Blockages be Gone ! Hello Inheritances!

PUBLISHED - COVER December 2015 B Edition 

Personal Growth page 96 

by Gia Dalton 

1,126 words, Bio- 56 

Submitted to : Personal Growth 

Are you ready to get real about what’s blocking your divine inheritance? Is your intention to make room for amazing abundance? 

If you are feeling tired, unfilled, and misunderstood, this can be an incredible moment of positive change. Your energy will shift dramatically, followed by a sense of freedom and hope.

Starting right now, you can begin creating the space for your inheritance. Unconsciously you may have been blocking it, but you can receive those blessings with open arms. Experience a sense of freedom, and awareness as you get unapologetically real, about what may be blocking your inheritance of health, wealth and abundance.

You may have practiced a behavior for so long, that it has become a habit. It takes a quiet, still mind, and honesty to identify the manifestations that are showing up in your life. If something no longer serves you, it has to go! 

The examples are not excuses for behavior. They are real truth’s. If you relate to them, you CAN release them, creating the space for something even better! 

Blockage’s be gone!  Hello Inheritances! 

Get ready to be completely present, and honest.  Look at the behavior, or incident as a symptomatic manifestation of dis-ease caused by an underlining emotion. Exposing the root will allow you to release the guilt, or shame, that may surround the experience. 

Example #1. The discussion that turned into a heated argument.  What happened before the argument? Were you tired, frustrated, jealous, humiliated, vulnerable, hurt or afraid? Real is uncut, unfiltered and unedited. Do you often find yourself being misunderstood? Are you so busy taking care of everyone, that you neglect your own needs?   

Understand and Validate Yourself. You have incredible wisdom. Give yourself what you need first. Practice acceptance, even when you feel you’ve made a mistake. Once you know better, do better. 

Look at the argument from the other person’s perspective. Play it out. This will allow you to develop new ways to empathize, and respond, rather than react. Be mindful to be assertive, not aggressive. 

Handling conflict.  Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. If you need a little work, try a few new strategies.  Apologize, and forgive yourself. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it. When you understand your instincts, nothing can disturb your peace. It’s only when you are out of alignment that people can push your buttons. If the button is not there…they can’t push it. Find your power and refuse to give it away. 

Example # 2. Heartache from the past, is hurting you today. You are accused of not giving enough. The real issue is differentiating between giving all you’ve got, versus deliberately holding back and guarding what you do have. 

Insecurity or vulnerability. Perhaps little of both. There could be a good reason for you to feel guarded, however, if you compare this relationship with the one that left you feeling, less than stellar, you may miss out on something really wonderful. 

Roots that run deep.  As a child you may have developed coping skills for protection, and as an adult, you don’t how to live without them.

Calm could feel uncomfortable. if all you knew was chaos, you may be comfortable with the uncomfortable. If you were always waiting for the other shoe to drop, and most of the times it did, you might create drama to feel better. Tension and stress could be familiar to you. 

Feeling peaceful.  Many people who have endured difficult childhoods, like adult children of alcoholics, and or addicts have had less than peaceful experiences. Fear of getting hurt, paired with an unfamiliarity with a sense of security, could result in keeping relationships at an arms length. 

Come to terms with where you are emotionally.  Are you holding back in your current relationship because you are afraid, carrying issues from the past, or just not into it ? These questions are important. Take time to think about the answers. 

Express how you feel. Speak with a professional if you have discovered patterns of behavior that you’ve been trying to change without success. Call a close friend. Keep a journal, and freely express emotions daily. Write about not only how you perceived a situation, but how the incident may have been perceived by someone else. This allows you to see both side’s of the story objectively. 

Set healthy boundaries. Strength often moves softly with compassion, kindness and gentleness. Your strength will grow as you grow. Give what you are comfortable giving.  If you decide to fly solo, remember that being alone, does not mean you are lonely.

Example # 3. You can’t step up to the plate in your profession. You are leading the pack when it comes to career changes. But what’s bothering you is the lack of satisfaction you feel after you’ve gotten there.

“I am not good enough” Did either one of your parents struggle with a “I am not good enough” attitude? Could you have unconsciously learned this mind set? Have you refused to step up to the plate because you feel safe where you are, equating comfort with familiarity? 

Collection of Degree’s and Certifications. This could be another expression of a need to prove yourself. You earn degrees, but the practical application afterwards frightens you. Rather than challenge yourself, you move on to something new. 

You may be suffering from a limiting, self deprecating belief system. There will never be enough degrees, or certificates to fill a void. There will always be one more “not good enough” thought lurking through your mind. Perhaps, you’ve been following someone else’s blueprint for your life all together. You are good enough right now!  Embrace your unique talents and gifts. 

Create the life of your dreams. When you release yourself from thinking you might fail, you have freedom to learn and grow. Put your energy in the desires of your heart.

Commitment involves vulnerability. Commit to your passion. Find your niche, and begin from there. You have got be vulnerable, in order to commit. 

Feel your life. It is time to wake up, and show up!  What has happened to you, can’t define you unless you let it. Envision cutting the bonds that have held you back. Release toxic energies, and wounds. Don’t be afraid to let people know you have needs.They will respect you for it. 

Your inheritance is here, right now, all you’ve got to do is accept it.  

Raise your arms towards the heavens, and receive your inheritance. Grace, fearlessness, revitalization, joy and love. It has always been here, waiting for you to open your arms, and accept it. 

My name is ______.  I AM here.  I AM worthy.  I AM unique.  I AM me.  

I AM ready to receive my inheritance!


Gia Dalton is a visionary writer, speaker, coach, teacher and Intuitive Life Strategist. Currently writing a book, Gia operates a private concierge holistic practice. A Modern, Bohemian Guru, she states, “My mission is to motivate, empower and inspire the lives of others with integrity, beauty and love.”

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Comment by Gia Dalton on October 8, 2015 at 12:04pm
Awesome ♡ Thank you!

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