Confidence, An Inside job~ 10 Daily Confidence Boosters!

Confidence is something we are all born with but can be lost in the craziness of life.  It is imperative that we restore our confidence because every decision we make is based off how we feel about ourselves.  The sooner you realize that your confidence is up to you the sooner you will be able to start building it. We can practice confidence boosters daily that will build our confidence and create a strong, healthy, positive lifestyle.  Use these 10 daily boosters to create a vibrant mind, body & spirit!

1. 3 Minutes of Self Love ~ Each day set aside 3 minutes to focus on self. I know that we are busy and it isn't always easy to take time for ourselves but I promise you that taking these 3 minutes you will feel rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to embrace life.

During these 3 minutes stop, breathe and replace.

Stop your activity, slow down and focus on the present moment. Slowing down allows us to gain perspective.

Breathe~Focus on your breathing during these 3 minutes as well, Inhaling in peace and positivity, exhaling any stress and negativity you may be harboring in your body. This works wonders from personal experience.

Replace all negative chatter with positive, kind words for yourself. Only allowing positive thoughts to enter your mind, if you find a negative thought creeping in have a positive word ready~ Shooing the negativity right back out!

2. Affirm Your Worth~ In life it is easy to lose sight of what we are worth. We listen to the opinions of others, of what society believes, of what we think we should be. Most of the stress and unhappiness in our lives is because we have created an idea of what we think life is suppose to be instead of allowing life to be lived. Face it, things change, people change but yet we are afraid of accepting the person we are. It is time to start seeing your worth for what it is. You are an amazing, beautiful, complete person- no matter your childhood, your past choices, etc. Today take a moment to really appreciate your worth. Look yourself in the mirror and state “I Am Worth IT” ~ if at first you do not believe it, that is ok- Self doubt happens but it is imperative that you replace the judging with acceptance. You will see that the more you practice this, the more it will become your truth. Forever changing the way you look at yourself and how you live your life. Do this daily, hourly, every opportunity you get.

3. Dress For Success~ Believe it or not everything choice you make can be linked back to how you feel about yourself. For example do you remember the last time you dressed yourself up, did your hair, put on all the glam? More importantly do you remember how you felt in that moment? Not that I am being superficial but to when you look good you feel good! I am not saying you need to dress like you are going down the runway every day but I am saying make the effort to get up each day, brush your hair and dress for success. And hey I know for me dressing for success means a pair of jeans that fit just right and a t-shirt. So dress how you feel good and let yourself shine!

4. Happy Button~ As you face the trials and tribulations of daily living it is important to be able to find a place of clarity. You know those moments when you are in the 15 items or less lane and the woman on front of you has 30 items and you start to lose your peace of mind- this is the time for your happy button! ~ Create a list of 15 things that bring you instant gratification. The things that instantly bring a smile to your face. Like your favorite pop in the fridge, a beautiful plant in your living room, etc. As you change your focus to Happy, it will shift your mood as well.

5. Random Acts of Kindness~ Being kind to others is an easy, fool-proof way to boost your confidence. Practicing acts of kindness is free and necessary. As you choose to be kind to others it directly reflects who you are as a person. It gives you the opportunity to imprint another's life and start a kindness ripple. So smile at strangers, hold the door open for others, send a handwritten letter to an old friend, say thank-you, let people in during traffic. Perform as many acts of kindness you can in your daily living.

7. Play~ It is so important to remember to play! Do you remember when you were a kid and you would go outside and play for hours~building forts, pushing cars around the yard, climbing trees, laying in the grass? I do and it was fabulous- it was an escape from the realities. As an adult we must not forget to keep that inner child alive. So get out there and play, I suggest jumping in mud puddles, hugging trees and counting the stars. This will remind you that life is to be enjoyed and lived not rushed through, busy being a grown up!

8. Learn, Grow, Explore~ Find ways daily to challenge yourself. Life is lived through learning and exploring. If you give up on growing as a person then you will start existing instead of living. Be open to learning new things, find inspiration in exploring the things that you love. Step out of your comfort zone and be brave- Take everything life provides. I always tell my girls that the world is so big and so full of opportunity that it is important to try everything, never feeling limited because there is always a way!

9. Focus on What you Support~ We drain so much of our energy fighting against the things we don't agree with. We will start petitions, tell everyone we know why this issue is so wrong and how we would fix it. We are busy saying No More Wars instead of More Peace. Choosing not to fight against stuff doesn't mean we agree with everything it means we are choosing to spend our energy creating strength towards what we believe in versus what we don't. There are so many causes we can get involved with and find ourselves emotionally exhausted fighting the fight, I suggest you find the ones that you support and move past those you don't. This will give you lots more energy and allow you to have peace within.

10. Create a Happy Clique~ Because we live in society there are many outside influences that we deal with on a daily basis. As we are all energy beings we exchange this energy all day. So be cautious of who you share your space with. What are you feeding your mind? If you are working towards living a peaceful life and you are constantly watching violent T.V. Programs or reading books filled with intensity then you are inviting that energy into your life. Who are you surrounding yourself with?

We get to choose who has a daily appearance in our life and if we are surrounded with negativity then that is what our life will reflect. So choose wisely what you are feeding your mind and who you are spending your time with.

Keep Being Amazing!

Love, Gratitude & Kindness

Robin Marvel ~

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