Several times the word “balance” has come to mind recently. Stop for a moment and reflect. What is happening in your life right at this very moment?

Allow your emotions to be what they are. Are you relaxed or are you in a “fight or flight” status? If you have learned to “listen to your body”, you will know. If not, it is time to tune in.


Tuning into your body does not take special gifts or talents. All you have to do is listen and observe, better known as “awareness”.


Emotions do affect our bodies, this has been scientifically proven. For instance, anger can show up as a physical or emotional pain.


Holding on to negative emotions causes an imbalance in our entire system. They affect not only the chemical makeup of our bodies, but also our minds and spirits, and also those around us.


Silence is the most trusted fashion to becoming aware of the possible causes of imbalance.


Once we become aware of this fact, we can begin to dissipate the source of our challenge.


When one becomes silent, the act of allowing will come forth. This can be painful at times. If we choose to become attached to this pain, it becomes a festering wound within.


Worrying is a major deterrence of experiencing the precious beauty of the moment. We worry about so many different things, our jobs, our homes, our children, our finances, etc. Being concerned is very different from worrying and creates a balance.


Tell me one positive thing that worrying accomplishes? Does it change anything at all, other than make us sick?


Living in the past is a major facility of worrying. The past cannot be changed.


“If” is known as the biggest little word in the entire world. The word “if” stands for some similar thing that has happened in the past, but has no place in the present moment.


For instance, there is much worry about the year 2012 and what will take place. Concernment, yes; worry, no.


What will happen...will happen. It is my view that “the shift” that has been prophesized to happen, is already happening; and begin many years ago.


This “shift” is simply an “awareness” manifesting in each of our lives. More like-minded persons have come together in my generation. I have also noticed  this same shift in the generations before and after mine.


Being like-minded does not mean you adopt another person’s beliefs, but rather each of us brings our individual talents/gifts to the table of universal mindfulness, a global consciousness.


This mindfulness/consciousness plays a part in the process of creating balance. How do you create mindfulness? We do this by having a 100% awareness of our thoughts and actions.


I would bet if you stopped a moment and thought about where you are in your life now, opposed to say ten years ago…very much has changed. You are more aware than you ever have been…you are wiser.


Well-meaning friends warn us not to allow our circumstances to define ourselves.


I for one, appreciate all of my friendships/connections I have made on my journey. Some are still with me and some have moved on. When it gets down to the nuts/bolts of my life, I listen to my heart, with great respect of the messages I receive from others.


How do you know if a well-meaning message sent from a friend has anything to do with you? You know this if it relates to something going on in your life in the moment, you KNOW. For me, I call it a confirmation.


If you are given a message and it has nothing to do with what is happening in your life now, then the message was more than likely meant for the person who gave it to you.


It is important when giving messages you may think is meant for another, to contemplate this in order to make sure ego is not intruding here. The energy in which the message is given is also important.


For example: I just published my first book, “Prisoner of Pain”. I am not “defined” by the pain or the subject of abuse I wrote about that transpired in my life. Writing, publishing, and becoming an advocate for abuse actually played a huge part in my on-going healing.


I found my creativity in writing and  my tool for living in the moment, letting go of the past, and not worrying about my future. Writing helps me on a daily basis to stay present in the moment.


Not all of us possess the same gifts and talents. In one sense though, we are all creative. We have been creating since the day we were born.


What keeps us from being aware of our creativity? Mostly other people’s opinions of ourselves I think. If we are not encouraged to be creative, we allow this to fall by the wayside.


There is not one person on this earth that “knows” the true “you”, other than yourself. A mother comes closest to knowing her children, but does not know what choices they will make. A husband or wife may think they know their spouse, but they really do not.


It all boils down to our free will, our ability to make choices. One never really knows what another will choose to do in any given situation…NEVER.


Do you know what “defines” you? Labels play an important role in our society. I battled with labels for a very long time until I became aware they are not what defines me, but tells a story of who I am.


There is a huge difference in the rules of religions and concepts of philosophies. I have never really been one for rules and being of Greek ancestry, philosophies provide me with a feeling of comfort. I am at “home” with the philosophy of Taoism.


Isn’t it great that we have a free will, the ability to choose? This only becomes problematic when a choice of another harms us or a loved one. It is one of these times we began to climb the ladder of our evolution, learning compassion and the unconditional love that created us.


Accepting the things we cannot change is a huge step toward activating our compassion and empathy. When this transpires in our lives, we have the ability to create a balance. Without balance in this particular area, we become enablers, which is not a healthy place to reside.


Enabling is a toxic overdosing method of loving. We think that all we have to do is love someone. With this form of loving, we are doing nothing more than teaching them to become dependent upon ourselves.


This is just another tactic of the ego, by telling us we are serving our purpose in this way.


Find balance in this area and you are set free, along with whomever has been the recipient of this imbalance.


We cannot stop thoughts from being born within our minds, but we do have the ability to make a choice of whether or not we allow ourselves to be defined by them. The attributes of unconditional love are what determines the outcome.


Does this mean that not everything is black or white? Does this mean that everything is gray?

Stop and think about it. You decide what color your world is.


Finding your balance is all about the opposites of the Universe, we cannot have or experience one without the other.


Becoming independent of what others think of or say about the beautiful being that you are sets you on a path of awareness and balance.


A gardener of the flowerbed of your life is not needed, you have the ability to sow the seeds, water with tears, weed out the negative, compost with love and compassion, bloom with inner beauty, and harvest the balance of your life.




Understanding this…becomes a simple truth

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