Crystals are known by many now as a powerful source of healing. Countless healers and psychics use crystal healing to complement their work. Crystals possess the electromagnetic oomph (Piezoelectricity) needed to amplify results from Reiki, massage and various other kinds of healing.


This is not radical news really. Crystals are imbued in our culture if you look hard enough. The most obvious crystal tradition is the compulsory big diamond, which celebrates engagement. Where would we all be without the infamous microchip at this stage? 

Ironically, in times gone by, we had a much more sophisticated knowledge of crystals and their applications. The myth of Atlantis equates the demise of this light-filled culture with an abuse of crystal power. Crystals were allegedly used negatively as insidious weapons, which thereby led to the destruction of those wielding the power. Sound familiar?


Even now, Western traditional medicine makes extensive use of the magical properties of crystals. Diagnostic techniques using Piezoelectric crystal sensors, micro-balancing and quartz crystals all have a place in the hospital routine.


However, it is my belief that we have much to rediscover concerning the powerful healing qualities of crystals. How exciting would it be to see further impressive results using crystals as our awareness of their properties develops?


Did you know that the fifteen Archangels link to the healing rays of various crystals? These Angels are at your disposal and are well able to intensify your healing and life experiences if you simply ask? Use the crystals of your choice as another way of connecting with the angels who are ever ready to help.


It is not a blasphemous idea to work with the angels if you do so in the right spirit! Angels do God’s work. They carry our prayers to God, and they intercede for us at all times, but especially when we’re up against it. Even the simple telepathic urgent appeal ‘Angels please help me’ can bring so much comfort as well as a significant result. You need never feel lonely again!


Crystal Applications

This is perhaps a controversial idea for some, but crystals can be used to treat many conditions - physical, mental and emotional. Choose the crystal appropriate to you by using your intuition. You can choose a crystal for a specific purpose by concentrating on what you have in mind. Then, just see which crystal connects with you from among those available. 


Cleanse your crystals thoroughly before use, especially if they have been sitting in the vibrations of a public place for a while. This is simple to do. You can charge crystals up over the three nights surrounding a full moon and also leave them in the window to bathe in the sunlight of these three days, too. Running a crystal under a tap and visualizing cleansing white light primes your crystal for action as does soaking it overnight in sea or salt water (so long as it is not a soft, crumbly kind of rock!). Finally, the Aura Soma Quintessence Serapis Bey is excellent at keeping crystals ready for powerful use.


Crystals can be used to energize your bath. Rose quartz is especially healing in a bath. You can also charge up your drinking water using various crystals, though it is perhaps a good idea to read a bit more on the subject before making too many elaborate concoctions!


Crystals can be used on the body and on the various chakras for intense healing. Generally, the color of the crystal indicates the chakra on which is should be used. Do make sure crystals are properly cleansed before you do this.


Some people like to sleep with crystals in their bedroom whereas other sensitive souls find they don’t get much sleep in such a highly charged atmosphere. Experiment and see what happens. Once again, rose quartz is a soothing and comforting presence on the bedside table. It is also rumored to assist conception, so be careful.

The Archangels and their Crystal Rays:

1) Archangel ARIEL

Name Meaning: God’s Lioness

Aura Colour: Pale Pink

Crystal Link: Rose Quartz

2) Archangel AZRAEL

Name Meaning: God Helps

Aura Colour: Off White

Crystal Link: Creamy Yellow Calcite

3) Archangel CHAMUEL

Name Meaning: The one who sees God 

Aura Colour: Pale Green

Crystal Link: Green Flourite

4) Archangel GABRIEL

Name Meaning: God’s Messenger

Aura Colour: Copper

Crystal Link: Citrine

5) Archangel HANIEL

Name Meaning: God’s Glory

Aura Colour: Blue-White

Crystal Link: Moonstone

6) Archangel JEREMIEL

Name Meaning: God’s Mercy

Aura Colour: Violet

Crystal Link: Amethyst

7) Archangel JOPHIEL

Name Meaning: God’s Beauty

Aura Colour: Dark Pink

Crystal Link: PINK Rubellite or Tourmaline

8) Archangel METATRON

Name Meaning: Prophet Enoch

Aura Colour: Green and Pink

Crystal Link: (Watermelon) Tourmaline

9) Archangel MICHAEL

Name Meaning: One who is God-like

Aura Colour: Royal Purple

Crystal Link: Sugilite

10) Archangel RAGUEL

Name Meaning: God’s Friend

Aura Colour: Pale Blue

Crystal Link: Aquamarine

11) Archangel RAPHAEL

Name Meaning: The one who heals

Aura Colour: Emerald Green

Crystal Link: Malachite

12) Archangel RAZIEL

Name Meaning: God’s Secret

Aura Colour: Rainbow Colours

Crystal Link: Clear Quartz

13) Archangel SANDALPHON

Name Meaning: Prophet Elijah

Aura Colour: Turquoise

Crystal Link: Turquoise

14) Archangel URIEL

Name Meaning: God is Light

Aura Colour: Pale Yellow

Crystal Link: Amber

15) Archangel ZADKIEL 

Name Meaning: Righteousness of God

Aura Colour: Dark Blue

Crystal Link: Lapis Lazuli 

About Sarah

Sarah Delemere Hurding is Ireland’s famous Mystic, Seer, Healer, Life Coach, Writer, Media Personality and Consciousness Facilitator. Ashton Kutcher identified her on The Jimmy Kimmel Show as his psychic. Simon Cowell was stunned into silence when she predicted the full line up of his Irish Popstars. Louis Walsh, perhaps dangerously, called her "the woman who knows everything."

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Comment by sarah delamere hurding on June 30, 2015 at 11:26am

Ive put the angels in seeing as the article mentions them :-) 

Comment by sarah delamere hurding on June 30, 2015 at 11:18am

Check the additional lists shellly and I added your edit to the article ... the main body of text 

Comment by sarah delamere hurding on June 30, 2015 at 11:15am

I have added the lists that were with my article .. you may not want all of them .. so chose the best :-) 

Comment by sarah delamere hurding on June 30, 2015 at 10:48am

OKay I will add some applications of crystals 

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