We are almost halfway through the year 2020, termed by many as, “The Great Shift.” Many of us knew it was coming, but we just didn’t know what it would look like. This shift is promising to deliver the deep structural and consciousness changes we have felt approaching for decades. For many of us, we know this is why we’re here.

Biology, Nature and Society

Regardless of our level of awareness and consciousness on our personal levels, we are inextricably linked as both human and energetic beings to our environments. This includes our inner environment, the natural world andour communities and societies. At the moment, we are struggling to remember this.

As communities and societies, we are deeply attuned to one another; meaning we are energetically connected. Just as we are attached and relate to our primary family through unconscious (many times unspoken) beliefs and values, we are also conditioned by our cultural and society norms, again, some spoken, but many not.

Our world is Collectively Awakening. But just like personal awakenings, the unraveling of beliefs and ways of being can be, at first, messy and painful. 


Awakening is a Rewiring

In the process of Awakening, one of the first direct experiences we have is that the individual ‘I’ or ‘me’ that we have known as ‘me’ all our lives, is actually more than the self we see in the mirror. Before that, we are sifting through pain, disconnect and trauma.

One piece we awaken to is the ‘I’ of the self is actually a ‘We’ of the self. Meaning, the individual ‘me’ we are familiar with becomes aware we are connected to the larger ‘S’ Self of unmanifest consciousness. Some would call this non-physical consciousness the Soul; others call it the Higher Self, others Universal Consciousness, God, Source or the Absolute. There are many names for these wider, unseen aspects.

Regardless of name, we directly experience a union of self to Self.

We become a we.

Regardless of the name, what happens in Awakening is that we realize we are connected to a consciousness beyond our everyday, individual mind. We remember we are part of this consciousness and it expresses as us. Through this knowing, our sense of separation eases. When we know this energy as a direct, felt-sense experience of Awakening and embodied knowing, we understand that along with being a unique individual, we are also interconnected with a consciousness that perceives differently than our ordinary mind.


Awakening Rewires Society

We also awaken to the interweaving of all things into universal consciousness, this universal fabric of energy and Source or Oneness consciousness. This is part of the price of admission to Awakening. It is a beautiful bonus awareness to this initiation.

So how do we get here as a society? As a planet? We remember the we.

Society awakens by each of us doing our own inner work of healing, reconnecting and remembering. It is a process. In order to remember our Wholeness, we have to heal our separations. These are our places of pain, trauma, and disconnect. These pain points exist individually and collectively, and healing can be an uncomfortable and painful as we sort it through. Yet, once we Awaken and remember through direct experience that we are not alone, separate, and struggling to survive, our pain points shift and approach the world from a different awareness.

When we Awaken, we have shifted from one stage of consciousness to another stage—from fear-based survival to interconnected wholeness. We have times we are closer to this remembering, and times we are further away and it’s harder to feel. This process of remembering our inherent wholeness takes time to move down to our deepest places of unawareness and disconnect. We are remembering. It takes time for embodiment to integrate.

Each of us is here for a reason. We are here to work with our individual growth, evolution and integration, as well as this monumental planetary shift. We are shifting consciousness of an entire planet. This is no small task. We can only do this if enough of us remembers, experiences and knows our wholeness and interconnectedness. When we do this, we create and harmonize to higher vibrations both inside in and all around us.

When we Awaken and embody this next stage of human consciousness, we create and amplify a tone of harmony that is resonant. Resonant tones amplify and impact everything around us. When enough of us awaken and harmonize to this vibration of interconnectedness, our entire planet shifts.

We were made for these times.  









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