Casinos Rot The Soul

by William Bezanson

Gambling undermines the moral foundation of a society by urging people to consider luck, rather than competence and wisdom, as a valid strategy for future abundance.

There is currently a surge of interest among city, provincial, and state governments to look to casinos as revenue generators and job creators.  I believe that such thinking is very wrong, but for different reasons than many people maintain.  They think of fun, instant riches, revenue for governments, jobs for people, and, on the downside, problem addiction.  I think of the Soul.  And I hate to see the Soul rotting away.

The important part of human beings that evolves is not our bodies but our souls.  We are not physical bodies—we are souls, temporarily occupying, or associated with, physical bodies.  Your body changes constantly and degenerates physically, but your soul remains stable and evolves spiritually.  After your soul has finished occupying your body, it will sometime later incarnate into a new body—that new incarnation will be You.  Further, all of our individual souls are part of the Universal Soul.

These are not religious views, but spiritual facts.  Too little attention is given by society's planners to such facts.  

I regularly write to mayors, city councilors, and other elected political leaders to think deeply about this matter.  They are representatives on vitally important planning bodies for our society.  I want them to take leadership roles in vividly showing to their citizens, and perhaps more importantly, to their countries and the world, the proper course of action, boldly proclaimed by long-term planners.


The fundamental premise of gambling is that luck will override wisdom in achieving abundance.  

The fundamental premise of government is that wisdom will override luck in achieving abundance.

These two endeavours, gambling and government, are polar opposites in their essential premises.


The healthy evolution of our souls requires wisdom, not luck.  By facilitating society's misguided hope in luck, rather than wisdom, a governing body does a tragic disservice to its constituents and their evolution, through confusing short-term popularity and positive cash flow with long-term soul evolution and social health.  Such facilitation teaches people not to work hard, educate well, and plan carefully, but to hope for good luck. The choice is tough, but obvious.  It is far more obvious than it may appear on the surface.  But wrestling with the tough issues, and making the tough choices, and doing the right thing is what government leaders must do, and what their constituents, and the world, require of them.  We expect them to make wise strategic choices for the long term, not expedient tactical maneuvers for the short term.

This matter is difficult.  I have offered my time to civic leaders to discuss my views here, at their convenience, and to explain the perspective that I bring to the topic.  (None of them has yet accepted my offer.)

The evident fun, the smiling faces of hitting the jackpot, the clean-cut images of young people cheering around the one-armed bandits, bright lights and well dressed model citizens, instant riches! … All those marketing images that build a false hope in gullible people are on the wrong track and are deceitfully misleading.

The deep reason for resisting casinos is not just about problem addiction, broken families, and ruined lives.  It is about fundamental, long-term evolution of our souls and the survival of our very species.

The debate about more casinos is misdirected.  At a foundational level, it is not about generating more revenue and jobs, but about selling our souls, the collective Soul of our society, to the superficial thrill of risking our lives by hoping for luck rather than working toward wisdom.  The Faustian pact that each of us enters when we support casinos has a potentially dreadful consequence when we look at it from the level of the Soul.

If we really care about the society that we are evolving for our children and grandchildren, and, just as importantly, for ourselves when we return in future incarnations, then we should think very deeply about the real effect that casinos and gambling have on our souls and the Soul of the world.  And we should act decisively on that thinking.

The real challenge here is one of education.  Citizens and governments need to become conscious of the soul-body distinction that I have explained.  Then their consciousness needs to be raised to recognize the larger issue of soul evolution.  Finally, everyone needs to act, in full awareness of their responsibility. 

Casinos rot the Soul … Our individual souls and the world’s Soul. 




William Bezanson is a retired engineer, fulfilling his passion for writing.  His most recent book is Abandoned Shopping Carts:  Personal and Spiritual Responsibility. He is a long-standing member of a Rosicrucian order and two related initiatic, mystical orders. His mission in life is to help to bring about a Spiritual State in this Mundane World. He lives with his wife in Ottawa, Canada, and they have six adult children.

To learn more about him, visit his website.

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Comment by Trevor Taylor on May 17, 2013 at 5:57am

Hi William, your article has a powerful message and we are putting it in one of the June multi-media editions...

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