Authentic Living - Who We Are and Why We Are Here

In life there is a tendency to go for the ‘things’ of life~ the house, the car, the relationship/marriage, the family, the money, the job etc. And for a while those things appear to make us ‘happy’. There comes a point in time though where those things ‘out there’ no longer make us happy. It is in such moments that the proverbial questions that almost all of us ask comes into view of ‘Who Am I?’ and ‘Why Am I here on this earth?’

It is then we begin the Sacred Path of Authentic Living. For in the deepest of truths, we come to understand that happiness and fulfillment are not the same thing. Happiness, well we can have momentary happiness with things, people, situations/circumstance. Yet true fulfillment, feeling deeply satisfied within comes from Authentic Living.

So just what is Authentic Living you may enquire? To answer that, we are to go deep into those two questions ~Who Am I? and why Am I here on this earth?

1. Who Am I?~ When we can listen deep into the heart of the soul of this universe (and regardless of religious belief or otherwise) from the deepest Soul essence, who we are is Infinite Consciousness/Source incarnate, multi~dimensional Soul being embodied in human form (or animal form, plant etc). We are made in the likeness and image of this Source. Some call this God, Source, Creator, Infinite Consciousness. Whatsoever you choose to call such, we are this. Quantum Physics is now confirming this what we as mystics and seers have known from the time before time and what we intuitively each of us know of this truth. There are many infinite paths one can take to come into this deep resonance as it is much more than just this statement I write here, we are to really feel this deeply within the core of our heart and soul, yet this is the deepest truth.

2. Why Am I here?~ And why are we here on this earth? Again, at the deepest core of it all, we are here is to live LIFE (Living Infinitely From Existence and Living Infinitely From Experience) within the fullness of expression and experience of our Soul, of who we are as Infinite Consciousness/Source. It has been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Except most forget the full circle and balance of it all. We are multi~dimensional Soul beings having a human experience and within that human experience we R.E.S.T. (Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure) the multi~dimensional Soul we are. It is a full circle, an infinite circle. It is from this deep understanding within us, we can then live authentically.

As a Soul, we have what is known as a Soul Blueprint. Imagine for a moment your soul's blueprint as being the blueprint to a home. Just as in a blueprint of a home, you know where a door goes, a window goes, what room is where, what the foundation is etc. Thus, the Soul's Blueprint is the foundation of who you as a Soul are and each room within your soul blueprint carries within it other lives, dimensions, soul and life purpose in each incarnation, your soul origin and more that can be accessed through something known as your Akasha (Akashic Records). In simple terms, the Akasha is the vibrational frequency energetic records of the Universe, of All That is.

Within the Akasha and our Soul Blueprint, there are soul agreements, things you chose before coming into this life or any other life in how you would authentically live in your Soul Purpose and Life Purpose in any given life. This Soul Purpose and Life Purpose can manifest itself in many infinite forms depending upon what you chose before you came here. There are those such as Beethoven, Van Gogh, Tesla who came here fully knowing who they are and why they are here. For most though, when we come to earth we have an individual and collective amnesia if you will of this and so our task is to remember and BE who we are in living authentically as our Soul.

Authentic Living then is living in, within, and from the connection with Source and the congruency of your Soul rather than the earthly egoic wants, needs, gluttonness of obtaining those unfulfilling things, relationships, cars, money, etc. It is living within the realness, the integrity of the inspiration of Source pouring through us and of our Soul in its purpose just as Beethoven did whenever he channeled song through him. Authentic Living (or could even be called living within integrity) is walking the talk of Source and your Soul~ it is when your vibration, frequency, thought, feelings, emotions, and right actions are all in alignment with one another. Where what you are vibrating in vibrational frequency, what your thoughts are, your feelings are, your e~motions (energy~in~motion) are and your actions are all in the same vein and in that you can move mountains and anything is possible!

The word authentic comes from the Greek word authentikós which means the mark of the hands or at first hand. To be authentic then means to come first from the heart, our heart in our hands. Thus, when we can come from our heart in our hands being genuine in the way that Source is within Love, giving, sharing, compassion, loving kindness, and all the attributes of Love, we then are being authentic or within the first hand of Love itself. Authenticity means being genuine, speaking the truth from the heart not the ego/mind, being sincere in what you are saying as truth of Source, being true to one's Self, capital ‘S’ as in being your Soul and coming from your Soul in vibration (BEingness), thought, word, action and being this with others as well.

And how do we be this? We BE this and do this through BEing conscious. Consciously choosing in each moment your vibration (BEingness), thought, word, action. It is not just an Oh I have this situation that requires me to use my ethics, integrity, honesty, and authenticity….hmmm let me see which one I should choose and do’. No. Rather, it is a way of BEing in life that just is, and you be this regardless of whether there is a dilemma or not in your life. It is asking in each moment, What Would Love (Source) Do Now? What is the loving thing to say to this person, what would Source/Love say in this situation? What is the kind, caring, compassion way to be now in this moment. Listening, speaking, BEing and doing in right action as Love/Source would be within what may I give, how may I serve.

The key to creating what the vision is for your life is to ask Source these questions and then wait until you are in a resonance of feeling fulfilled, excited, touched, moved, and inspired within just because you are choosing to feel that way and for no other reason. It is then that the signs and synchronicities come into your life that lets you know that now is the moment to take right action, from that inwelling, compelling of your heart as share above. That is when you take the inspired right action of Source from Source through you as you.

This is what right action is, this is what true Authentic Living is. This then is where our true fulfillment resides, rather than momentary happiness within things ‘outside’ of us, when we are living authentically from the deep calling from Source inspiring us and from our Soul, we are deeply and infinitely fulfilled from within.

Can you tune into, attune to Source, to your Soul and Living Authentically? I invite you to take some moments in deep meditation and within the silent calmness listen (noticing that silent and listen are created with the same letters arranged just a wee bit differently) to the deep calling within your soul and ask these questions within loving meditative prayer~

1. What is Source's vision for my life within Authentic Living of my Soul?

2. Who Am I to be for this vision to come into reality?

3. What Am I to let go of, release so that this vision can come to be?

4. What are the next steps I Am to take in right action from the Intuitive Heart as One with Source’s heart for such a vision to come into creation?

I'm Here, I Am open and ready to receive, I Am willing to bring such forth through me as me of you Source….show me. In loving appreciation may it be so. And so it is.

Lady Nenari is the Founder/Director of The DiamondLight Soul Centre and as a Complimentary Wholistic Therapist specialises in Meditational Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing Therapy, Akashic Records Soul Mediumship Reading, and Soul Mentoring. To book in a one to one session with her or for the courses she teaches, visit her website

Lady Nenari is also featured on OM Times Radio as interviewed on Voice Rising with Kara Johnstad

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