Choice Point by Harry Massey & David R. Hamilton PhD - Review by Sarah Ince

Align Your Purpose

Incredibly empowering book that will allow you to take back the reins for steering your life


The choice point is the point in time where one cycle has ended and the new one has yet to begin, otherwise known as the great void. Rather than being a space to be fearful of and avoid at all costs, ‘Choice Point’ suggests this is an important window of opportunity to commence something entirely new in your life. These points are something I have always considered, and I also believe they are powerful points in time to set something different in motion, a time to fully utilise to the maximum. ‘Choice Point’ suggests that ‘The key is how to be the best match within ourselves for the patterns that we wish to align ourselves with. To do this we need to look within ourselves, and to change ourselves to be that match.


The importance of using these cycles is described so well “Very often you will notice that things happen in cycles. Being aware of this, and not resisting cycles, can enable you to reinvent yourself, or your business, so that you can stay on the crest of the wave, seemingly ahead of the cycle, and always making the best choices at the right time. Barbara Marx Hubbard shares her wisdom “Problems are evolutionary drivers. This is true of your own life. It’s driving you. You don’t always respond, but if you do you’ll probably find you’re going toward something more creative”.


The profound question asked within chapter three, is the possibility that interact with reality through an exchange of information, thus changing our reality by becoming a part of that pattern. Entanglement theory is also discussed. Analogies are used to discuss how our choices offer vibrations to the ‘web of life’ that create ripples that are felt by all, just as you, in turn, feel everything from others through the web (or unified field/quantum field).


Chapter four, aligning sensibly, answered so many questions about the art of manifestation that I hard wondered for so long. Discussions include the requirement to align to a pattern in order to have access to it; the achievement of our desires by aligning our minds to that which we want – or attracting my default from our subconscious mind; to utilizing the current of ‘right timing’ in order to manifest with less energy and effort that which you desire. There may be barren times, which are also part of the cycle. Living in the knowledge of this allows us to become agents of change with greater ease. Manifesting with larger patterns was also discussed, which is imperative to consider if one is running a business or such like. Considerations of the venture being harmonious to a vast number of people is discussed, and although it may still work using greater reserves of your own energy, the minute you focus away, it is unlikely to unravel to the point where, at a blueprint level, the greatest harmony exists. In other words, moving against the cycles of life does not allow you to sustain such practices in the long term, and even in the short term, considerable personal energy will be expended, whereas if you move with the cycle, you will be supported by the energy of life itself, and use less of your personal energy. When the timing is right (and ripe) events can transpire very rapidly. Another very important consideration is included, which I quote here: -


“We usually have to transform ourselves in the process, to keep the pace, because we need to keep exchanging information with it as it grows. After a while, though, there are larger and larger gaps between big events, just as there are larger gaps between matter in the universe”.


Also important to consider is: -


“So, if we align with a fractal pattern very late, there might be long periods of time when there is actually little likelihood of any significant events. When this happens, we just have to work out what the harmonious patterns are most likely to be in the future and align with the new fractal pattern”.


The more people that align to a concept or creation, the faster it will evolve, and with considerably greater power.


Within ‘Understanding the patterns in your life’, you will find the tools to gain greater control over your reality: -


“If you are aligning with a particular pattern, then the ‘reality’ of that pattern will persist in your experience for as long as you are aligned with it in your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions – for as long as you continue to exchange information with it”.

Bullying is used as an example, that it may remain in your life in different guises such as with authority figures, bosses at work and/or your partner. Robert E. Quinn suggests that the solution is to change your emotions, in order to break out of the cycle.


Defining your purpose assists us by igniting a passion so strongly within us that it sets the tone for the rest of our lives. Jodi Ortan describes the process of defining your purpose centers you perfectly on your proverbial axis, upon which you will thrive. Conversely, Gregg Braden shares that “When the patterns seem incongruent and they don’t fit well with the patterns, we feel like we are going against the flow”. This would mean that if you are out of harmony with other patterns, it may feel difficult to achieve that specific goal. Whereas, when we are in seamless alignment with a pattern, it seems effortless, as though we are participating with life as it flows to us. Life flows to us, joining with us in the co-creation of our dreams, with all the necessary components coming into alignment, all within our reach to touch…everything seems to flow perfectly and positively allowing us to do the right things at the right time in perfect unfoldment of life. 


Many gems of wisdom are shared by so many visionaries within this new paradigm book, offering new perspectives to be the change you wish to see in the world. I truly am in awe of how so many facets come together into one coherent whole, offering us the broader perspective that is necessary at this time of great change.


James Caan suggests the method by which to remain in alignment with our desires is to believe in ourselves and what we are doing, thereby allowing success to flourish rather than be plagued by doubts that my sabotage our greatest efforts.  Harry Massey and David Hamilton also share their belief that one does not need to remain in a constant state of mind to continue to receive positive results, as this will come by aligning through research and asking questions and believing in success (which serves to stoke our inner fire). This way, they state, one shares more information with life, and thus expansion occurs.


“With belief comes motivation and action”


The Law of Attraction is also mentioned, yet one is reassured that it is not essential to be concerned about negative thoughts, as if the current is strong, and you are in that current, you will be carried along. I have also read the Law of Attraction materials in all their various forms, and this is an interesting thought. Perhaps the decision to remain in the flow, rather than removing oneself from such, is a positive action to take unto itself, thereby transforming and negating any smaller nagging negative doubts.


