Communicating with your Spirit team of Guides and Angels in Heaven

When any spirit being in Heaven communicates with you, the tone is direct, full of love, and uplifting, even if they are warning you of danger.  They communicate firmly, while your ego communicates with uncertainty, anger, or any other disapproving emotion.  Your Spirit team will never advise you to do something that ends up hurting you or someone else.  This can be something such as developing a sudden urge to recklessly pack up and move away all of a sudden.  It can be leaving a soul mate connection that was intended for you in order to go after someone else.  Notice around you whom it might hurt including yourself.  Typically rash decisions tend to come from the ego since the ego is impatient.  It believes the grass is always greener elsewhere, but where it currently is.

I’ve witnessed countless incidents where others have continuously made rash impulsive decisions that end up being regrettable to the person in the end.  It takes them downward, rather than upward.  Before they know it, years have passed and they’re no closer to what they want than where they started.   If you’re involved with someone or have a family, then your team would never advise you to pack up and move.  When you do that, you may find this choice you made doesn’t go as planned.  It delays you from achieving what you really want.  You discover after the decision that it is not what you expected, or you end up losing the person that loved you more than any other.  The more you work with your Spirit team, then the better you get at deciphering what is your Spirit team and your higher self, and what is your ego or lower self.

Your Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel, God, or any entity or spirit communicates with you through your senses.  Your senses are not to be confused with your physical senses, but these senses are interwoven between your physical body and your soul.  These senses are also referred to as clairs, which means 'clear'.  It is being a clear channel with the other side.  There are over a dozen clair points in your soul, but there are four primary clairs.  Many have one or two dominate clairs, but those who work on opening up the other clairs have all four clair channels opened up and even some of the others.   It takes work and a lifestyle change to keep them open since a clair can easily dim or close.   Your clairs are also considered to be extra sensory perception, because the clair senses reach places beyond what your physical senses are able to do.   You hear the voices of spirit, but your physical ears are not hearing them, it’s your spirit/soul senses that hear them.  The “extra sensory” part of the equation is the extra sense that is beyond the physical.

You have a telepathic hit when you are thinking of someone you haven’t communicated with for a while, and then suddenly they contact you out of the blue to say they were thinking of you and wanted to reach out.  You might say to them, “How weird, as I was just thinking about you recently.”

Your Spirit team is implanting this information in your mind for a reason.  Maybe it’s to remind you of the good that existed in that person and how they made you feel.   Perhaps it’s to bring you both together again to resolve old issues and bring the connection to proper closure.  Or it could be that you or this other person has information or wisdom that is passed onto you when you have that conversation.   Sometimes it can simply be a good, positive, fun discussion that uplifts you out of a mood you’ve been in or you uplift them.

You both had a telepathic communication line flowing back and forth between your souls.  Telepathy is what is unspoken, but soon proves to be true.  Telepathy can be that someone is thinking of you and transmitting this information to you, which wakes you up to suddenly be thinking of them.  Some say when you’re thinking of someone that they are likely thinking of you.  While this can certainly be true, typically one of you ends up reaching out to the other at some point not long afterwards.  The telepathy has a measure of psychic foresight to it.  You can also have telepathic communication with a soul on the other side, such as a departed loved one.

It is assumed that someone with psychic abilities is gifted, but these gifts have been given to every living soul.  No one is more special than anyone else where psychic abilities are concerned.  Everyone is psychic and has the ability to connect.  Some connect easier than others or in different ways than someone else does.  They might have worked to re-open their clair senses, or they live a life that has minimal blocks in their environment.   All souls have psychic gifts, but you’re not paying attention to this input of information if you are buried deeply in the physical world.  This comes with an array of blocks that reduces your psychic gifts.  The good news is that one’s psychic gifts never go away.  They might dim or darken, but they’re accessible to anyone who chooses to re-awaken that part of their soul.

