Change is a decision - a gift you give yourself

You’re not a tree!
If you don’t like where you are – change it!

Just coming out of a holiday season can leave you flat and unmotivated. When look back at
what we did before, and plan for our future, the inclination is to consider all the work we have to
do... all the changes we have to make ... all the relationships we have to repair and all the
compromises we have to face.
No wonder we’re not motivated and energised to get back into the swing of things!!
Maybe this time we start looking for the good stuff. The potential we have in ourselves
and in our lives.
Children celebrate who they are, every day. The laugh without restraint, they cry without
embarrassment, they move to music, enjoy the wet of rain, celebrate the hot sun, glory in the
chill of snow. What happened to us? How did we grow out of celebrating each moment of
our life?
How did we come to need ‘motivating’ to live?
Here are five ways to find your joy in life. To allow yourself to celebrate who and
how you are. To bring the best of you to achieve your goals and share your light.

1.Know where you are now... exactly where you are. You need to write down where you are
stuck. Be very detailed about it. Make the lists under the headings: I’m stuck physically here
(include all the feelings this ‘stuckness’ gives you). I’m stuck emotionally here. I’m stuck
intellectually here. I’m stuck spiritually here. If you wish you could add to this, where you are
stuck in relationships, family, career and life skills.

2.Take a sheet of paper and divide it down the middle. One side at the top, write Plus Energy,
on the other side write Minus Energy. Now make a list of all the people you come in contact
with on a regular basis who add to your energy, and who take energy from you.
3.Make a list of the things you do, or say to yourself, which give you energy, and which
deplete your energy. For instance, do you really need to see the 11 p.m. news? Do you
munch on candy or drink more than a glass of wine each evening, leaving you to feel draggy in the morning? Do you feel better – or worse about yourself after seeing a particular friend?
4.Next sheet of paper. List the numbers, 1 to 52. Next to each number, write down one small
thing that you commit to do each week to move the Minus Energy item over to the Plus side.
For instance, if you have a friend who, although is seemingly a very nice and kind person,
somehow always makes you feel ‘less than’ after you’ve seen her or him, then decide what
you’re going to do about this. You might not want to give up the friendship totally, but instead
of meeting for dinner, maybe you meet for a movie, and there’s less time for toxic talk. All it
takes is one small change a week, moving in the right direction, to change your life. As you
begin to change your world, one small step at a time, you will find it becomes easier and easier
to make larger changes. Anyone can do one small thing a week!

5.Visualise you being the best you can be. Use self-hypnosis to invent the life you want
and install it into your subconscious mind. If you don’t know how to do this, find a hypnotist
in your area and ask them to teach you. It shouldn’t take more than one or two sessions in their
clinic. As you do this, it becomes the blueprint for your actions, thoughts and behaviours, so
that both consciously and subconsciously you are moving with positive energy
towards the new you!

Hang this 52-week promise to yourself on the fridge, or somewhere you will see it everyday.
Celebrate your life, your time on this planet, and the magnificent human being that you are!
One small change at a time.

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Comment by Kathy Custren on November 23, 2016 at 9:34pm

Hi, Georgina - Welcome to the community and thank you for your article, which would surely fit our personal growth category. As a new contributor, there are a few things to let you know. First your article is at a great length. Another is that we encourage our writers to write in the third person of we/our. Writing with an inclusive voice gets our message across with authority and less of the ego. 

Most of your piece resonates nicely; however, there are sections that can be worked on. I am not sure what type of word processor you are using but the text is carrying over with odd line breaks. You may want to consider a simple notepad software or take the time to really check how your copy looks (use our Preview feature) before you publish. 

Look at every pronoun used in the piece and mindfully choose a way to phrase the message in a way that is less "I/You." The inclusive 'we' is found in many great sections, but not all. Kindly revise them all to have that same point of view. It really does help bring the audience to the meaning in what we wish to convey. 

One final thing would be to add your bio paragraph "About the Author" at the bottom of each article, please. Our spotlight writers have the ability to have their bios on the website, but we ask everyone to provide the most current bio information with each article. Be sure to include a link to your website, blog, or other place where readers may find out more about your work.

If you would like to message me when you have revised, I would be please to review your article once again. Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving ~ Blessings! 

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