If you have read the numerous books on the Law of Attraction, you may be aware that life is but a mirror reflecting back to us, that which resides within us. Colour Mirrors is a highly refined and accurate mirror that magnifies the natural process to such a degree to allow that which formerly may have escaped your attention, to be brought firmly before your conscious awareness, and lovingly holds a balanced space from which to process the patterns of distortion that prevent you from living an enriching life, whereby your full potential may unfold. Following a Colour Mirrors reading whereby I selected nine bottles, I commenced the Colour Mirrors process armed with the highest Diamond bottle, as I was deeply attracted to the clarity blended with the sparkles, which to me depicted the immense brilliance I feel within my soul, of which I had yet to fully realize in my physical reality in a tangible manner. I also received a Cd of a recording of the Colour Mirrors reading from Moira, which I found to be accurate and perfect for the shifts I was seeking to create in my life. Colour Mirrors is created by Melissa Jolie. The UK teacher for Colour Mirrors is Moira, who is a wonderful teacher that shines the wonderful mirror of life firmly back to you, anytime you try to hide from the reflection of what life is showing you. As Moira says – there is no other, it is all about you. In addition to the Diamond Bottle, Moira also sent the Metatron spray, which brings together red and violet, to allow a grounding of the higher spiritual energies deep into the physicality, to reside within the root chakra. Whilst old discordant energies surfaced from my body during the process, I experienced a migraine headache. I sprayed the Metatron bottle onto the back of my neck and felt immense release of stagnant energies.


Moira has been a heaven scent guide for the process that I indeed called upon to occur in my life. The process of various haphazard energies were manifesting in relationship discord with a partner, and the deep emotional hurt that was triggered from accepting less than I deserve in a romantic relationship. I initially worked quite gingerly with the Diamond bottle, almost in awe of the vibration to which I knew was my destiny, which I chose, pre-birth. As the energies surfaced, but somehow could not find a way to release in my life, the space was created for Moira and I to finally connect for a phone session, which we had tried to plan for some weeks, but one can see the perfect timing of how the issue needed to reach the pinnacle whereby I was ready for full transformation. Energies had now entered my life from the external, and the barriers had already began to dissolve, yet I was not totally making sense of how to deal with the devastation that transpires when you finally let go of that which no longer serves you, despite having requested for years to see what holds you back, sometimes it may come as a surprise, accompanied by a feeling of being a foreigner in ones own life. I sat there with the pieces of my former life, partly in jubilant celebration that I finally had broken through the block, partly in perplexity and shock. Was I to do something with those pieces? Do I dissolve them? What was I to do next? The answer did not seem entirely obvious except to walk and leave the pieces behind as Orpheus was guided to do from the Greek Legend. Moira’s ability to stay centered is unparalleled, as is her loving kindness that allows one to open up each vulnerable place within that you never knew still existed, perfectly navigating the correct course to steer me onward to my greater destiny.


The process accelerated when I used the Colour Mirrors to create a colour bath, which is a treatment unto itself. I was guided to remain in the bath for 20 minutes, yet the process was so profound, it was difficult to rise from the bath and leave the sublime perfect space that the Diamond oil held for me, allowing me to rise higher and align to my higher self, to know and feel such as a tangible reality. All of my life I felt a higher energetic reality calling me forth unto its magnificent glory. When the Diamond Bottle entered my life, it felt like a complete energy match. The energy felt a mirror of where I felt I was prior to incarnating into a physical body.

Moira has also created a set of Colour Mirrors cards, to be used oracle style to assist the process further. I have used the cards frequently to guide me upon many issues that I am seeking insight into at this moment in my life. The Colour Mirrors Oracle cards are both stunningly beautiful with light filled images of angels, dragons and of course, the Colour Mirrors bottles and sprays. The cards are of exceptional quality with a luxurious silver edging. I have been drawn to use the cards as they envelope me in their loving wisdom, whilst shining the light upon any problematic issue that I may face in life.


Although I am not working with the gold bottles, I also enjoyed reading the Colour Mirrors book, allowing me to gain deep insight into the Colour Mirrors story and process, which prepared me to begin to work with the bottles. I do recommend each element of the process, to allow for a graceful unfolding, such as I experienced myself. Although ultimately we are the ones who are transforming, such as I experienced with a transformative catalyst entering my life, yet when lovingly held with sincere kindness, one may be gently guided to the eye of the storm, and to the center of ones truth, where the heart of transformation will occur without reservation or delay. Moira was my guide in this process, and the Diamond Bottle rose to the occasion through the colour baths, allowing me to understand a fragmented aspect of myself that I had pushed to the shadows and deemed unacceptable to allow this aspect to see the light of day. I had been calling upon an alignment of the more physicalized aspect of who I am for a couple of years, yet I only had an image of how this part of myself had manifest previously. I had no idea how to integrate this aspect or who it was. Moira was aware in an instant of what we were dealing with.


As I move through the aftermath of breaking through the block in my life, I feel a deep healing, calling me to release all illusions of separation, calling me forth to allow my heart to feel – no matter what response I may receive from allowing the flow of life force from my heart and emotional body. It is time to reclaim my sovereignty and allow for a restoration of self worth. I dreamt of the Opalescent Spray and shared this vision with Moira, who promptly mailed me the Opalescent bottle, which was a sheer delight to reach this part of my life’s process, to be held within the heavenly fragrance and peach sparkles that beckon yet another part of me forth. I feel I have waited to be with this deeper aspect of the truth of my soul, as I feel deep relief and let out a peaceful sigh, I know life will never be the same again, yet this is the life I always wanted to know, and the significant current energies of 2012 is to allow the dissolution of discordant and dysfunctional energies to be dismantled and transformed with deep surrender to the holy process of divine unfoldment. It is difficult to face alone, but with supportive guides and a wonderful system, no mountain is too high!

Review by Sarah Rose Ince


To find out more about Colour Mirrors within the UK, please visit Moira's website:-

Moira Bush - Colour Mirrors

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