The Four Main clairs are Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance.    Read the basic descriptions in the coming pages in this chapter in order to pinpoint what best describes you.  You may feel that a description explains what you have, but then you may protest, “I don’t have that clair.”

The descriptions are the basics of how to recognize you or someone else as having that clair.   Consider studying more up on a particular clair and how to develop and open it up.  It’s already there as it’s a part of you, but it just needs to be worked out.  It’s the same way someone who goes to the gym regularly to build muscle.  If they suddenly stopped going, the muscle would lessen over time.  Clairs work in that same respect.  You treat it like a muscle that needs to be built, strengthened, and taken care of.  Your physical body can build muscle or tone when you exercise.  Your clair channels work in the same way.  When you exercise a clair, then you build its muscle over time.   From that point, you do the work out maintenance as you would if you were exercising regularly to strengthen your physical body and overall health.


Clairvoyance means “Clear Seeing” (or “Clear Vision”).   You have clairvoyance if you receive visual images, cues, or impressions through your mind’s eye.   Your mind’s eye is also called the third eye.   The third eye looks like an eye and is located between your two physical eyes, but slightly raised above it.  It cannot be seen with your physical eyes.  If you close your eyes and focus on seeing your third eye, then you should be able to see it with practice.  It is behind the area between where your eyes are located turned right side up.  When you see violet light around the third eye area or in your peripheral vision, then your clairvoyance is opening up.   Someone might be born into this lifetime blind through their physical eyes, yet they receive powerful psychic visual impressions through their third eye.  The third eye is where your clairvoyance channel sees the messages and guidance ones Spirit team is communicating to them.  Your Guides and Angels show you these messages through a moving picture like a movie, which later proves to be true.

Clairvoyant messages often need to be decoded.   The reason is the communication is being brought to you through a moving visual picture or still image.  The significance of the illustration does not always mean what is being shown to you.  It is up to you to decipher what the message is supposed to be about.   If you are someone who has vivid dreams, which you recall long after you’ve woken up from sleep, then this is a sign that you have clairvoyant abilities.  If you find clairvoyance to be your strongest clair, then investigate on awakening this channel and cracking it open.

Here’s an example of clairvoyance:  You are asleep and having a dream where you are walking the streets at night. There are hundreds of snakes and cobras moving about around you attacking everyone except you.  As a clairvoyant, it’s your goal to decipher what this moving image means, because it’s highly unlikely that this is an image showing you of what’s to come.  It can mean that you’re a rising successful star in your profession who is untouchable, but this is not met without enemies.  There is someone or many who are or will be jealous of you.  This could be one way to interpret the dream of the snakes attacking everyone around except you.

You have clairvoyance if you also see spirits from the other side.  It looks as if they’re in front of you or to the side of you.  They don’t look like actual physical people, which is the way they’re portrayed in some Hollywood films.  They look more opaque or translucent.  You may even see them as lights or sparkling lights in your peripheral vision.   For some, your conscious will block your abilities to see spirits for fear of seeing a deceased spirit looking the way they had when they passed away.  They might have died a violent death such as a murder or car accident.   The spirit is fine and doesn’t look like that on the other side, but they can appear how they choose to a human soul.  This sometimes includes how they looked when they died or the age they passed away.  If they died a violent death, then they might appear that way to be recognizable to you.   Someone’s grandfather passed away at 92 years old, but when he crossed over he appears in top form looking like a young 25-34 year old human.  He might appear 92 years old in human years to a psychic medium in order for that medium to relay what is coming through on a reading for someone.  You might not know who the medium was talking about if your grandfather appeared the way he did at 25 years old.  He would look significantly different if he appeared as he is on the other side.

