"Wow Honey, is that not the most beautiful site you have ever seen?", Brian said, while pointing to the breath-taking silhouette of the sun that was hiding behind a cloud just before dusk. He was driving me to the emergency room, due to the massive pain I was feeling in my upper abdomen. Brian saw that I was unable to respond and continued driving as quickly as he could. In the meantime, I text my oldest son to say that I was sorry for the argument we had just the day before and that I love him. Yes, the pain was so severe that I was wondering if it was time for me to leave the Earth and I did not want to go under any misunderstandings with someone so dear to me.

When we arrived to the hospital, I was seen immediately and the doctor granted me my wish in dosing me up with narcotics to relieve the pain. Over the next three hours blood work and other test were performed, I was sent home with drugs and a note on how to take care of pancreatitis. Driving over a bridge on our way back home, a spectacular full orange moon was shining ever so bright over the water. Again, Brian pointed to it and said, "look at that!" once more his excitement was stopped short when he looked over at me and realized that due to the drugs, I probably was not in tune with what was going on with the Universe at that moment.

Over the next few days I was able to spend time healing, while reflecting several times of the universal beauty that I was blessed with while on my journey to and from the hospital. I could feel that my spirit was trying to tell me something and I was glad to be in a quiet place to listen. But there was more my spirit was trying to help me with.

It seems that all my life drama has always attached itself to me. I recall during my first crystal stone healing that I received.  As I was in a trance like state of mind, my spirit guide spoke and said, "You have not been doing the things you are meant to do on this Earth." The woman that was performing this session and said, "it is time for you to put away those silly little things and focus on what you are called to do." I knew exactly what she was talking about.

Yes, drama is all around us and we choose whether to participate in it or not. Somehow when we become participants, we disconnect our true oneness with the Universe and allow our minds to be sucked up with the toxic negative energy that the drama has to offer. Therefore, we lose sight of the beauty that the Universe (God) has given to us to enjoy during our journey on this planet. 

But there is more to those beautiful universal sights that are all around us. I believe that nature is for us to connect with the oneness of love, as we are all one with the Universe, including all living things on this Earth. I recall early one morning several years ago, just after my crystal healing, I was in the kitchen preparing a cup of my addiction when I noticed a tree outside. It was in the
 winter time, the tree was bare and draped with hanging moss on many of the branches. I stopped what I was doing and just stared at this beautiful old universal creation as the moss swayed gracefully from it's branches. I was touched by the beauty that I saw and felt connected to the Universe. I began to see that this tree and all other living things were made of love. As I began to absorb this understanding, I realized that I too was made by the same Creator. Suddenly something began to take place within and my energy began to change, as I felt an overwhelming charge of peace and love come over me and I understood at that very moment, "The tree and I were made of love by the Universe (God) and we are connected through that love, therefore, we are all one." 

Remember the disagreement that I spoke of that I had with my oldest son. Yes, that was just a derailment to remove me from the oneness that I have come to know with the Universe. Just like all the other little silly dramatic episodes that take place in our lives, they are none other than just illusions to draw us away from the truths of the peace and love we are to know. I have found that during those times, just stepping into a garden brings me back to that truth with the Universe.

The beauty of the radiant sun showing off it's silhouette as it hides behind a fluffy cloud and the magnificent, lustful orange moon shining over the water is just a few of the astonishing reminders for us to stay connected with the universal love. Let it also be a sign to us that the dramatic events in our lives are just illusions to draw us away from our true existence. It is for certain that our life on this planet is just a eye blink away.

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