Abstract: As much as we love our kids, we can find ourselves frustrated, stressed and feeling trapped in the daily expectations of parenthood We dream about how it feels to be on our own timing, go places spontaneously and spend more quality time with our partner and friends.  What if we knew that feeling free is not dependent on anyone or anything else?

Our kids inspire us to love, support and nurture them.  As much as we love them, we can find ourselves frustrated, stressed and feeling trapped in the daily expectations of parenthood. We accept that parenting has it’s ups and downs, and feeling free comes and goes. We dream about how it feels to be on our own timing, go places spontaneously and spending more quality time with our partner and friends. What if we knew that feeling free is always available to us? What if we knew that feeling free is not dependent on anyone or anything else?

As we grasp the reality of being one with our source, we  come to a deeper understanding of what freedom really means. We understand that we are co-creating our lives with a universal intelligence, and not victims of life. We come to realize that freedom is not a “thing” that we can have or control, it is a feeling originating from our thinking. We discover that feeing free is our innate state of being, is, and not dependent on a certain person, condition or situation.

In moments of thinking that feeling free is being not available to us,  we can…

  • Ask this question and listen for the answers: “What is the nature of the feeling free from within?”
  • Be kind to ourselves.  Notice our choices in times when we we feel stressed, overwhelmed and feel trapped in our job as a parent. This is great time to be kind to ourselves, remembering to breathe, move our energy, clear our minds, relax and and know that this too shall pass. Remember that we have a built in guidance system, ready to come to the rescue as soon as we open up and let it in. When we do, we find ourselves feeling free, in love and grateful for having our kids!
  • Remember freedom comes from our thoughts and the feelings. Feeling free is not a “doing”, it’s an “undoing” It is not about trying to get rid of our feelings, nor trying to fix them. Freedom is an experience that we generate beyond our personal thinking. What happens when we stop focusing on what seems to be coming at us from the outside , we can embrace our situation, breathe, calm our minds, allowing insights, solutions and a new sense of freedom to come from within.
  • Breathe, move, dance, sing, shake and vibrate! It's easier to feel free when when our energy is in movement, vibrating and circulating. Movement releases the constriction, contraction and control that makes us feel trapped, opening up the space to feel free and enjoy our kids!
  • Learn from how our kids play. Kids come into the world with an innate ability to move, express and feel the innate freedom that is theirs.  Notice how they move in and out of feeling  stuck or “bored.” They naturally express and move onto the next thing!  They remind us that we have the same innate ability to move, express and feel free too!
  • Open up to the gift of having kids in our lives. Embrace the miracle of these little human beings who bring so much love and joy into our lives. Let our kids know how much we appreciate their their playfulness, curiosity, spontaneity, and freedom they feel. Let them know that we cherish the how they remind us of our own playfulness when we were kids! 
  • Embrace unconditional love. Being a parent enhances our awareness of all the other children and parents around the world, many  who never feel truly free. We can multidimensionally send our unconditional love and compassion to them. We can be a catalyst for all of humanity, supporting them in realizing that real freedom comes from within.
  • Remind ourselves that kids have lots of “do what feels good moments." Moments when we are trying to get out the door, and the kids get side tracked by playing ball with the dog. These can be the moments when wish we could get in the car and drive off without them! These are also the moments that we can step back, breathe, let go and open our hearts to feel the love we have for them, no matter what! Suddenly our tone of voice becomes warm, as ideas pop into our head with silly solutions, such as pretending that there is a line of marching ants who want us to join in, marching and singing, “The ants go marching one by one.”The energy shifts …and we march them straight into the car!
  • Release any habitual thoughts that snap us back into feeling trapped. It takes courage to admit when we are dragging  up old ways of thinking, justifying them as something that will keep us safe. Conjuring up thoughts to keep us in the known, avoiding the fear that our lives will fall apart if we let go of control. When we breathe, move and vibrate, the delusion of needing to be in control dissolves into the a new experience of feeling free. We discover that we can release our old habitual thinking, and letting go of “using” it to stay safe. As we go into withdrawal, there may be moments of thinking that we need to snap back into our old continuity. We can assure ourselves that we are okay, while reminding ourselves to within a let our universal intelligence guide the way. We reinforce the thinking and understanding that everything is happening in it's perfect timing, place and form. We know that we can always open to lives that are easier and more enjoyable.
  • Embrace unconditional love and compassion. We often are aware of all the other children and parents around the world, many of them who have never had the experience of feeling free. Our willingness to free ourselves from the inside out will catalyze this understanding throughout humanity, helping them realize that real freedom comes from within.

About the author: 

About the Author: Over the past 40 years Crystal has been an expansion guide, author, coach and facilitator of a live event (now an online course) called Freedom at the Core/ Freedom From the Inside Out. She draws from her own experience and experiences with the hundreds of people that she has worked with from all over the world. She is known for the fun and empowering ways that she supports them in bringing forth the best in themselves and creating the experiences that they want in their lives. As a mother and grandmother now, her passion is in bringing out the best in our kids while bringing out the best in ourselves! She coaches parents in the realization that we can all open to a more enjoyable, easy, and harmonious experience of parenting.


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Comment by Crystal Presence on April 1, 2022 at 1:06pm
Thank You!
Comment by Omtimes Media on March 31, 2022 at 6:09pm

Hi Crystal, Thank you for your submission, the article will be published in the 2022 July edition.

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