Clairvoyant messages can come in the disguise of symbols, numbers, colors, letters, words, and pictures that have a meaning to you or someone else.   It can be something from the past, the present, or future.  Those who have clairvoyance have a tendency to daydream.   These daydreams may be random or they may be images of what’s happened, what’s happening, or what’s to come.  They see their own future as if it’s a vision board of what is to take place at some point.  When someone tells a clairvoyant friend a story, the clairvoyant is living the story as if it’s happening to them personally.  They see the story as if they are the main character.


Clairsentience means, “clear feeling”, (or “clear sensation”).  This is when you feel the messages, guidance and impressions coming in from Heaven.  Those who have high clairsentience might walk into a building and feel as if all eyes are on them.  Or they will pick up on a sense of foreboding that tells them to get out of a particular place.  They perceive danger is about to happen and then it soon does.   They also intuit good stuff that is coming into their vicinity as well, which ends up happening.   You might have a strong upbeat joyful feeling that the job you want is going to come about, and then this later proves true.   Having clairsentience is when your Spirit team communicates messages and guidance through your feelings.

You might be the kind of person who becomes emotionally upset when someone you’re interested in romantically is not reciprocating that interest.  You text and email this person regularly hoping to illicit a response that is satisfying to you.  Yet the object of your desire is casual in their reply when communicating with you, or they continuously drop the ball with your text dalliance.  You question whether or not they’re truly interested in you.  When they throw you a bone and click ‘like’ on one of your social media posts, then you’re suddenly on cloud nine believing they’re interested in you.  Soon you grow upset when a week has passed and you haven’t heard from them. While repeatedly becoming emotionally upset over something like this comes from your ego, the emotional upset you’re experiencing is a clairsentient message that this person is not as interested as you were hoping.   They might be interested in you on some level, but not in the way you crave.   To endure keeping this connection alive will only frustrate and depress you.   When they give you a rare ‘like’ or comment on your social media page, or they text you, then this catapults you into feeling as if this person is deeply interested in you.

One should avoid engaging with someone who is seriously interested in you in a way that you are not with them.  The reason is the person deeply interested in you sees any form of contact you make with them as a sign of interest.   Even if the contact you make is telling the other person to stop contacting you.  It doesn’t matter since you’re giving that person attention, whether it is good or bad, it’s still attention and gets them going.   This is why you cut that out cold turkey and do not respond or show interest to someone that you do not have deep feelings for, but you know they feel deeply for you.    Pay attention to your feelings, as this is the accurate barometer gauge on what is real and what is not.    When you move your ego out of the way, you’re able to decipher the accuracy of Heaven’s incoming messages through clairsentience.

Someone with clairsentience can be all over the place when it comes to feelings and emotions.  You will want to ensure you work on well-being exercises that keep your emotional balance on an equal footing in order to communicate with Heaven efficiently.  With clairvoyance, the clairvoyant will hear someone telling them a story, and will see the story as if it were a movie and actually happening to them.  With clairsentience, the person listening to the story will ‘feel’ what’s happening in the story as if it’s happening to them.  Sometimes if it’s a horrific story, the clairsentient may say, “You have to stop.”  Because the feelings they’re experiencing over the story are so overwhelming it’s as if it’s happening to them.  

Gifted actors tend to have highly calibrated clair channels, which enable them to effectively inhabit a character as if they’re walking in that person’s shoes.   In the media today, you see good-looking people attempting to become successful actors.  They rarely experience success, because they only look good on the surface, but have clair channels that are not bouncing off the scale.  This is why some will see movies or television shows with someone super good looking and find them to be lousy actors.  They were hired for their looks and not their talent, since the entertainment industry knows that the public gets off on staring at some eye candy.

If you have heard others accuse you of always being too sensitive, then this is a clue that you may have a high degree of clairsentient gifts, which are ready to be awakened.  When others find you too sensitive, it can be because every little thing that someone says or does bothers you.  Your ego is unable to control your reaction.  When you develop your clairsentience and understand how it works, how to shield yourself, then you react less to every shred that comes your way.

