Channelled messages from Rainbow Beings – received at a Vortex in Sedona

Dear Humanity,

We are the rainbow ones – the beings of love from beyond your world – many of you are beginning to feel our presence at this time and some of you can begin to see us now..

We carry the vibration of galactic love that is about to enter your world and begin a profound healing work within your collective. When the Galactic Sun becomes aligned with your world all the dimensions align and we can begin communicating with you and in 2012 we will become visible to anyone who has embodied 6th dimensional vibrations of light into their being. We are Upper Astral immortal beings and our collectives reach out beyond the astral all the way up to the 11th and 12th dimensional planes..

The loving vibrations we bring can transmute all the sickness and suffering within your being when you are able to surrender to our love and raise your vibration enough to receive the healing. It is necessary to undergo the passages of ego death and to surrender all of your fear so as to pass through the portals into our worlds with humbleness and an open heart. Then we can show you many wonders of the Universe and we can begin the process of assisting with your ascension into the state of Immortality.

Those of you who can totally die to self before the physical death occurs can begin to assimilate the rainbow vibrations which enable you ultimately to transcend death. The influx of the rainbow vibrations will take you far beyond normal human consciousness and call for you to be a channel of love and healing. Those of you who can receive our love are seeds for our love, that need planting in the consciousness of humanity so your species can heal itself of fear and conflict.

Suffering does not exist in our worlds, and the same is possible for humanity. The resistance to love causes much unnecessary suffering, and our healings can dissolve those inner blocks and bring you fully into alignment with the Source where you can know our love and always be connected with it. Our healings can make you strong in vibration, healthy, fearless and very loving beings.

We are loving Star Beings and there is nothing to fear from our presence and visitations. We are only visible to those free of fear and so will only appear to certain parts of your collective vibrationally able to interact with us. We can channel blueprints of love and healing into your being, and by holding our vibrations you can emanate healing energy wherever you go and help to heal the land of vibratory toxicity..

We have luminous vessels of various forms that will soon manifest in your reality and enable some of you to leave the third dimension. Our etheric ships can take you through the core of your Sun and transmute your physical body into pure rainbow light where you can then find yourself on a counterpart Earth in the ascended dimensions..or for those who wish to leave the Earth dimensions entirely we can assist in ascension out of the galactic centre to 9th and 10th dimensional vibratory realities..

Leaving the Earth is voluntary – but some of you are almost ready now to complete your work within 3D and the final work is to keep your vibration as high as possible as the transitions within humanity begin to get underway. Before you leave we ask you hold the vibration of light within your collective for those still grappling with fear and suffering, and lead the way for those that wish to ascend into our planes. Be a channel of love and radiate your light out to others at this time, and call upon us whenever you need our assistance or healing..

For those who wish to see and know us but do not perceive us at this time, the work is to heal the bodily vibration through the avoidance of dense foods including animal products and dairy..avoiding the toxins within your water supplies and inorganic foods.. and avoiding the heavy metals that dull your pineal glands which are your main mode of communication with us. Some of the sacred medicines can help to clear away fear and pineal toxicity, but in the end it will be necessary to surrender will not need them once you begin to see us anyway..At the same time work with the heart, to embody total love and forgiveness.. clear all the obstacles to love.. and then your heart will have the capacity to receive our love.. Finally ask us to come..invite us in.. at first we will not appear but we will provide situations that will accelerate your healing.. we will be behind the scenes working to heal your vibration until one day you will meet us.. and we will be waiting to meet you in love in the rainbow worlds..


Channelled by Free Spirit – Sedona 22nd May 2011


Love and Blessings Free Spirit Healing Humanity with Love

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