Success and its true nature are also discussed: -


“Success isn’t always about personal achievement” Indeed it can be about the inner growth that fashions us into beautiful beings rather than seeking a result at all costs. Society is driven by the need for recognition and constantly proving oneself to be rising in status, that often important relationships that nourish and support us, and many facets that nurture us on such a deep level that are intrinsic to who we are may risk neglect, causing loss of that which is important to us in our life.


Richard Branson chooses to make his decisions based on intuition: - “If I’m deciding to do something, I don’t get accountancy in advance. I do it based on my intuition”.


Barbara Marx Hubbard explains how having a purpose gives us a sense of direction and meaning in our life “It harmonise you with your own energy. So instead of being depressed, or addicted, or lost, you feel you are going forward”.


Choice Point shares that one may impact our personal world or the wider world through our harmonious purpose, which will ripple out and touch others regardless of it being of the former or latter.


Each chapter concludes with THINGS TO REMEMBER: -


E.g. when you live your purpose you benefit from the flow of the pattern it is a part of; believing in yourself helps you stay aligned; Success can come in different forms – it isn’t always about outward achievement.


I have found ‘Choice Point’ to be invaluable due to the perfect synthesis of a myriad of wisdom shared from visionaries, through to the quantum theories, coupled with highly practical information that I can use to adjust my own understanding of perfected creation to encompass the knowledge of how life works from the blueprint level of pure energy through to tangible manifestation of physical life.


I found the wisdom about sustaining energy in creations particularly useful: - “If your goal is selfish, you are providing most of the energy to build it, but when you move your focus away, you no longer provide the energy, so it collapses. But if your goal is harmonious with others, then it is supported, even when you are not there. The overall system carries it and so it keeps going. Selfish goals can feel like we are swimming upstream against a strong current. The moment we stop giving it our attention, the current pulls us right back down again, washing much of our hard work away. People innately want to support what is good”. Also that we don’t have to give something as much energy for long lasting results, as it is aligned to the current.


Jack Canfield shares some great wisdom regarding a life filled with abundant good fortune: - “If you make the commitment to align to your purpose, and know that purpose is aligning with the purpose of the universe at that moment in time, you’re going to have an extraordinary life  - one of great relationships, good health, wonderful joy, fulfilment, contentment, and inner peace.


How to be the change, of Chapter Seven, points to that which we must ultimately look at, that the internal changes of heart and mind are reflected in our outer world, hence the bigger the inner change, the greater the shift we will see externally. We can begin creating shifts through realignment to patterns that reflect our highest ideals, of which we will then become entangled with those blueprints, as a symbiotic exchange occurs, allowing us to receive support, helping us to achieve our deepest desires and dreams. It is important to create lasting change through completing inner and/or outer aspects of our lives via the transformational process that completes in its entirety.


Free will versus destiny is also discussed, such as how destiny may become over ruled by freewill choice, as there are multiple future potential realities, of which we experience what we choose. Also the concept of matching, or like attracts like, is described as what we transmit determining what we become entangled with. So it is imperative to live an awakened life, alert and aware of what we are vibrating, therefore being fully conscious of what we are transmitting, thus what we are intrinsically connected to, and so we shall receive as quantum feedback. Gregg Braden shares that this is accomplished by living and breathing our ideals, not only thinking them. Hence, to fully align and therefore actualise our dreams, we must focus on such with our mind, but also it is important to act upon our ideals through our body, in other words through physical action. So one would loosen their current focus on that which is in their life, yet not aligned to their ideals, or their best efforts will not be entirely successful and more of a limited outcome. Matching is described in the analogy of the wave we encounter at the sea shore, and how we are connecting to just a part of that wave through matching, and also how others who also connect to the wave will also be magnetically attracted to us, and us to them…and yet the ocean is the vaster picture, of which we touch just a part of.


The authors of choice point suggest that what is inside of us causes the outer reality, via our patterns or vibrations that we emit. This is also true when we feel injustice, and this causes us to react in anger…we only fuel the fire and add to the fractal pattern of anger.


By transforming emotional scarring and fears, we discover our majestic essence, according to Harry Massey and David Hamilton. The ‘training’ through school, parents, religion and/or trauma causes layers to form over our sovereign essence of self. Often we describe such as layer of an onion, and needing to peel back or transform the layers in order to return to our true identity. To move beyond running our lives by limiting beliefs allows our true self to be revealed.


Barbara Marx Hubbard describes having to change every aspect of her life on the physical level in order to complete her change, including relocating to a new area, finding new friends and gaining new resources. Jack Canfield also mentions the process of the old reality dissolving and undergoing the process of change.


Choice Point concludes with the chapter on ‘The Power of Love’, in which Robert E. Quinn describes how Ghandi had internalised a set of principles that operated so powerfully that he was able to utilise them wherever and whenever needed. He needed for no script, as they were based on the power of love, which were his principles. Jack Canfield discusses the importance of loving ourself first, and that self-love and self-esteem allow us to stand up for ourself, to disallow abuse or being used, and to stand up for our dreams. He shares that through self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-expression – self-actualisation will come. 

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