Many people ask me how do you feel energy from rocks and crystals? I usually reply "well at first I didn't feel anything either." I remember seeing others picking up samples and smiling as if in recognition of some strange force in their hands. I would go over to the rock or crystal and pick it up myself and wait patiently for something to happen... nothing. What was I expecting, was I waiting for it to start rotating in my hand?

Then one day while walking around my favourite store, this one crystal kept on catching my attention. I strolled over and picked it up and as I studied it my hand began to tingle. I found this fascinating and to make sure that it was indeed the energy I was feeling placed the crystal back on the table. The tingling stopped and sure enough when I picked it back up it started all over again. Needless to say that crystal came home with me and it now sits among the many that have gained my attention.

It has been three years since my first "real" crystal encounter and I have had some amazing interactions. I had learned that when choosing your crystals, rocks or minerals, to use your left hand as this is your receiving or intuitive hand to sense the energies. You may feel tingling, pulsating or a warmth radiating from the sample, or as I did at first nothing at all. I would now like to share with you some of my crystal experiences.

Lemuria calling.....

I entered the metaphysical store and I was open to sense which "gem" was going to come home with me. As I walked in the large round glass top table upon which sat a wonderful selection of sparkling crystals beckoned. I always looked forward to see what new arrivals would catch my attention. I was surprised when one quite plain crystal point about 3 inches long caught my eye. I picked it up and a warmth radiated up my arm, waves of peaceful loving energy flooded through me from Ancient times. I rotated the crystal to read the small label that was attached it said "Lemurian Singing Quartz" I sensed this was going to make for interesting research and reading.

When I arrived home with my new crystal I could hardly wait to find out more about it, but first I would sit quietly and see what it had to tell me. This time along with the previous feeling I could sense a balancing of my energies and the suggestion of angelic "wings" wrapping around me in a loving embrace. I knew that this crystal was going to be very special and assist me to grow in my understanding. I have since had many wonderful experiences with this crystal, I wrapped "her " in copper wire to hang around my neck as I am working on my clients.

Wrapped Lemurian Crystal

Moldavite moment......

I was going to visit my friend Tracey in her store "Crystal Crib," I always enjoy going into visit her as we never know where our conversations are going to go. Today she had just received her latest delivery of new crystals and I walked around waiting for an energy to call to me. I could sense a very high vibration coming from one shelf in particular. I hovered my hand over many of the samples before deciding where this energy was coming from. A small green glass like gem sat in a plastic case, I picked it up and Tracey began to laugh " I was wondering how long it would take you to find that." She told me to go ahead and open the case but to be careful as the sample was very fragile.

The little green glass like crystal sat in my hand and I could feel amazing energies rushing up my arm. The words "welcome home" came to mind and I sensed a connection to all that is and was. I felt very comforted by this small green gem and a immense sensation of instant healing. I could tell this was going to be another important crystal in my collection.

August 2008, The Bancroft Gemboree....

I had been looking forward to this trip and my mind was set on purchasing a piece of Celestite. A friend of mine had let me hold her beautiful sample of this blue grey cluster just weeks before, and I had had an amazing reaction to it. I tucked $40.00 into the back of my wallet and put out the intention that I would buy the best sample that I could with this money.

As we entered one of the two centers that the show was being held in I began to tremble. The vibrations and energy I felt from all of the crystals and minerals was truly wonderful. My left hand was tingling in anticipation of what was to come. My family and I walked from booth to booth looking at all of the beautiful crystals. It was not long before I came upon someone with Celestite clusters, as I hovered my hand above them I sensed that this was not going to be where I was to buy mine. After a few more booths I saw a display with two huge 4ft high amethyst geodes at it's entrance. I stood between them enjoying the energy flowing over and through my body. Then I was them at least 20 large Celestite geodes displayed inside of the booth. As I walked forward the gentleman exclaimed "50 % off marked prices" I picked up the most lovely grey blue cluster
it was heavy, I figured at least 4lbs. To my dismay it didn't have a price on the bottom, I smiled and said to him "this one does not have a price on it" He looked it over and said "oh, give me $40.00 and you can take it home." How could I refuse, I had put $40.00 in my wallet with my intention to buy such a gem. How's that for manifesting! I thanked him and then quietly thanked my guides.
I spent the next couple of hours hugging my geode against my heart as it felt so wonderful. I felt so light as if I was floating and waves of joy, love and happiness flooded over me.

Celestite is connected to the Angelic realm and the Celestials. I have found it an amazing partner in my healing room / sacred space, as it gives off such a gentle calming energy and seems to balance the energies of all who enter.

p.s. It was many weeks after that found another 4lb sample of Celestite for sale on the internet. This one looked like the one I had purchased. It was priced at $180.00 !! I ran upstairs and weighed my beauty .... 4lbs 5oz. I thanked my guides once again.


"She" found me...........

