Do you ever feel helpless when your world feels chaotic, wondering why you’re often a victim of circumstance? Do you live in an environment that is toxic and feel like there’s no way to escape? There are skills that can help us create balance in the chaos.

We suggest that there are three primary forms of chaos. Created, Real and Scheduled.

Let’s discuss created chaos. As humanity creates political bias, prejudice, envy and dehumanizing behavior, we can say this chaos is based on human perception and choice. These perceptions create neural pathways that become beliefs. Some people thrive in this form of chaos. In some cases, as with prejudice, this chaos is a learned perception. Created chaos in the form of dehumanizing behavior comes in many forms such as child/elderly/spousal abuse, human trafficking, segregation and may be learned or simply institutionalized. Created chaos can also be very personal as with envy or the free will decision to be cruel or “gossipy”.

Real chaos on the other hand may be the result of natural disasters, the death or loss of a loved one or disease. Dehumanizing behavior as noted above may be created by the abuser but is very real chaos for the abused.

Scheduled chaos can be experienced in the form of visits to family members or friends with whom we don’t get along. This can also be true with participation in social or business groups. Public speaking or performing can also present as chaotic to some people. Watching the news can induce scheduled chaos. If we buy a ticket to go see a horror film, are we scheduling chaos?

Chaos happens! Contrast is intended. It’s how we handle it that can bring us peace and balance. The following ideas are suggestions for creating that balance.

Meditation – Find the peace and answers that can be found in silent listening.
Nature – Walk in nature, experience or remember the beauty of the Universe.
Make Conscious Free-Will Choices – It’s up to us. We are not anyone’s “feelings’ puppet”. Unless we are literally a captive slave, our actions and reactions are based on our own free-will. Own that truth and behave consciously.
Gratitude – This is the magical ingredient to change your energy balance. Try the 3 & 3 exercise. Breathe deeply 3 times and think of 3 things you’re grateful for in the moment.
Active Appreciation – Appreciate those around you by doing or saying something kind and thoughtful. Remember the last time someone said something kind to you and how much that meant to you.
Be/Do/Act With Love - Serve and support others. We never know what people are going through…choose to light their path with love.
Faith in the Power of Healing - Learn, practice and share the knowledge of energy/vibrational cell regeneration. It’s an easy “Google” search to look up ways that our thoughts affect our well-being.
Be Mindful – Practice being aware of your feelings which are triggered by your thoughts, and use “mindful shifting” to a positive thought & emotion.
Share Empathy – Stop and try to place yourself in the other person’s “shoes”. Express empathy without judgment or a need to fix the situation. Listen.
Seek Justice – Believe in the organic scales of justice as part of the laws of the universe. This isn’t about seeking revenge. Have faith in the yin & yang of the karmic energy system while feeling empowered to have your voice heard.
Seek Neutrality - Peacefully allow the heartbeat of contraction and expansion while seeking the learning experience in the chaos. Balance is restored.
Create Flow in Our Life-Force Energy – Engage in laughter, music and intentional movement.

Why does it matter if we create balance in the chaos? It matters because our choices affect our health, well-being and happiness…and that energy radiates out to others in our lives. How balanced we are with our significant others, our kids, our co-workers, neighbors and communities sets a tone for how the world reflects back to us. This energy echoes out to affect the energy of the world.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

About the Authors: Matrix Productions is a multi-media company represented by partners Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant. Co-authors of the internationally Best-Selling Children's book series "Journey of Joy", they share mind, body and spirit connections, teaching mindfulness and I AM principles. Their publication of books, and “Echoes of the Soul” multi-media projects, produce tools that shape the thoughts and hearts of like-minded people. Find them at and!

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Comment by Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly on May 31, 2019 at 12:00pm

Omtimes Media, Thank you for your response and you have our deepest respect and empathy as the only editor right now! We have two questions... Of course, we would like all of our articles to be published.  We are wondering if there is a point (example: 3 months after submission) at which it is reasonable to assume that you are not going to publish it, so we can take it elsewhere for publication?  We understand that it is not permissible to submit articles that we have already published, so everything we submit here is first right of refusal for you.

We would also like to confirm that when we submit our articles at the beginning of each month, there are no other specific steps we need to take to move it toward editing and publication. 

Please let us know!  We appreciate OMTimes very much and want to thank you for accepting our first article for publication in the June B issue!  We look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship with you!

With Gratitude,

Dagny & Beth 

Comment by Omtimes Media on May 30, 2019 at 1:36pm

Hi there,

 Right now I just have one editor, that is myself. I am closing some editions with interview covers, s at the moment, I usually indicate when I read the article because I leave a note stating what needs to be changed and date of publication.  I am reviewing all the articles this weekend.

Comment by Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly on May 10, 2019 at 2:11pm

Omtimes Media

Can you please help us with the proper way to have our article reviewed for feedback and/or possible publication?

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