Once again we see a blueprint for our lives in the Wizard of Oz.  The first time we meet the Tin Man he is standing alone, immobilized, in desperate need of the oil can.  In fact, even his jaw is locked to the point that he can’t articulate his need, and Dorothy somehow understands his closed-mouth muttering and frees him, joint by joint, enabling him to move.   Many of us go through life like the tin man, not to his extreme, but enough of us suffer from knee pain, hip pain, TMJ, and various forms of debilitating arthritis.  As we age we experience increased  stiffness, foot, knee or hip pain, swollen or inflamed joints, and our physical stress likely has its origin in an emotional core.  In our hectic lives, we’ve been conditioned to suppress emotions rather than process them through acceptance and reflection, resulting in storage of unfiltered energy that often collects in our joints, limiting our progress and mirroring the personal issues we need to confront.   For example, if a stiff elbow limits  the extension of your arm – is the real issue your difficulty  giving or receiving?  If a stiff  knee halts  your forward movement, does it actually reflect your fear of  new adventures? 

Our physical stiffness inhibits our forward movement, but often serves as a metaphor for halted movement in our lives, which is how we wake up one day to find ourselves stuck.  But we can  move through a plateau of any kind -- emotional, social, psychological, professional – by focusin  on where in our bodies we have hidden this unprocessed energy.   Sometimes we subconsciously collect  emotion as a means of self protection: we fear the unknown and prefer to remain safely in stasis.  But if we really want improvement in our lives, we can charge our desires with more than fleeting wishes; we can activate change on multiple planes of existence.  Meditating to renew ourselves raises our vibration and what occurs etherically will be activated by  positive change to enjoy  in our daily lives.  All experience (and all healing) begins with thought, and through meditation we can direct that thought specifically to invoke a healthier reality.

Find a comfortable place to sit, uninterrupted.  If it helps you to relax, play some gentle music that enhances meditation.  You might like a slow, peaceful Zen instrumental for this exercise. If you are at the computer, try  1 Hour Zen Reiki Meditation Music: Calming Music, Meditation Music,...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRKgeK7Pv7c.

As the music surrounds you, breathe in deeply  and  hold it. Then slowly release. Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.  In………………..hold…………..gently release. 
Feel your body slow down.  Again, breathe in slowly and deeply, and let the breath relax you, flowing through you in waves.  

Sit in stillness for a moment and just be aware of all the sensations in your body.  Be conscious of all your thoughts as they rise.  Acknowledge them, and let them go.

Now a white mist entering your body at the crown.  It spirals down, soothing muscles and and calming  nerves.  It  cools areas of irritation and dissipates stale energy.  Watch it travel
down to your neck, loosening the muscles and  vertebrae.  Do a neck roll slowly to the left, then to the right.  y Pay extra attention the jaw, where we hold tension.  Visualize that mist relaxing the jaw, unlocking the temporomandibular joint.

Feel the mist enter shoulders, filling them with a lubricating energy.  Then move to your elbows, wrists, fingers, every knuckle, every joint --see the energy move into these places one at a time, removing the cloudy energy you have stored there .  Let clarity replace cloudiness.  Let ease replace stiffness.  See this mist vacuum all the old enery, anger, fear, distrust, worry  and move it out through your toes, where it dissipates completely.

Finally, do a slow scan from your toes all the way back up to your head.  See that mist traveling uninterrupted through your spine, and out of your crown chakra, back into the ethers.

If you take five minutes a day to practice this clearing exercise, you will welcome the insights that bring change into your life.  Let it flow. Namaste!

Rev. Lisa Shaw is an animal communicator, Reiki Mater, hypnotherapist, and professor who lives in South Florid with four rambunctious animals.  Her web site is www.Reikidogs.com


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