One day a friend sat me done and surprise me with a video of atheism at first I was stun. Then I laughed and said I don't care what you believe, if it makes you happy.

Further study on the subject indirectly allowed me to see something that I believe was over looked. God has many definitions and all of them break down to a simple notion of system. In ancient times they had many gods all pertaining to a certain substance, element, planet, issue or process. All these things had a individual system that it goes by. So you can define any particular god as a system. A system is in simple terms a repetition and process with a result that can be define, explained and manipulated. So when some say they are an atheist they have to explain what that is; the process that they define is a system of thinking, a belief. That system or belief is in participle terms a god so generally the belief of no god is a god.
So Atheism can be clearly defined as going against any rule of any one system to devise one own system. Than the general saying I have no god but more this is my own way or god.
What is interesting is that unconsciously every one does some form of atheist correctly.So simply it is impossible to do atheism due to the fact you are already doing it correctly subconsciously, it is equal to a double jeopardy murder you can't kill somebody twice. You can't disagree with one system without requiring another. Even more you are not disagreeing with a system but more evolving it. Majority of natural conscious systems or in simpler terms, instincts are regularly done unconsciously. To maintain an system without it evolving from basic natural reactions does not happen. Atheist is basically a natural reaction miss understood if some believe soon or later due to circumstances some will disbelieve. incorporating an another from of basic instincts that one lives and grow from.
Which would make the apparent thought the one is not believing in a god or has no god simply impossible and a self illusion. Literally you are not saying what you are doing, your just disagreeing with one system and agreeing with another which you not are unaware of.

It seems that atheism is a evolution of western religion. Attacking itself saying I am greater than you, here you are which only one god and I have none; and look I'm better. As western religion did with the precious system saying here you are many gods and I with one yet I am greater. It also seems through the process of western religion it was enviable. It was the ability for the people to separate itself from the church. This in some way can be seen as a good thing.
But their is a lot of misunderstandings , first I don't think no one took in consideration the psychology. The sub conscious and super sub conscious mind works in a unique ways. In depth it understands god in a more a pratcial way than the conscious mind. Before you could speak you picture your parents as the creator and god.
So When someone says they have no God you or more damning god consciously, they are doing so to all aspects of god or system. Like authority, law,order,compassion and logic. Not only to the set system that is hindering them but also those they support unconsciously.

This doesn't just pertain just to the present god or system but to any form after. For example the parental system of mother and father can be seen to the sub consciousness as god. And be attacked, any system of authority can and will be taking down. Any form of law will be seen as god even self preservation be seen as god. It will create an unending domino effect that's turn into self hate for you are a multitude of systems.

It is not wrong more than misused it seem it is designed to allow the acceptance of aspects not previously allowed in past religions or systems.
It allows one to create a personal system or god per say. For their are parts of the system or god that one accepts and one doesn't accept. To shun all of the aspects of god will generally back fire and hurt you more than others. When used correctly It will be like starting from scratch and designing a system to fit you.
It is important to understand how nature adapts and moves. It will allow you to see how system ripple throw causes and effects. By believe atheist is not a form of nature you tend to believe it will have a different out come than the natural process; and You will be disappointed. It is like a math equation if you don't use or know the right variables you will always end up with the wrong answer.

The funny thing about the perceived atheism is that it is supposedly logic base, but it's actually an emotional aspect. It's has no real logic to it. It derives from the issue of the pervious system or god supposedly errors, brutality or misuse of control. It purpose it to discredit. Logic doesn't discredit, it understands the purpose and evaluate the results. Atheism logic comes from the emotional aspect that this is wrong and they are bad and I don't believe. To believe or not believe is a emotional action, not a logic one. Logically you either understand or you don't. Belief comes from someone else's logic being unable to be understood or duplicated. hence I must follow without full understanding but it feels right so i will have faith because i heard or seen certain results. Disbelief is then disagreeing about something you do not fully know or understand in the first place but it feels wrong for some reason and the results are some what dissatisfying. If you understood it you wouldn't have to entertain the concept of belief you would know. Belief is something that help nurture children until they are ready to know. The over use of belief creates disbelief, the only reason some will want you to believe for over extended periods is if they are instructed to or manipulating the set logic that they them selves dont fully understand,with will likely backfire. So belief are feelings caused by the result of an action not logic evaluation of a result or understanding a purpose.

What interesting is atheist seems to be presently a feminine unsavory disposition towards a masculine aspect. That is why they would say they have no god cause they have a goddess unknown to them possibly. The issue with that is you are not suppose to conquer with feminine energy you are suppose to balance. If not the energy will implode on itself for it will turn to see itself as a problem. They are using feminine energy like its masculine which will always back fire.

Women have been oppress for so long the it is possible that the energy is foreign even to them. You can see this in certain aspects for example a strong women will sometimes act like a man on certain circumstances. In biblical records Lilith, Adams first wife was shun and demonized for wanting to have equal rights. This shows you how feminine energy has been regarded by the system or god. It will make scene why it will counteract with such a method. Usually it is emotions that clams logic from destroying everything, but it seems that logic will have to quell emotions for doing the same.
In the occult it is said that if one doesn't use the correct methods for a certain process one can harm themselves and others. I believe this to be the same with atheism it is not wrong when used correctly. It can allow people to accept themselves are they are. For nature is nature no part of nature is better or worst then the next if properly balanced.

If used incorrectly atheism can completely damage any and every system of authority due to not noticing itself an authority, system or god. for it being had came about from the misuse of authority or god. God is simply the aspect of father and goddess the aspect of mother in all things. By destroying it you cause a crumble of all infer structure. The basis would be some like; if I don't have to listen to god then I don't have to listen to my government. If I don't have to listen to god I don't have to listen to my teacher. I don't have to listen to my parents then worst I don't have to listen to myself/ self preservation answer suicide.

Atheism is a evolution of Christianity you can tell because it is from a western religion basis. In eastern religion it is not called religion it is called science or philosophy, it is a understanding not a belief. Western religion is basis more on emotions than logic it stems from a struggle and a grudge. It made it so that the knowledge is hampered with emotional grudges and vengeance from one who has oppress or belittled me. The Family quarrels and insecurity in western religion created its enemy. There is a enemy there is someone out to get you and someone you must oppress. In eastern religion the only struggle is from within it conquering the ignorance and shading on one true self. This is why it is so isolated and separated from other religions. Someone must be low so you may be high this concept brought atheism into existence. With the natural system or law of nature saying, "If I am causing so much problems it's best I'm not around good luck your on your own."

Atheism can being clearly define as going against the rules of any one set of a particular system to devise one own system. Than the general say is I have no god but more this is my own way or god.
If you born a Christian but dont regularly go to church yet you do yoga or incorporate some other form of system with in you daily life you are breaking some rule and doing something on your own accord with out permission or fear of judgement. If you don't believe god yet still incorporate good morals who can judge. So truthfully does it matter you are still set in the same system of good living without the formality. But when the process alter certain behavior unconsciously it is better to understand then general systems of life and consciousness cause you might have out grown your belief.

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