The state of being ‘blank’ is often called a perfect state of existence, yet hard to attain! As human beings we are controlled by our ‘mind’ .When ‘in mind’, thoughts will inevitably flood in. As much as one tries, we are engulfed by either the thoughts of our past or figuring out the present or dreaming of our ‘would be’ future. On a metaphysical level we all endeavour to accomplish the blank or ‘Zen’ like state but it appears that most of the times we are in a ‘trying’ state and never really ‘arrive’! Very aptly we coin the term ‘the monkey mind’.

There is no dearth of meditation centres across the world. All trying to preach and teach that ‘null’ state. Some through different breathing techniques, some through mental focus training programs, some in Tibet go way into religious chanting’s to finally attain ‘boddhitsava’ or the prestigious ‘blank’ state so to speak. But what most of these schools and ‘art of living’ organizations do not realize that it’s not difficult to arrive at the ‘zero’ state but the real challenge is to sustain it lifelong.

The ‘boot camps’ are fantastic places to ‘ramp’ up the ‘passive’ spirit of ours but to keep it going post the school is the ‘real deal’. So what should one do and how should one progress on the path to blankness a.k.a Zen state.

Let’s see some simple and workable tips to walk through our ‘nothingness’ state.

  1. Meditation centre’s – Clichéd though, yet profoundly influential at times. Depending on our individual level of consciousness we can attain great ‘enlightenment’ through simple breathing techniques.

  2. Guru talks’ – Our planet today is replete with powerful gurus. All stretching us further to bring us to our ‘soul’ centre. If one is destined to be initiated by a guru, it is usually spiritual gift bestowed to you.  As they say – the guru chooses the disciple. Whether you would follow your guru’s path is entirely your call.

  3. Eastern Vedic practices – The self realized masters or siddhas have been following certain rituals and Vedic practices to attain salvation. Very rampant in India, these ancient rituals combined with tantra have the power to ‘burn’ all karmas of an individual. The sessions are exhaustive and pretty intense. If one follows the yantra, tantra, mantra practices to a‘t’, one can attain the ‘blank’ state or a state of ‘detachment’ per se.

  4. Self analysis – The best teacher resides ‘within’. So if you happen to find the ‘one’ in you, nothing can get better than that. For, all of us are unique and so are our agendas. All the people, circumstances, situations that we encounter are nothing but a learning , sort of a inner ‘refinement’ or a walk towards acceptance and unconditional love. Ones your inside is sorted out the outside have no other option but to swipe us clean – blank!

  5. Journaling and burning – Applying the above practices with journaling, helps! The more you write what you want daily the more you will shift your attention from what your subconscious believed to be true for you. It’s like swipe out the last session taken by your teacher in the class and writes a new one. The new session which you plan to write should be written in the ‘present tense’ – as if it’s already existing and alive in the ‘NOW’.

  6. Planetary shift – This is something over which one has no control. As if the buttons are pressed by the universe and you have no option but to detach, unlearn and rebirth. Since 2012 we have all been experiencing great shifts in our ‘consciousnesses. We stand more empowered in our belief system than we have ever been. All for good!  Vibration or energetic shifts run on auto pilot and make us restructure, rather rewire our brain.

    It’s like dropping off the ‘illusions’ so the ‘presence’ can be felt.


    Another question one may ask: ‘is this blank state really good?’ Honestly as I see it, it’s kind of scary at times because for a human mind to be ‘blank’ is itself a ‘new proposition’. Imagine waking up one day and having nothing to fall back on from the past and nothing to focus on the future! It’s like being a ‘baby’ ...just smiling in awe and wonder.  So the flip side is great too, no worries, no stresses, no deceptive thoughts, no one to blame, no one to cling too, just the ‘you’ and this ‘moment’.  Sounds interesting isn’t it! Reminds us of ‘Buddha’ the ever smiling, ever happy, baby like man. Imagine all of us transmuting ourselves into this happy, unconditional sweet loving ‘Buddha’. The highest state one could possibly be in. Hopefully one fine day all of humanity will hit this awe inspiring ‘blank’ state. Just simplicity and unconditional love all around!



 Sunanda Sharma is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Author and Life Coach. She is a published author. Reach her at



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Comment by Sunanda Sharma on October 30, 2015 at 1:15am

Thank you Shelly

Comment by Sunanda Sharma on October 27, 2015 at 11:19pm

Ok Shelly .

How about Shoonya - The state of Zen or just the state of Zen

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