Abstract...Celtic wisdom is essentially the wisdom of the ancient world. How connecting to the earth and stones and poetry gives us back what we lost living in an era of mechanization, computerization and industrialization. It transforms the mechanical living to one of a seeker, a dreamer, a  lover and a visionary's life. Somewhere along the way, the healing begins and we return to reunite with ourselves again.

Word count.....1344

Celtic is used to denote people of the Celtic nation, the Irish, Scots, Welsh. Celtic wisdom is the ancient wisdom. In which world did the Celts live? They lived in a world where celebration of nature was held from their spirit. The power of their lives sprang from the color and forms of nature. From there arose the intensity of feeling, the passion of living. They recognized the winds and their playful caresses of the cheeks. They celebrated the festival of flowers on the meadows. The teachings of life came to them through the whisper of winds, the wisdom of trees, the sky and its delightful outburst of color at sunrise and sunset. They saw the face of God in them. To tread among the forests is to reconnect with the forest, listen to what the towering trees have to say, the faint murmur of the leaves and to reclaim the forgotten connection with our ancestral roots. To see through the spiraling Redwoods is to live in contemplation, and to contemplate is to essentially see through one’s own soul. This, in turn induces an inward journey, the pathway of transformation and healing. To gaze at the trees like Sycamore is to be immersed in their color feast. The eyes witness the continually changing canvas of an artist. From such a witnessing, a new heart is born with a new vision. In the process, we become dreamers, lovers and visionaries.

How do the trees clear our gripping worries? They transport us to another world where we are appeased and filled with serenity. On this earth, they become our elders from whom we can learn something, how to disconnect from our fear and despair. Consequently, we learn how to reconnect with life again. Essentially, walking among the woodlands is purifying our minds. Such a deep cleansing of our wearied spirits persuades us to fall in love with life again. The forest and groves embody a wisdom that will replenish us if we reach out to them. As we seek them, they seek us in a mutual connection. The soothing gently fall son the soul. Morning comes so softly just when we feel the night has blackened us out. The towering trees with their dense foliage have an active role to play in the stress management as they absorb it and the loudness of the environment which we live in, is subdued. With this stress alleviation, we filter out the unwelcome, raucous environment and begin to hear the voice of our souls, the voice of our spirits. The forests inhale the pain and exhale serenity. The lofty trees transmute the negative energy into positive ones. Through such a transmutation, we are transformed. Its our rebirth as we walk among the ancient pines. They breathe in discord and breathe out concord. The noise transforms to silence and in stillness, we rediscover ourselves. The cacophony is absorbed by the dense forests to be transformed to euphony. Ever seen how the wind playfully dances on the leaves, how the leaves are dappled with the sunlight and observing them, the light of life dapples our souls. There begins the movement of light on the leaves and finally onto our hearts. It becomes a cyclical pattern.

The Celts also have a strong belief in the power of stones. They have used as standing stones and megaliths, the looming mound, for demarcation of territories, honoring the graveyards. For centuries, they have been revered as touchstones, and played a significant role in the formation of altars. They are viewed as the powerful tools in a spiritual quest. Living in the faster lanes of life, we have lost sight of the ancient ways of living that invoke the connection to this earth. The stones bring the ancient Irish and Scottish poetry to present a new way to speak to our souls and we learn to integrate Celtic wisdom into our daily lives. We connect with the spirit of nature, honor our ancestors and cherish this earth to whom we belong. With all that, we unlearn the superficiality of life and relearn the profundity and the truth. We get grounded, rooted in the soil of this Mother Earth as we further the connection. We begin to journey through the realms of the sacred land, the fathomless sea, and the unending sky. Through this truth of nature, our limited knowledge is transformed to limitless wisdom.

The Celts were immersed in poetry. They were poets and story tellers, and through weaving of the poetic verses and stories, they kept the flames of life burning inside. Through poetry the Celts created the magic, they brought back the history, genealogy and admiration and reverence as they looked back at their ancestors. They kept their memories alive. For the Celts, the nature is a shrine and all things are connected to one another through the poetic threads. In the modern-day civilization, the more life got mechanical, the more we lost the connection with this earth and the finer feelings of life. Essentially, we lost the tunes of living. Our connection with the shrine has been uprooted and we became wanderers, aimless and homeless, some nomadic in search of a possible home. We no longer seek the bird song that fills the sky. Through the process of automation, we are immersed in another world, a world of machines. We no longer search for the truth that transcends materialism. Earth, the rivers and streams, the hills and fields, poetry and prose are desacralized. The Celts celebrated the turning of seasons to mark the phases of human life. Celebration was held for the waxing and waning of the moon.

We hear the call of the soul to commune with the energy of moon and walk down a sacred pathway to contribute to the rising of the divine feminine. The ancient moon circles have inspired us, our passion is ignited which awakens the wisdom slumbering inside our hearts into everyday life. Celtic wisdom grew out of the religious belief system and identified powerful sources and the ways to harness it for healing. The ancient Celts inhabited an entirely different world unlike to the modern-day world. They resided in rural communities and developed a kinship with land, sea and sky. The Celts had a reverence for natural phenomenon. They had a soulful relationship with the denizens of the spiritual world, including the ancestors and an oral system of passing down knowledge. In their beliefs, there was an immense power of language. Hence came the poetry and prose. Before the dawning of the written word, the spoken word particularly poetry was perceived as possessing creative and supernatural power. It led to the magical transformation of the hearts. Celtic words for upliftment were breath and wind. This creative power of poetry was harnessed for healing. The wounded people received healing through the magical power of incantation. Incantation is characterized by a certain spell which entails chanting or singing. Incantation gets built by the repetition of words, phrases, sounds and cadences to produce a magical effect. It creates a hypnotic pull. The person reciting as well as the person listening are transported into an altered state of consciousness, making them more receptive to new ideas. They become open minded and welcoming of suggestions. When healing incantations are used, they are combined with a ritual to stimulate the healing of the sufferer, or with a healing herb drink. In most cases, it had a positive and powerful effect.

The search was there to reconnect with our ancestors, to seek and share the experience of the sacred through acknowledging the movement of time in a cyclical pattern. Deep inside, we felt the poetic connection with nature. The Celts remembered the power of poetry to turn to when they needed to calm their turbulent minds. The stones taught them how to connect with the land, sea and sky. In this fast paced life, if we slow dawn and pause and return to the stones for the forgotten connection, then we can reclaim what we lost, the wisdom of earth which will carry us eventually to the wisdom of soul.


Jayita Bhattacharjee....born in Calcutta, India and later on education from University of Houston in Economics, she had chosen her career as a trustee and teacher. 

Her books " The Ecstatic Dance of Life",
" Sacred Sanctuary", " Light of Consciousness", " Dewdrops of Compassion" " The Light of Life",
" Song of Eternity" " The Breath of Heaven" are among the many that she has authored. 


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