When you have clairsentience, you receive hunches and gut feelings about situations and circumstances.  You hear a friend say, “I just had this gut feeling that I should’ve gone down this other road instead.  I should’ve listened to it, otherwise this would not have happened.”  This is a sign that you’re receiving guidance and messages from your Spirit team.  Those with clairsentience absorb other people’s energy like a sponge.  They may find it difficult to be in overcrowded areas.  They’ve complained that it’s challenging standing in a grocery store line due to the heavy input of other people’s energies.  You can sense the emotions and feelings of others and know what feels wrong to you.   This can be psychic overload, which is why those with strong clairsentience keep to themselves or stay away from crowds or large amounts of people as much as possible.

Clairsentient people feel every little nuance around them. At times this becomes uncomfortable and draining.   This prompts them to take frequent breaks of alone time.  They sense everything around them from people’s emotions to what’s to come for someone.  Their internal feelings are all over the place like a roller coaster ride.  They may give the illusion they are extremely put together on the outside, but on the inside they’re wrestling with all sorts of uneasy emotions that constantly ebb and flow like the ocean.  They are prone to being a bit jumpy as if someone moved quickly behind them.  They turn around to find no one there.  Clairsentient people are ridden with anxiety, nervousness, and have a fight or flight response to any and all around them.   Imagine absorbing everyone else’s feelings being poured into you and how that might make you feel.

A clairsentient being feels the answers, messages, and guidance filtering through them from Heaven. The way Heaven communicates with this person is through their feeling sense.  Someone who senses something specific that has happened, is happening, or is going to happen is someone who has a strong clairsentient channel.  They are super sensitive to every nuance around them.  Those who have incarnated from the Realm of the Incarnated Angel tend to have a high degree of clairsentience.


Clairaudience means “Clear Hearing” (or Clear Audio).  When you’re clairaudient you hear the voices of God and your Spirit team.   You can differentiate between the voices of you and the voices of Heaven by its accuracy of the message being relayed.   When you look back during the times you were in danger, you might recall when you received a heavenly message through that channel.  When there is an urgent situation that could put you in danger, you may hear a voice shout, “Run!”  And this gets you up and going.  You later protest that if you didn’t run who knows what might’ve happened.

I have strong clairaudience and I hear voices, words, and sounds coming in through one of my ears that later comes true.   One of my ears is partially deaf.  Ironically that is the ear that the messages come in the strongest as if it’s loud and clear.   I’ve been an avid music listener since I was a child, and I had dreams of being a rocker or musician.  I could live without communicating in any form except through the sounds of music.  I hear the words clearly from my Spirit team as I’m listening to the notes and chord changes in a song.  The words of Spirit flow and interweave through these notes effortlessly.   My clairaudience channel works much like an old radio where you’re changing the station between the static to receive a clear station.

Every so often a ringing in my ear buzzes and it’s a sound that hasn’t been detected to be a medical issue.  It’s been like that my entire life.  This buzzing is the sound of my Spirit team downloading important information into my consciousness that is discovered to be of importance at a later date.  I’ve relayed messages to a stranger about someone who has passed on that they know.  I’ve said their loved ones name as it is the name I hear through clairaudience. Hearing things about others through this channel is what has convinced me that there is more to this life than this plane.  I’m communicating with someone on the other side who I do not know.  The stranger I’m relaying the information to informs me that it’s someone they knew who passed away.  

There is no way I can know this information when it’s a stranger, but they have confirmed that what I’ve told them is true.  I hear the deceased person talking in my ear.  They are not dead in the sense that one believes someone to be dead.  They reside ‘somewhere’ and are very much alive and well.  Having these occurrences happen sporadically throughout my life since I was old enough to construct sentences has convinced me that this is not the end.  I may not be able to hand over the material physical concrete proof that a non-believer would desire, but I have proof enough for myself.   Whether someone believes in it or not is their journey to face, while I have mine.

