Abstract.....Celtic Reiki healing is attuned to the Earth Reiki energy. The 'Ki' that rises from the earth is powerful, conquering and grounding. Attunement with this grounding force enables physical and emotional well being. Being physically connected to the environment, we attain the desired security. Through earth's energy connection, we develop centralization and perseverance. The warbling mind is stabilized. As we develop the earth Ki connection, the fear and uncertainty are dissolved. We rise as transformed beings.

Word count.....910

Celtic therapy is a type of holistic therapy that assists us in connecting to the natural world. It evokes the feelings that we would have while strolling through a forest, sauntering up to the woods, or ambling along the riverbanks. Celtic Reiki philosophy gives recognition to reconnecting with the Earth, so we can achieve physical and emotional well- being. Life in fast track cities can induce a disconnection from the nature. We feel isolated from the world, and this isolation gradually wears our emotional health. The sensory and perceptive skills we possess, are eroded, as we become disrespectful of our home, this Mother Earth. In the process, we lose the connection with air and water, sky and land. This loss then manifests itself upon us as the gradual wear and tear of our mental sanity. Along the way, we begin to lose ourselves.
In essence, Celtic Reiki is vibrational. The philosophy underlying Celtic Reiki is that all things are built and percolated by a universal force. This is perceived as energy in quantum philosophy, that interacts as particles. Whereas the universe itself interacts with our very being. In ancient times, it was viewed as all-encompassing life force which was given many names and philosophies. This life force is all encircling. Shinto and Taoist denoted this by ‘Ki’. Its existence is in varied types, e.g. Shinki, Jiki, or Reiki.
By translocating our perspectives to the natural world, we feel the extraordinary power of this life force. Our awareness expands as we shift towards the earth and its natural bounties. A Celtic Reiki Master assists in inducing a shift. As the perspective shifts to developing a kinship with this earth, we feel a subtle sensation inside us. We feel empowered. The frame of reference undergoes through a transition from this industrialized life to a more natural life. There is a panoramic alteration within us, and the inner landscape goes through a transformation. The healing begins. We are no longer fearful, rather we become assertive of our inner voice.
The Celtic Reiki Master brings a translocation in the viewpoints using’ essence’. Tree, mineral, stellar and other forms of essence are used. These treatments realign us with the earth to create a natural healing process engaging in the body’s own mechanism. The extension of the process is to calibrate others to a Reiki perspective. As we awaken our inner senses, we become more closely attuned to the indigenous cultures of the world, e.g. Celts of the Western Europe. In a modern perspective we come to learn about this ancient historical belief that helps us conquer the challenges of modern life. Celtic Reiki emphasizes upon working with the verdant nature and its own singular vibration. It engages the ancient Druid alphabet symbols and its individuality is attuned to the frequency of several trees and plants. This attunement is in concord with our physical and emotional well- being. It understands the silent wants and needs of our body, mind and spirit. This ancient conception of a series of Druid alphabet symbols in accordance with the frequency of nature, is attuned to the divine harmony. This consonance evokes an essential tunefulness. Such a Celtic Reiki attunement is in accordance with the Celtic wisdom. It brings into unison the healing energy of Reiki with the ancient wisdom of the Celts which is then channeled for healing purposes. The Celtic Reiki becomes purposive in a curative manner.
Celtic Reiki channels the energy transmitted from the trees and other plants for the creation of an environment that is healing and manifesting. It begins with 18 essence of trees, and over the years the Celtic Reiki system has expanded to incorporate the trees that are perceived as sacred to many people inhabiting this world. The trees become revelatory in the sense that it helps us to maintain balance within and ultimately takes us along the path of healing. Thus, we travel along the personal and spiritual path for our self- growth and development. This traveling is possible through our connection to the energy and wisdom of the Celts. The pathways are cleared to new beginnings. The energetic feel is similar, to the walk among the wilds of the woods. As we listen to the songs of nature, we exhale stress and tension. Celtic Reiki channels effectively from the Earth. From the earth we heal, as we listen to the heart- beat of it.
Celtic Reiki is a variation of Usui Reiki. It engages the vibrations of the earth and the diverse trees and shrubs for the creation of a revelatory environment where we can let go of the old patterns and have new visions. The Reiki energy imitates the vibrational frequency of certain trees and plants to work in attunement with the Celtic wisdom. From this perspective, Celtic Reiki depends on Earth’s Reiki Energy as it ascends from the root chakra. It flows upward and not downward from the top 9 as in (Usui Reiki). In the process, the mind is silenced, the worries are quietened and wisdom reveals.


Jayita Bhattacharjee....born in Calcutta, India and later on education from University of Houston in Economics, she had chosen her career as a trustee and teacher. 

Her books " The Ecstatic Dance of Life",
" Sacred Sanctuary", " Light of Consciousness", " Dewdrops of Compassion" " The Light of Life",
" Song of Eternity" " The Breath of Heaven" are among the many that she has authored. 


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