment of their lives. It has to be at the core, in a way that affects every other part of their lives.”  And that includes business.  Today’s most successful leaders are in business for their hearts and souls as well as their wallets. They are in business to support the hearts and souls of the people with whom they work.  

Succeeding in business now requires us to employ our intuition, to tap into a collective consciousness of readily available signs and guideposts, and to develop a more collaborative approach to the world at large.  “But how do I make that leap?” you ask,  “How do I learn how to develop these skills when the other way is all I’ve known?”  

80% of the organizations surveyed had used, or are now using, coaching to facilitate the growth and development of their employees.

That’s where coaching comes in. A recent 2011 study conducted by Qa Research, an independent marketing research agency in the UK, found that 80% of the organizations surveyed had used, or are now using, coaching to facilitate the growth and development of their employees.  Operating without this type of assistance in today’s corporate culture simply no longer makes sense.


A good coach will help you understand that there is nothing more powerful than the subconscious mind.  Most people think their conscious mind is running the show, when in fact it is the subconscious, which runs 24/7, that rules virtually everything. And what's even crazier yet is that most of the foundational programming in your subconscious mind, was already in place by the time you were six years old.  

So here you are this savvy, business exec and you often find yourself wondering why you can't break through that glass ceiling, or why you can't just effortlessly attract more love, joy, health, wealth, peace and happiness.  After all, you're staying optimistic and saying all those positive affirmations like they told you to in "The Secret." "What am I doing wrong?" you continue to ask yourself. Well the "Secret Behind the Secret" lies in that very subconscious programming we've been talking about, and it's hard to know what's in there on your own.  

If you're like most people, you probably want "X" in your life ... but what you keep attracting is "Y". So what is it that is "unconsciously" holding you back? Coaching is designed to help people not only uncover, but actually reprogram, the limiting beliefs that lay in their subconscious mind.  Once those limiting beliefs are uncovered, they can be cleared and subsequently replaced with new belief patterns that will have you instantly on the road to unlimited success. After all, anything that’s been “learned” can be unlearned and relearned.  It really is that easy.


Plus, it is from this clearer, less congested point of view that you will be able to better tap into the intuitive guidance that is all around you. In fact, with a little practice you’ll be able to not only ask for divine assistance, you’ll be able to receive and understand, the corresponding messages coming your way. By taping into your high self, or connecting with the angels, you’ll be able to problem solve with a more comprehensive focus.


It is from this new, healthier, more intuitive state of being that you will, in turn, become one of today’s successful leaders…someone who uses collaboration and compassion to support the hearts and souls of the people with whom they work … someone who understands what it takes to be a Corporate Mystic — a leader in today’s new corporate playground.  

Lori Daniel Falk, Author/Artist

As a Spiritual Life Coach and Visionary Artist, Lori Daniel Falk has been gifted with an artistic healing modality that enables her to communicate with, and share, the wisdom of the angels in both pictures and words. The Angelic Message Portraits™ Lori creates have found homes in 20-plus countries around the world and have graced the covers of numerous magazines.  

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Comment by Lori Daniel Falk on March 4, 2015 at 3:35pm

Thanks Shelly Wilson ~ Updated to meet the needs and requirements you mentioned. Thanks for your support.

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