Clearing Shared Burdens: A Healing Visualization for You and Your Animals

It's been long known that our animals come to us from a higher dimension to aid us in handling the challenging that the human experience presents. We see this evidence historically in the relationship between the "witch" and her familiar, the cat; the strategic placement of goldfish in an establishment designed by Feng Shui priniciples, even the deep and silent bond of a cowboy and his horse (how many Western songs of dedication were written by rough and tumble outsdoorsmen to their horses?).  I think even of the traditional Tarot card, the Fool, ready to embark in innocence and possibly folly alongside  his faithful companion, who will surely guard him from danger, warn him of obstacles, and support him when he stumbles.  Why is this?  Because these animals have selflessly entered our lives, choosing to help us by absorbing some of our pain and sorrow.  They cushion us from the hardest blows.  I have heard many people, referring to a death, divorce, or other life crisis, credit their animals with saving their lives just by being there.  "I couldn't have gotten through this without my dog" is a common admission of those who have experienced healing from loss.

So let's honor our animals by including them in a meditation that releases them from the heaviest of our burdens, which they bear physically, and releases us from adding to the accumulation of karmic dust in our own bodies and spirits.

1.  Sit comfortably with your animal(s) alongside you.  Breathe in through your nose, hold the breath as long as you can, and release through your mouth. Imagine lighting up on the inhale, then releasing negative energy in a cloud of gray smoke on the exhale. As you breathe slowly and release tension, your energy shifts and your vibration becomes higher. The animals alongside you will feel this change and join you, breath for breath.

2.   Visualize a glowing ball of white Light, Divine light, up in the sky.....slowly drifting ddownward glowing brigher and getting larger as it hovers above your house.  See this like a giant wheel of light.

3.  Now see the hub of the wheel, that very intense light, right above your head and your animals' heads.  Feel it lower and enter your energy field, slowly moving down and clearing every chakra. First you, then the dog....together we will release throughs the Light. 

4,  Accept the light energy into your crown chakra and feel it move down through your head, face, neck , shoulders.  See the same for your animals, all of you encased in light.

5.  Feel the light concentrate in your heart and do the same for your animals.  unfolding.  Feel it shake loose any regret or  sadness you have been holding onto.   If particular events or names come to you during the process, acknowledge and release them into the light.  If the experience becomes emotional for you, stay with it and  honor the flow of yoru feelings.  As you do this, you are also releasing your animals from your own emotional burdens..  Now focus on the light entering your animals' heart and do this consciously.  Give them permission for this release. tVisualize a clearing of their heart centers just as you have done your own.

6.  Let the light move into the solar plexus, where so many of us retain our pain and fear..this is the "I am" chakra. Tell yourself "I am Light. "   Repeat this as often as you need to until you fully feel it.  You don't have to tell this to your animals -- they already know. Just let the light pour in and strengthen you.  Then visualize the same for your animals.

7.  Move into the lower chakras, where there we store our deepest resentments and fears.  If your animal has an issue with fear or anxiety,  spend extra time sending light to those spots, your and theirs.  When you are ready to move down, feel the energy go through your legs and extend out through the soles of your feet.  See the same for your animals.

 If you sense area that resists the light or slows the process, stay there;  a blockage that needs  clearing  Direct the healing light into that spot and ask yourself, "What is the source of this resistance?"  Respect whatever answer comes whether or not it makes immediate sense to you. Eventually it will.  Now do the same for your animal.  Where is your dog or cat holding on to your pain and emotional stress?  Let the light diffuse and transmute it.  Focus on that area until you can see the light energy continuing down the body without stalling.....

8  When you are filled completely with light, visualize the light moving back up into the ethers the way it came.  Sit for a moment and bask in the vibrational change.  Your animals are Light messengers of and you have just given them a sacred gift of gratitude.  

Lisa Shaw is an animal communication specialist, intuitive counselor, Reiki master and professor.  Her website is  Her book, Illumination: Life Lessons from our Animal Companions, is available as an e-book from Amazon.

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