There are coincidences that forever change our lives, and as a result we re-arrange how we live, what we work with, or where we live. Coincidences may seem orchestrated. Some say that these coincidences are fated, a result of grander forces moving in our lives. Others say these coincidences are purely an act of chance, events happening in an indifferent, materialistic world with no other visible patterns than that of probability. But what if there is something in between? What if we ourselves, on an unconscious level are part of orchestrating these coincidences because we need them? Maybe we are programmed to help fate along the way. Could there even be ways to enhance the possibility of coincidences that will change our lives?

According to Dr. Bernard Beitman, founding father of the Coincidence Studies and visiting Professor at the University of Virginia, there are powers in play when meaningful connections are made, that are perfectly possible to observe, but that cannot be explained by either religious conjecture, or being the result of probability. In his new book Connecting with Coincidence: The New Science for Using Synchronicity and Serendipity in Your Life, Dr Beitman explores the role of coincidences in our lives, and how understanding them can help us find what we need to make life more fulfilling. Dr. Beitman demonstrates that it is perfectly possible to observe coincidences in a scientific manner. But to do this we have to move beyond the extremes of either seeing them as the result of chance or probability, or as the result of higher powers at work.

Coincidences covers the whole range from charming unprobable events to highly meaningful occurrences. In their most dramatic form they can even save lives. In Connecting with Coincidence, we get to read many testimonials of coincidences by participants in Dr. Beitman's studies. One story is dramatic, and tells of a time in a woman's life when she saw no other way forward than to take her own life. She tells how she took her father's gun, got into the car and drove to an isolated place by a lake. Highly distressed, with tears running down her face, she suddenly heard another car pull up beside hers. Out of the car stepped her brother, asking her to hand him the gun. She asked her brother how he had known where she was and what she was about to do. But her brother didn't have any answers. He had simply known he had to get into the car and drive, but not why or even to where. Unconsciously he was pulled to the place where his sister was.

The depth of our connection to one another seem highly influential in the frequency and intensity of many coincidences. This connectedness can, as seen in the example above, move beyond ordinary form of communications. Dr. Beitman calls this interconnected web of communication the psychosphere. How connected we usually depends on our time together and the degree of shared emotions. The closer the bond, the greater the chance we experience strange connected coincidences together. No surprise then that the kind of relationship that has the highest degree of coincidences is between identical twins and mother and child. But also lovers, siblings, partners and friends can share strong coincidences. It can result from a relatively short time together with highly intense emotions, or a long time together with modest emotions.

The distress and need of those close to us can resonate in us in unexpected ways, difficult to explain within the framework of an ordinary materialistic worldview, making it possible to sense another's need and even to come to the rescue. Strange coincidences can also occur for important life opportunities of a much more positive nature. Such as romantic meetings. In Connecting with Coincidence, is the story of Jerry and Rita. Jerry met Rita on a flight to Los Angeles. He had attended the funeral of his father, and delayed the trip one day to visit a friend. This particular flight was routed through Chicago. When passenger boarded the flight in Chicago, Rita sat down in his row, an empty chair between them. They talked the rest of the flight. Rita had attended the wedding of her widowed mother. When they parted they exchanged phone numbers. Rita asked him to wait for her to call: she was in the middle of a separation. Two weeks later she called and their romance took off. They married in 1973 and are still a happy couple. For a long time Jerry thought that the meeting was the result of his deceased father helping his son out from the other side. But with time Jerry has more and more come to believe that he and Rita had an active role in their meeting.

According to Dr. Beitman, there are several ways to increase meaningful coincidences in our lives. To keep our minds open to them is one. To do something out of our ordinary routine is another. He means that our wants and needs help create coincidence, but that our real needs are not something we are always conscious of. It is possible that many ... people really do know they will meet someone, but don't consciously know that they know.

In both stories above: the brother who presumably saved his sisters life and the couple being seated beside each other on the flight, there is really no rational explanation for how they could find the right place and the right time, that so profoundly influenced their life. But instead of falling back on an explanation that involves the guidance of divine forces, there could be totally natural forces at work, that we are just on the brink of beginning to understand. Dr. Beitman has presented the hypothesis that all people have an inborn brain related Global Positioning System that draws us towards situations where we need to be. Or draws us to people whom we need to meet.To observe how our personal, human GPS creates coincidences in our lives can greatly enhance our understanding of how we are part of making helping chance unfold.

