If somebody gave you an advise on how to be prosperous, perhaps you'll consider it valuable if it is something that dates back 36,000 bc and from an era that was said to be truly prosperous (Atlantis). Well, here is one that came from Atlantis and was written by a "super human" named Thoth an Atlantean. :“Let this be a reminder, for all that it’s worth. Riches are a means to an end, not the end.”
Well, wherever and whatever our priorities are in life, It is well worth the trip to consider this very wise and old adage.

For the most part, we do think of riches as mediums to attain a certain goal. No wonder people can get so stressed running after it. And stress is the no. 1 killer in our society today. To share, allow me to give 3 points to consider in the matter of what it means to be prosperous. Just 3 things :

1) First : Prosperity means to be in alignment to our Higher self. To be aligned means to be open and connected to the divine energy so we can receive and be guided intuitively from within regarding all matters in our lives. Meditation often helps to open the channels. To be in this state is true propsperity because it is here that all the gates opens to enrich us in terms of Health, Wealth, Love and our Success. Riches is only a result of having the Divine conscuiousness of prosperity. Do we believe in the Universe of abundance or of lack? The subconscious mind will always pick-up the truth within us and manifest it. And so "Alignment" brings us to our desires in the most pefect way. But remember, our desires are not the end, but the Alignment with our Higher Self is.

2) Second : Properly Decree what is wanted. Decreeing is an act of intention. It is what we believe we want to expereince and so we help manifest it in our lives throught directing our thoughts and feeling energies to the wanted.
PRAYER IS ANSWERED : When we decree (some use pray), know that it has been answered, because we all come from one energy- all things are in all things and all things return to all things. It's much like having a stock of all things ever thought of, wanted and not wanted within us, and we can pull the files out through our focusing energies. It is impt. to focus more on what is wanted and not contradict it through an opposing belief.

Tip : A prayer that is well directed : "This or something better."

END RESULT FOCUS. Do not direct the "How" of the manifestation desired, but do focus instead on the end result. The Universe who knows of all things takes care of the "How" of things. Just believe the end result. Being single-minded in your desire means for instance, you want to own a boat. We do not say , I want 1 million dollars to buy myself a boat. If you want the boat, feel the boat. If you want money, feel the money with just the simple feeling of remembering when you held a certain amount, not too far from what you have actually felt in your life. (yours or not) The feeling factor is what will register to the sub-conscious mind. Let the Universe work on the "how" and stay focused in gratitude with "this" or something better. The expansive Universe/Source Energy only knows how to give, so say Thank you, that it is so.

3) Third : Tithing, Generosity and Service. Lastly oh magnificent souls, Tithe, practice, generosity and Service to others is a deposit of physical and/or spiritual coins to the Universe becasue we all live in a Universe of energy that requires movement and flow(currency). Give spiritual coins if you must, or even physical coins from those blessings that comes to your life. Someone may ask, why money? It can be anything, but surely, money is one of those that comes to your life as well, right? And besides, to most, money can be the hardest thing to let go! Usually, what is asked is a tenth of your blessings to a person or an organization that helps you in your spiritual growth. Giving is also a service or a community work. When we give to positive groups or people, what we are actually saying is something like, "I support and embibe the energy of Michael and so I give to Michael." Or to a favorite positive organization like a church, a center, a virtual spiritual venue like this, or an orphanage or something for the elderly, etc. Just be aware that to whom you give, you are embibing the energies of who you support. Why not give to the Rich man and make him $12 richer? Or he may not even be rich with physical coins, but to you, is a millionaire in terms of being an excellent human being (someone mostly aligned in the path usually a teacher/ guru/master). However way, physical coins or spiritual coins-Give a tenth or whatever is at peace in your hearts. This practice of Tithing and Generosity to others is the only statement in the Christian Bible that dared say, "TEST ME ON THIS." Well I practice tithing and generosity on my own capacity and I ceratinly can say, it is true. Do it, not for what it gives, but do it because it is your nature to be so. Love is to give. Love is you in form, This is True Prosperity.

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