Becoming Whole Though the Healing of Separated Heart.

All content regarding the Unified Heart and the four codes of the heart is protected by copy and can be found in the original source, Our New Humanity, Becoming One With The Unified Heart, created by Corrina Steward.  

Nobody ever told me I was not whole.  I have all of my functioning parts, working limbs, and a capable brain that has served me in achieving a Master's of Education Degree.  I've given birth to three beautiful babies, ran marathons, and captained two collegiate level athletic teams.  On the outside I have always appeared to be well put together.  I've been told that my smile was magnetic.  On the inside I was destroyed and constantly feeling stress, anxiety, and heartache.  I knew something was missing, but I had no idea what I was about to discover.  

"When you find love you can have everything you want", my teacher, Corrina Steward told me once after an intuitive coaching session.  "Then I will do that, I will find love", I told her.  That was in 2013 prior to a transformation that would result in rapid shedding of old patterns of what I call, false truths about who I was, and rapid expansion. And to think I began my journey because I was searching for a way to bring more abundance (money) into my life so I could relax and enjoy more free time.  I was done with the rat race and looking for an exit because the rat race was not making my life more fulfilled.  Little did I know that what was building was beyond words.  

At the beginning of my awakening, I thought that money was a sure path to happiness.  I would learn after taking a long term leave of absence from my teaching job, which lead to my bank account hitting zero and constant arguments with my husband and family members over my decision to take time to raise myself and my newborn baby, that the presence of money certainly did not create happiness, but the absence of it sure sent my world into a shock wave.  And our preoccupation with our need to have money for the purpose of happiness was surly brought to the surface when I was choose love over money or parenting over working.  This would be a major stepping stone for me.  One that required massive amounts of inner strength and knowing that I was in the right place and that everything was going to be fine. After all, I was an infinite creator!  Telling that to my husband was not easy and rarely if ever accepted.  This is where I learned how to hold space and stand tall!  

In 2014 I was presented with the opportunity to intensify my manifestation process at a very special workshop held by Steward. At the time I was familiar with the law of attraction and practiced energy alignment and raising my vibration through deliberate thoughts.  I knew how to effectively control my thoughts to create a certain outer reality, but this did not seem to fix certain problems that kept coming to the surface.  I would uncover my personal truth by using specific evolutionary tools in a journey that was as much about becoming whole as it was about shedding copious amounts of junk from my body and mind.  That day in March was the day my heart underwent a healing that would set the foundation for what I know to be the ability to live in the world of infinite possibilities and to truly be the creator of my own reality (Steward).  One that is based on being a whole being. 

The separation of the heart (Steward), as I understand it, creates duality or living in a cause and effect pattern of life.  I related this to my feeling of reacting (cause and effect or polarity) to circumstances rather than allowing flow.  I now understand that the emotional triggers that I was experiencing as roadblocks to my evolution were being caused by this separation of the energies of the heart.  When fully synergized and working in unity, the four energies of the heart; love, light, wisdom and power create the most powerful tool for manifestation and transformation (Steward).   I know this to be the experience of living in Unity with all things. A true exit from the rat race that was according to Steward, chosen by humanity as "our creation pattern" and one that, "no longer supports our needs". Do you feel it?  Do you see it?  

We hold the pattern of creation and when the four codes of the heart (love, light wisdom and power) are activated, we begin to see the functions of duality or living with only two energetic functions (known as duality) of the heart working diminish (Steward).  According to Steward, when we turn on these codes we begin to "activate  the Genesis pattern, and as evolved, infinite beings we can create a unified Earth and become the New Humanity". To achieve this capability and to evolve to become the creator of the New Humanity is truly an astonishing feat.  

While on my journey to becoming whole I've had to loose many, many layers of my old self.  I used my real life situations and emotional triggers as fuel to grow and connect and grow in the Unity Consciousness field.  Surrounded by others who were undergoing a similar healing process I found comfort in knowing that I was now approaching my circumstances, however trying, chaotic, demanding, and down right UGLY, with new capabilities and evolutionary tools, which allowed me choose and create as a whole being or as I can say, the fuel of the Creator pulsing though me.

What does this boil down to?  And how does it impact our humanity?  I am a mom.  And when I realized that all that I experienced as a child that contributed to my life as an adult was built on a foundation that was in fact separated, not because my parents were bad parents, but because as a human race, according to our story we choose this, so that eventually we would be given the choice to wake up and ascend into Unity Consciousness or continue on the path we are on.  I decided I wanted to build myself and my family on a foundation that was whole!  And I share this with you today because I feel very strongly, as it it my truth, that there is the capability for us to truly ascend fear and as I have recently experienced, break apart from the old world patterns and become a New Earth creator.

Carrie Anne Killeen is a Whole Being Coach, New Human Co-Creator, and passionate evolutionary leader.  She is the mom of three beautiful and soulful daughters.  You can find out more by visiting her website:

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Comment by Kathy Custren on February 4, 2016 at 9:31pm

We are not able to announce/notify writers exactly when their article is scheduled, Carrie. We ask that everyone be sure to check the weekly editions and our website. Know that once your article appears in the weekly e-zine, that it is also scheduled for social media distribution through the week. If you have additional articles to submit, please do! Thank you again ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Carrie Anne Killeen on February 4, 2016 at 9:15pm
Thank you:) will I know when it is published? It's my first one.
Comment by Kathy Custren on February 4, 2016 at 8:57pm

Hi, Carrie - Your article is being forwarded to the publishers for inclusion in a future article, with our thanks ~ Blessings! 

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