Maybe it was neither chance nor faith that created the coincidences of a brother being able to save his sisters life, or Jerry and Rita finding their soulmates. It could rather be that they were guided by something inherited in all of us, a yet unexplained but totally natural inner knowing that made them seek out the right place and the right time. I find that prospect much more exciting than the extremes of fate or chance. When it comes to understanding meaningful connections of coincidence, we are but at the frontier of a new science.

Bio: Sofia Karin Axelsson published her first book in Sweden 2013. Her second book will be published in Sweden in spring 2016. Both are about Old Nordic spirituality. She's been holding courses in Goddess power and women's self-empowerment for several years, is presently writing her third book which will be released in the United States, as well as articles for spiritual magazines. She runs LangevinAxelsson Marketing. Contact:

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Comment by Regina Chouza on March 2, 2016 at 6:07pm
HI Sofia, Thanks for making the changes, it looks great. I should be able to send it to the publishers with just a few grammar and syntax checks.

If anything comes up, will let you know.

Thanks again!

Comment by Sofia Karin Axelsson on March 2, 2016 at 11:20am

Regina! Changes made as you requested. Let me know if it works this way.

All the best


Comment by Regina Chouza on February 24, 2016 at 8:04pm

thank you!

Comment by Sofia Karin Axelsson on February 24, 2016 at 3:55pm


All totally clear :)


I'll send you a message when I made the changes.

All the best!


Comment by Regina Chouza on February 24, 2016 at 3:33pm

Hi  Sofia, 

Thanks for the quick reply.  To answer your questions, we have had a few articles sneak through in first person, but the latest directives from the publishers have been to avoid that, as it seems to kick of a trend where more and more submissions are not in line with the guidelines ...

With regards to including Dr Beitman's link in the copy of the article - as far as I can tell, promotional links are usually edited out before going to publication, so I would suggest being  clear about who he is and what he does, his book, etc - so people can Google him for details.

With regards to the picture, it might just be easier to let OM Times source one that fits the tone of the article (otherwise you'd have to submit extra information on copyright & sourcing, etc).

Hope that helps!


Thanks in advance for reworking this article so that it suits our submission guidelines.

Comment by Sofia Karin Axelsson on February 24, 2016 at 12:19pm

Hi Regina! Thanks for your quick response.

Yes - I do think Bernard Beitman's theories are quite interesting. Have been reading his book 'Connecting with Coincidence, and got inspired. Answers to your comments in no particular order follows here:

1) UVA and all the link info was sloppy of me. Remnants from a different local printed piece that slipped in. Changed and taken away. However, is a link to Beitman's website alright, in case people get courious and want to know more? If not, let me know.

2) I did get an article published by OmTimes online recently that was 100% 1:st person. It may not fit this piece at all though. As I see it I could either find 3:rd person examples, which is simple enough, or go into Beitman's theories in more detail. Considering wordcount that is. I just see what seems most natural and give it a try.

3) The image is from Pixabay free download online and totally legal. If you do not want anything as far as images that is not original, personal work, on the Writers Coummunity. Let me know, and I'll stick to that of course. (It wasn't a submission of image, just an illustration to the article here - as it looked so bleak otherwise)

I am a bit swamped this week. But will gladly give the article a re-write next week with all your suggestions in mind.

Big thanks for your interest!


Comment by Regina Chouza on February 23, 2016 at 7:31pm

Hi Sofia,  Thanks for posting this! My name is Regina, I'm the new Metaphysics editor. I found the subject to be fascinating and would love to know more about Dr Beitman's theories

I do have a few comments on the article, to get it in line with our submission criteria:

- Article length is OK (700-1200 words)

- The tone of voice is fine in the beginning until it switches to first person when you start telling the story of how you met your husbands - it's a great story and well written, but we do prefer a more professional and "distant" tone with examples in 3rd person (he, she) or 1st person plural to make it more inclusive - what we try to avoid is personal anecdotes that suit a blog, etc.

How would you feel about rewriting this or even using a different example?

- Author Bio & Promotional Material - Basically, any promotional content would have to be limited to the Author Bio at the end, including the links to the Dr's seminars - all in under 60 words so you might need to think about what to prioritize and how to phrase it...

- If you'd like to submit a picture, please have a look at the guidelines here (copyright, etc):

Other suggestions on the article, in general:

- At the beginning you mention the UVA - I would spell out University of Virginia as not everyone reading it will know what that stands for, especially readers in other countries.

- It might be interesting to explore Dr Beitman's findings in a bit more detail ...

Thanks again for this fascinating piece, let me know if you want to revise it.



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