Those with higher ranges of clairaudience tend to be musicians and singers.  They might not be aware of it, but they can certainly develop it.  If someone’s work is connected to sounds and music, then they hear guidance and messages through the notes of these sounds.  Ludwig Van Beethoven composed some of the most memorable and beloved music in history, yet he was also considered deaf.  This irony begged others to question, “How on Earth did he write these incredible pieces if he is deaf?”   His hearing was faint, but spirit infused his clairaudience channel with music that has long been remembered over the centuries.  

Other clairaudients may find that they mumble or talk to themselves, and yet they’re perfectly sane.  They find they’re having conversations with spirit without realizing it or trying to.  It’s talking as if you talk to a friend on the phone.  The conversations or talking isn’t random and full of gibberish.  It is clear concise information that later proves true, or is positively helpful to that person or another.  

The voices a clairaudient hears through their “Ear Chakra” are not to be mistaken with the voices that others hear instructing them to murder their Children or cause any other harm, hurt, or hate on someone else.   They claim the words come from God, or that God is showing up in the form of that person, but that is all inaccurate.   The voices of God, Heaven, and Spirit will never instruct someone to hate, harm, or hurt themselves or anyone else.  Those are the voices of that person’s ego.  The voices coming from God are always empowering, uplifting, and full of love even when warning of danger.  These are traits that are the opposite of an individual claiming to be of God.   Heaven instructs or offers messages and guidance that can help that individual or another person positively and with compassion.  Those who are clairaudient will hear things that no one else can hear.


Claircognizance means "Clear Knowing" (or Clear Knowledge).  Someone with claircognizance will receive messages and guidance from Heaven being dropped into their mind.  They will typically announce something that they have no way of knowing only to find that it comes true.  When asked how they know this information, they will be unable to efficiently answer that question.  They have no idea how they came to receive this sudden insight.  The messages sifted into them out of nowhere.    Someone will say, “You’re absolutely right!  How did you know that?”  You’ll look at them stunned and say, “I don’t know.  It just came to me.”

Those who have strong claircognizance are the thinkers of the world who bring positive change such as inventors, scientists, teachers, speakers, research investigators, and writers.  These people are usually skeptical about where the information is coming from.  They might not believe in God or an afterlife.  They need concrete evidence before they become a believer, but even then they still function with some measure of uncertainty at times always looking for concrete tangible proof. When someone exhibits claircognizance, they have the presence of someone in control and in command.  They always seem to have the answer for anything and everything that ends up assisting others in a positive way.  Their mind is constantly ‘on’ and in motion making mental lists that periodically come to them all day long throughout each day.  When you receive a lightning bolt of an idea out of the blue that brings you success, then you can be assured that your claircognizant channel is functioning in top form.

Perhaps you’re driving through a new town with a friend only to discover that you’re both lost.  You ask for heavenly assistance and then blurt out, “Turn left up ahead.”  When you turn left, you both find that you’re no longer lost and know where you are.  This is an example of receiving assistance through your claircognizant channel.  On another scale, someone with deep claircognizance would be someone like Alexander Graham Bell’s connection with the invention of the telephone or Thomas Edison and electricity.   Claircognizance is “knowing” the answer to something.   You know what’s coming up ahead or how something works.  The information sifts into your consciousness from seemingly out of nowhere.  This later proves true or is positively helpful to you or someone else.

Someone with claircognizance has a tendency to tune everyone out unless it’s a super important bullet point.  They’re the ones that interrupt others while in a conversation to bring their expertise or examples to what the person is talking about.  They cannot help it as the information, guidance, and messages flows so effortlessly through the individual’s claircognizance channel.  This isn’t to be confused with someone who interrupts others repeatedly for the sake of attention and to hear themselves talk, although many claircognizant people may do that.  The messages the claircognizant picks up on come through with an underlying tone of excitement.  Suddenly the messenger cannot control themselves and need to share it immediately.

