How many times a day do you check your phone for messages? In the time it takes to check your phone you can add years to your life, lower your stress level, and even change your life by simply committing to following 3 steps everyday. The courage it takes to try something different is a BIG step in your awareness towards spiritual development and understanding what life is really all about.  
Think about the time investment you spend checking your text messages or going to the gym to work out and think about the state of your inner life. Are you happy? Peaceful? Living life the way you REALLY want?  Its not about the Law of Attraction and asking the Universe to give you something or making deals with a white bearded man in the sky, its about BE-ing the spiritual person you are meant to be. 
 The notion many believe is being a spiritual person means giving up something, (only things that hurt and cause you pain), going to church, reciting the Bible, and not having fun and the (classic) being broke, but where does it say "life is hard and is meant to be a struggle?" Yet we believe the life we have been given is not the miracle it is.  The 3 steps you need to change your life as as easy as taking your morning shower, brushing your teeth, or having your morning coffee, your spiritual practice can be as easy as that.
     The first step is understanding a spiritual principle, the how, why, and what of what being spiritual is. Let me break this down further, the word Spiritual has the letter U in it, so you can think of it as what YOU need. A principle is similar to a "golden rule", an example being "Practice".
So as a Principle, "Practice" means to "habitual or customary performance; repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency;.condition arrived at by experiencer exercise." As a spiritual principle this means KNOW YOUR OWN MIND. By training your thoughts to reflect only that which YOU WISH to FEEL and EXPERIENCE. The words YOU speak, the thoughts YOU think, and the dreams YOU wish are POWERFUL expressions of the life YOU deserve. Know this WITHOUT a shadow of DOUBT, WORRY, or FEAR.

A PRACTICE soon becomes a HABIT and a habit becomes a BELIEF. Your WORD is your MAGIC. What you SPEAK you create. The PRACTICE of the PRACTICE is the daily time you get to STOP, BREATHE, & LISTEN. Make it a priority in your life, it must be as important as breathing and you will see your life BEGIN to take a DIFFERENT "feel" and awareness, love will flow and you will grow. Take a breath. It is where G(o)od is. Pay attention to yourself. 
      Ok, so what's next is the Practice. Spiritual practice is like a ritual, doing something over and over in a certain way. Take a deeper look, spiRITUAL is within the word to show the ways of spirit, learning new ways of being and incorporating these into your life in a loving, compassionate, and healing way. Affirmations, exercises, and lessons are just a few of the ways to develop spirituality.  By willing to do something different you open yourself to the blessings of the Universe. 
An example of Practice is something you do everyday, like a shower, I call it the "Love Shower".

When you take a shower/bath as the water flows over you allow yourself to say aloud or silently how much you LOVE your BODY, your LIFE, your SELF. Allow yourself to give yourself the GIFT of LOVE to YOU. Allow the negative energy of yesterday, the day, or a situation go right DOWN the drain. Clearing the MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT of anything not good, not true, or not NOW to penetrate your LOVE BUBBLE.  (Example, i.e,.)  
"I love my skin, my hair, my face, my round___!!" (Hips & dimples too!!) LOVE it ALL!! Do it EVERYDAY this week and see what HAPPENS, CHANGES or SHIFTS in your LIFE.   Its a two-fer starting the day in a good way, cleaning yourself,  doing something REALLY good for YOU. That's an easy step to practice being spiritual right?
        Lastly, did you know that Prayer is one of the best ways to lower stress, motivate, heal and change YOUR life?  Prayer involves getting clear, resolving, and dissolving anything and everything that needs transformation. Consider prayer your daily mantra because its been proven that repetition changes things pretty quickly, its like how you used to study in high school, saying things over and over so you could remember them, prayer is the same. An example of a prayer is, "I am willing to heal, change, forgive, let go", something that you would like a shift or change in. Think of something that is in heavy in your heart and you would like to change.
These 3 simple steps are the beginning of being spiritual and will guide you on your path of becoming more of who you want to be. By creating peace, a sense of calm and  adding MORE  to your life which opens you to making chooses based on something different than the old ways of doing things. Give it a try you maybe surprised what comes with allowing something new into your daily routine. 
By Tonya Melendez, RScP, CYT
Tarot Life Coach

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