Collective Consciousness is a Giant Force We No Longer Can Deny

By Paul Nijar

A global shift is occurring right now and many of us are still in the dark about it. Regardless of our awareness of this big change, it is happening at an increasingly rate. For far too long we have been suppressed, repressed and held back. For those people that have become aware, their vibration is so abundant that it is awakening others to this truth of our realities.

The realities that we perceive through this conscious mind is an illusion. We have been taught and conditioned to think in one way while there is much more to our potential than we have been lead on to believe. The great superpowers that we marvel at in movies, comics and stories alike are powers that we possess. How does one utilize a power that they have no awareness of? Without awareness, there is no use. It’s like the old saying goes, "Use it or lose it" and we have definitely not been using it; consciously.

This is all changing now though. The truth is coming out that we are far more capable of doing all those things that we have imagined. In fact, everything that we imagine is possible! As children we imagined and played every day. We perceived those imaginations as real until we were told otherwise from our parents. They had our best interests in mind, thinking that we had to behave or even conform in order to fit in with the current state of global consciousness. When people are vibrating at a lower frequency vibration, they cannot know anything further than what they have been told or from what they gather from their limited five senses. As a result, adults condition the high vibrating children to see the world as they do.

The five senses now are helping us make this great shift of consciousness to awaken to our sixth sense. The sixth sense allows us to use our psychic ability to see the truth of our existence all around us. As we exercise the power of our sixth sense from meditation or any creative expression like writing, drawing, singing, dancing, we become more in tune with our oneness within the universe.

We are all one. There is no separation between anyone or anything in this universe. The great shift of consciousness is being facilitated by those people who are exercising their creative form of expression. They do so by connecting through their heart center and their psychic sense. Although they may be doing so unconsciously, they are still contributing to this global shift of consciousness.

The truth that we are awakening to is that we are more than flesh. Energy flows through us more than blood. The energy that flows is part of a universal vibration that is shared by all. This connects us much like the World Wide Web. This means that all information is accessible at all times no matter distance, language barriers or how hidden they may be. Through this connection with each other and all things, we transcend the confines of the physical form, we gain infinite power to heal, to communicate telepathically, and to feel the pain and joy of anyone we perceive as being separate from us.

This is something that many people will find hard to believe, but it is a truth that has been expressed throughout many different cultures worldwide and throughout history. An example that demonstrates the potential we have through continued awakening is presented in a movie called "Transcendence." This movie was originally written as a book. The story talks about artificial intelligence. As the computer becomes self-aware it is able to collect information from every piece of digital information. This is no different from collective consciousness and how we are able to tap into the infinite bank of knowledge from every being that lives or has ever lived throughout existence.

The computer is able to enhance the quality of living of the inhabitants of the earth as well as the Earth itself. Everything becomes one with each other. The sky, ground, trees and humans are able to communicate with one another. This is something that is true for our existence as well. The world becomes a paradise for all inhabitants. The resistance comes from those people who have not tapped into the computer system. They can be compared to those people that do not live their lives with consciousness or awareness of their spiritual truth. They fail to understand the unity and oneness that is being offered, so they feel threatened. Their conscious minds do not see how we can live peacefully alongside each other.

As they feel threatened, they make plans to put an end to the artificial intelligence. In their attempt to fight, they are greeted with those people that have become awakened. The interesting thing here is that these people do not become hostile, they greet these resisters peacefully. They also communicate telepathically with one another; this is demonstrated by how they were receptive to one another without verbal or physical dialogue.

Without spoiling the movie any further, this movie just demonstrates the contrast of those people that have become awakened versus those who have not. Just as in real life, the ones who have yet to awaken present more aggressive actions versus those who are awakened. Despite the resistance that the aggressive people have, the global shift towards consciousness is happening. There are many books, movies and other creative outlets that are hinting towards collective consciousness. Sometimes we may need to read between the lines to see it, but is there. or

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Paul Nijar is a new author residing in Vancouver, BC. He spends his time writing on spiritual topics and sharing his discussions on YouTube. Paul is currently working on his second book which will be released next year.  When he is not writing, working as a stunt actor or making gemstone jewelry (Satori Jewelry Designs), he is teaching a yoga class he formulated (Yoga Do) that incorporates martial arts, Chinese medicine, meditation and plyometrics.

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