Someone with claircognizance may have difficulty sleeping as the thoughts in their mind never shut off.   This isn’t someone who has the occasional restless sleep over an issue that’s happening to them personally, nor is it the restless sleep conjured up by a stressful time in your life.   Claircognizant people are always tossing and turning from birth until human death, even when life is going great.  Some of them may be prone to taking a sleeping pill, herbal relaxer, and even something harder at night.  Otherwise their mind will never shut off and they’ll never sleep.

Claircognizant people are always thinking and others tend to comment that they can see their wheels always churning. The claircognizant loves words and communication, whether that is being an avid writer, passionate reader, enthusiastic speaker, or all of the above.  While musicians and singers are more apt to having clairaudience, someone with claircognizance would be the songwriter of lyrics.  The clairaudient would be the one jotting down the musical notes since they hear the sounds.  Because claircognizant people tend to have the right answers or know what to tell others that can assist that individual, this makes them the go to person whenever someone is having any kind of issue.   It is rare for the claircognizant to go to anyone for advice, since they already ‘know’ the answers naturally.  If they do go to someone else it’s to compare the wisdom or get another point of view since they are a lifelong teacher/student.

Those who incarnate from the Realm of the Wise One have a strong claircognizant channel and tend to make excellent counselors, inventors, problem solvers, and writers.  It is not uncommon for someone who has incarnated from the Realm of the Wise One on the other side to be a non-believer of anything beyond the human physical life.  This is because they desire scientific or concrete evidence.  Wise Ones operate primarily through claircognizance where the answers to questions they’re not versed in seem to fall into their consciousness naturally.  Like the claircognizant, a Wise One will rarely go to someone else for answers, wisdom, messages, or assistance, because the Wise One is the chap who is approached for that knowledge.

Clairalience and Clairgustance

Clairalience means “Clear Smelling”.  Someone with clairalience smells scents that are not happening in real time or on this plane.  You might suddenly smell Cedarwood and recall that this was the smell that your Grandmother used to have in her house.  Yet, it’s coming out of nowhere in the place where you live.  This sudden scent around you that is not physically explainable can be that you’re picking up on the presence of your Grandmother.  

Clairgustance means “Clear Tasting”.  This is when you taste anything that is seeping in from the spirit world.  You can be lying in bed and suddenly you smell a foreign scent or taste chocolate and yet there is no rational place for the scent or taste to be coming from.  You haven’t eaten anything resembling chocolate and there are no smells burning anywhere near where you live that could resemble Cedarwood.   This is a basic example of how to tell if you have clairalience or clairgustance.

How can I tell what is me and what is my Guide or Angel?

When it’s you talking then you will hear the word, “I”.  It will be bathed in either dark ego or negativity such as, “I’m not qualified to write about this topic.”

When it’s your Guide or Angel, then you will hear the word, “You”.  It will be immersed in love or optimism.  This voice will say something like, “You will write about this topic as you are qualified more than you realize.”   The voices of spirit are of a high vibration and filled with uplifting love that assists you or someone else in a positive way.   The chatter in your mind causes confusion and chaos pushing you to act on those voices.  Anything urging you to hurt yourself or someone else in any fashion is the chatter in your mind and not God.  Voices from spirit are direct, optimistic, and filled with compassion and love, even if it’s sending you a warning.  The feeling of being trapped at times is another sign of one having high psychic abilities.  You're more in tune than those who operate from pure ego.  The trapped feeling is also the absorbing of the harsh energies being darted around this planet.  You're absorbing it without intending to.

Run tests such as keeping a journal or notebook and record the information, messages, and guidance that you think is your Spirit team.  Revert back to the notebook over time to see if what you wrote down ended up coming true or had a positive effect.  If it did, then you know it was heavenly guidance.  If it didn't, then that can also help in deciphering that it was your ego or an estimated guess.  With continued practice, you begin to notice when the guidance you pick up on is more on the mark or not.

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