Many know the skilled actress Carly Pope from a various movie and television roles over several years. Carly is one of those in the business that is constantly working on her craft and pursuing a variety of diverse roles since 1996. Carly was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canda and made her American screen debut in 1998.


In the world of Hollywood it is easy to get caught up, but in recently connecting with Carly I have found her to be one of the most humble actors around that I know. She is more than brains, beauty, and talent. Carly is a lovely, giving individual with a big heart and many passions.


Carly can currently be seen on the CW Network on the hit show The Tomorrow People. I was delighted to catch up with her on her mysterious new character and other upcoming projects.


Q&A with Carly Pope


Q. Tell me a little about the back story and premise of The Tomorrow People?


A. “The Tomorrow People” is a show mainly, I think, about survival. Its two central species the human race and the homo superior race are pitted against one another by an elite government agency called Ultra set to eliminate The Tomorrow People from the pool. They perceive Homo Superiors as threats because they’re more powerful. The irony is that Homo Superiors (The Tomorrow People) can’t kill, it’s a genetic mutation. Quite beautiful to think that the more evolved species are pacifists by origin. It is a classic tale of survival of the fittest and the fight to hold onto being at the top of the food chain. Ultra’s fighting to defeat them and The Tomorrow People are simply fighting to survive.


Q. Is your role a recurring one or permanent fixture on the show?


A. I play Morgan, who is paranormal and has been living outside (and seemingly under the radar) of Ultra for an unknown period of time. She isn’t a freshman “break out”, the

term used to describe when someone comes into their powers, she’s maybe a sophomore. Miss Burke is a recurring character. Many unknowns as to what that exactly means...sleeping with one eye open, meantime!


Q. You first arrived in episode six of the hit series on November 13, 2013 and it was quite an entrance. What little information can you divulge on your character without giving anything away?


A. In episode 6 “Sorry For Your Loss” we see that Morgan IS, in fact, being tracked by Ultra and that her awareness of the agency and Ultra’s of her may be more entrenched than previously assumed. I think it’s pretty safe to say she’s in a fully precarious situation and riding a (very) big risk line given her interaction with the “enemy.”


Q. How much do you love working on this show and with the cast?


A. I quite LOVE working on this show. It’s been so nice to play with everyone and be on a genre show, AND be back home in Vancouver to boot. I’ve done very little Sci-Fi genre work before so it’s truly a treat every time I’m on set...all new, all the time. Plus the writers, directors, effects specialists, the entire crew from transpo to grips, are all just exceptional people. And this cast is bananas. So good, so humble, so dedicated to making this show unique and enjoyed, and SO welcoming to us recruits. I operate pretty keenly on energy, so when that’s all intact, and it is in SPADES here, I’m cruising and smiley.


Q. What is your favorite part about this role? It seems as if it is a fun character to play?


A. There’s a lot that’s unknown about Morgan. That may be the best part...the surprises. Learning and choosing how to shape this woman and really getting to the core of who she is and what she wants despite the cryptic nature of her character. Plus she’s cheeky with her powers. Girl after my own heart.


Q. Is this your first time playing a character with powers on a show?


A. First time with these kinds of powers, yes. My first day on set I teleported and the second day on set I was mastering the romantic side of telekinesis. Here I am trying to floss like I’m a pro since Morgan’s a seasoned “break out,” but really it was my (Carly’s) first rodeo. I felt like Bambi on ice...novice at best!


Q. Is a supernatural role more difficult to play than a regular role? I would imagine there is much more entailed in that type of role considering possible stunts.


A. I think what’s difficult is the extent that your imagination needs to fly and the extent to which you need to believe in the mythology you’re playing. The technical aspects of shooting the effects are always fascinating and always involve long learning curves, at least for me! The trick is turning something like reading someone’s thoughts and moving things (or yourself) with your mind into an everyday simple walk and talk. The challenge is in making the supernatural and paranormal skin feel lived in.


Q. Obviously your character has a love interest as we saw in the very cryptic scenes you had. It seems the two characters have some type of deal. What can you tell me about what is going on there?


A. Nothing?! Hahahaha. The fascinating thing about their relationship is that these are two intrinsically different people who based on the constructs in society should not be together but are. Their connection surpasses the rights/wrongs that have been imposed but we get to see if there really is a limit to their love. It’s a chessboard, and

I’m hoping this game takes a very, very long time to play out.


Q. Your character seems a bit forward and undisciplined. Is your character good or bad or a little of both?


A. I think it’s only in my nature to infuse a little of both. Morgan’s quite a mystery still, but I believe she’s more calculated than we may assume. All Tomorrow People have been forced into isolation, so there’s a genuine yearning to connect. Her explicit actions are confounding, no doubt, but there’s a dire element of subsistence motivating her, so she’s rooted in that. More lightly, I liken her to someone you may find in a boiler room perhaps they’re choices are questionable but they’re driven by their livelihoods.

She’s a hustler at her core.


Q. Do you have any upcoming projects as far as television or movies that you can mention or discuss that we can look for now or in the future?


A. I recurred on a Canadian series called “Played” for their first season. It currently airs on CTV Network. I also have an indie film called “This Last Lonely Place” coming out next year which was produced by the Humphrey Bogart Estate. It’s a neo-Noir little caper and was a treasure to be a part of it. Most notably, though, I’m in the postproduction stages of a documentary film I produced called “Highway of Tears.” The filmmaker Matt Smiley and I are dear friends and this is a passion project for us both, through and through. It centers on the disappearances and murders (almost all unsolved) of women (mostly Aboriginal women) in Northern British Columbia. I’m so proud to be apart of shedding light on this topic and working to build awareness within our campaign.


Q. Where can people find you online?


A. I’m just getting into this whole online presence game. Been pretty shy about creating too much access, but I’m learning, and I truly think it’s a beautiful beast. It is such a platform to connect, get involved, and build community. I was terrified of Twitter before but I started an account just over a year ago and have fully nurtured my relationship with 140 characters. You can find me there via




Q. Would you like to add anything?


A. Thank you for having guys do great things over at OM Times so I’m super grateful to infiltrate the tribe!


Please follow Carly on Twitter, tune in on Wednesday nights to the The Tomorrow People on the CW Network at 9 pm, and keep an eye out for Carly’s upcoming projects as they are sure to be worthwhile.


Dana Jacoviello is a writer, psychology student, student affiliate of APA and NYSPA, works in cyber-bullying investigations, participated in a 30 Day Challenge as an expert in healing and recovery in personal growth/emotional well-being for the OM Times, & is a reporter/writer for the OM Times. Dana is also a motivational mentor/coach, with a strong interest in networking & social media, healing, recovery, yoga & meditation. Please join Dana on her latest anti- bullying campaign/project


Learn more about Dana by visiting...




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