On this occasion I was going to be chosen by the stone. I walked around my friend Tracy's store as I chatted with her about what each of us had been experiencing that past week. We must have been talking for about 20 minuets when I saw a rock tip over on the shelf. I strolled over to stand it back up and as I touched it I felt a spark jump to my finger "Oh" I had exclaimed. I turned to look at Tracey and she had a huge smile on her face and she said "That's your chrysanthemum stone." I gave her a sideways glance and she told me that the last time I had been in the stone had fallen the same way but I had not noticed.
As I held this very pretty black stone with white marbling that looked like a Faery I sensed a strong connection to the Devic realm. I rotated the stone slowly noticing the image of a dragon and a unicorn in the patterns made by the white veins. It felt wonderful holding this stone, I wanted to giggle and laugh as the energy was so happy, it made me feel like a child again.

Chrysanthemum stone

Bancroft Gemboree, August 2009...

It was on my yearly trip up to the Bancroft Gemboree that I had my most incredible interaction with a stone so far. I had already chosen several crystal geodes to come home with me that day and spent all that I had intended to spend. While walking around one particular booth wafting my hand over some of the samples a gentleman vendor had spoken to me in a strong Russian accent "you feel energy?" I had replied "yes, yes I do" he ushered me behind the counter "come, come, I have something to show you." I followed him to a display case from which he pulled a fist sized grey rock. I held out my left hand and as he placed in the rock I felt a strong surge of energy throughout my body, it was so strong I had goosebumps from head to toe. I sensed every cell in my body being charged and accelerated, and in fact became a little lightheaded with the strength of the energies flooding through me. I asked him excitedly "what is this?" he chuckled and told me "Russian Phenacite." As we chatted I rolled the grey/white stone in my hand, it looked so plain but what a "kick" it had. I did not buy this stone as the price was way out of my range at $999.00.

I found out the next day when discussing this interaction with a friend, that the energy had stayed with me. As I told my story, I held out my hand as I had the previous day and experienced the very same vibrations and goosebumps. I now realized that I could call back the energy to me at any time.

"Hey Deb, you should check this out"...

Many of my friends know about my love for crystals and some of them share the same passion. My friend Joe called one evening to let me know of a dealer that was displaying at a local mall "Hey Deb, you should check this booth out. They have all kinds of crystals here and there is one special one for you." He did not tell me what crystal or what it looked like which got my curiosity up.

The next day off I set to see what he had been talking about, I wandered around the booth waiting for a certain crystal to "jump out"at me. My eyes finally settled on a beautiful fuchsia pink sample, it was the colour that was so unusual. I picked it up and felt a surge of energy in my lower chakras. It was then I thought about the painting that I had done of the crystal chakras, It had featured this fuchsia colour. It seemed this was to be an activator for me. This beautiful pink sample was cobalto calcite.

Cobalto Calcite
Later that day Joe phoned and asked me "well did you get it?" I laughed and said "you didn't tell me which one" I smiled as he described the very stone that I had purchased! Synchronicity.

Rock and Mineral Show, Kingston, Oct 2009

What wonders would be on the tables before me today? This thought crossed my mind as I drove the 45 minuets down the highway to Kingston. I hoped that the lovely Russian dealer would be at this show as I wanted to see what other surprises he might have in store for me. I was very happy when I arrived and looked around the hall to see the sign for "The Russian Stone" Yes! he was here.
I took my time browsing the other booths as I worked my way over to his display. He greeted me with a huge smile of recognition and instantly reached under the counter, "you have to feel this." I laughed and told him I was glad to see him as he placed a lovely cluster of quartz with blue-green tips into my open hand. "Ajoite" he said without me having to ask. This pretty crystal had a relaxing and calming energy.

After holding and feeling several other crystals I decided to look around his booth to see if anything else cuaght my attention. I picked up a piece of Herderite from one of several that were in front of me, It felt good but something told me that was not the one. He must have seen what I had picked up because he now held out another very small sample in a plastic box. This one looked different from the rest and he said "This is Golden Herderite, this one is for you." Well now this was much stronger than the other sample, I felt waves of
intense energy washing over me and I decided this one was coming home with me to enjoy what it had to offer. I quickly tucked the package away in my purse. I set the intention that it would have to wait to share with me at a later time because I needed my full attention for driving home.

That evening I sat quietly in my sacred space and opened to the energies from this tiny crystal. Once again the energies flooded over me, my arm and hand tingled and then started to go numb, my this was strong. I began getting images of me with a larger being standing behind me. Yet I was sensing that we were in fact one and the same. The word "UNITED" came to my mind and I realized that I was going to be painting what I was seeing and that was to be the title of the painting. Below is the result of these images.

United by Visionary artist Deb Graves

After I had finished the painting and sat seeking the truth of the image, I received "higher self spiritual and physical self now united as one." This felt very special and I could hardly wait to see and feel the difference when working with clients and their healing.

**NOTE: November 10th 2009. Today I received a copy of "Stones of the New Consciousness" by Robert Simmons. Upon reading the section on Herderite I smiled with recognition as his words appeared before me " One intuition that came as I was attempting to see into Herderite's potential for working with us was that it helps to fully entwine one's spiritual body with the physical body." It does indeed Robert, it does indeed!


Deb Graves/Araznu

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