"Winners never quit and quitters never win." ~ Vince Lombardi

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, how motivated are you to be a winner? Somewhere inside your mind, is there lurking a concept called "I might not succeed at this?" We need to address this up front,
and right now.

Are You A Quitter or a Winner? There is no such thing in actuality called failure. Life is about success. Death is about quitting. If you entertain the idea of
quitting or failing, you are not on the path of life. Let's go
looking for what I like to call "a high degree of aliveness."
Surely, success is to be found there. Having a high degree
of aliveness means that you are seeking, doing, thinking, and acting on your
thoughts about success - about winning.

Are You a Quitter or Winner Around Time Issues? There's a saying about "If you need to get a job completed, give it to the busiest person that you know." Why is that
so? A busy person accepts that they are able - they can -
accomplish. They never consider the not-enough-time idea.
Where are you in this classification? Where would you like
to be? The busy accomplished person has an "I can"
attitude. A quitter has an "I can't" attitude. The
choice is yours.

Are You a Quitter or Winner About Money? Do you think you can run out of it? Or do you think that
somehow, someway, when I need it, it will always show up? I have a friend who
thinks it will always show up. He has a history of receiving weird
checks from weird places when he needs the money to accomplish something. It's
uncanny to me how that money keeps showing up for him. If you
think you can run out of money, you will quit. You'll quit your
projects; you'll quit acquiring a professional wardrobe; you'll quit school;
you'll quit making improvements on your home. Thinking you don't
have enough money is not what successful people do.

Are You A Quitter or Winner About Fears? Do you frighten easily and then turn and run backwards, knowing full well
success if a forward progression? If you frighten, you may also
quit. Can you make a decision to always march face forward into
your fears and overcome them? I know that if you will face down one fear, you
will unfold great self-courage, which you can then use to face down the next
fear and the one after that. It's okay to notice that you are
afraid. It's also okay to turn and run. There is a
price for turning and running; it's called failure. If you want
success, you must unfold the courage to keep moving forward.

Are You A Quitter or Winner Around Your Motivation For Succeeding? If you have not yet decided "this is what I want to succeed in, and I will NEVER quit taking
steps toward that goal," then your motivation isn't working along side
you. Once you make that decision, you aren't really serious about
your accomplishments, and your lack of seriousness is what you will get as a
result. You might easily become disinterested, turn your attention into
something easier that doesn't require much of you, and you might settle for a
lot less, or quit entirely. Me, I like the next, bigger dream, and I like taking
the steps to accomplish it. Nothing else will do. How about

The lenses in glasses, microscopes, or binoculars focuses on up close or long distance. Do you do this with your life? What are your long term plans? What are your
short term plans? Do you even have plans at all? Using the motivation for
success as a guidepost, are you always pointed in the direction of success via
your plans? What if your short term plans don't play out? Do you
walk away disgruntled, or do you make a new plan because you've got your long
term goals in mind? This is the time to summon up your courage, re-dedicate
yourself, and start fresh to accomplish new and greater successes.

Are you positive you are in your right career - the one that takes the one skill you're best at and uses it to augment your career and your life?
You might be a wonderful housepainter but if you want to work in
computers, house painting has to be set aside. It might work better if you took
a beginning job in WordPress Blog Support. I don't know what the
better thing is for you; only you can know that. What does it take for you to
figure out what that one skill is, and which career would best showcase
it. Each of us wants to contribute to this world in some
way. Look at your values, your options, your heart. Your success
deserves the time it takes to figure this out.

So, how motivated are you to be a winner? Remember, your body parts all face forward.

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Comment by Stephanie Whitaker on August 12, 2013 at 4:33pm

I changed the title for publication. 

Comment by Stephanie Whitaker on August 11, 2013 at 6:07pm

Can I change the title to "Conquering the Winning Attitude" ? 

Comment by Stephanie Whitaker on August 4, 2013 at 8:55am

Great read! We will be scheduling for the website. 

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