Take a deep breath, we call forth mother/father God, we call in our personal guides, we call in the overlighting beings of the Chalice Well, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Sarah – the Christ Child, Lord Metatron, we call in Kuthumi, we call in the archangels and ascended masters, the office of ascension and the office of Christ, to come within, through and around our energy space, to create a ring pass not of Christic light, with the intention of anchoring the crystalline inner chalice within our lightbody today, and through the fields (energy)  and templates of Glastonbury, to spread this light throughout the earth grid lines of Glastonbury.

I, Jesus, come to you on wings of light, with the Holy Spirit Shekinah, the dove of love, to come within – through – and around your fields, to create the activation of the inner chalice, within your being. Dear ones, this work started before we connected today. We have brought forth many codings, and templates for this to anchor through your energy fields. We now bring this activation through the etheric fields, to the physical fields, for this activation today. Take a deep breath as you open up your energy fields to the space of bringing through these codings of the christic chalice of the divine lineage of all that is. We now move through all restrictions of duality and to fully anchor the codes of unity within your energy field. You may have felt the preparation leading up to this activation, as your energy field began to spin out all old codes of duality.  You may have experienced this spinning out of your spinal column, through the neck, particularly the nape of the neck where old patterns are stored and you are ready to release them at this time.  This is no longer the time to hold on to any old patterns or codings, because the energy frequencies are speeding up through mother earth, mother earth is coming aligned with all the different universal planetary spaces and this means the earth plane frequencies are speeding up for everybody on the earth plane and within this comes many symptoms that you will recognise, that you will feel as different aches and pains, and different issues coming up that may previously been able to be swept “under the carpet” before and particularly you may feel of crying (out) from your soul, that comes up and wishes to encourage you to move forward as soon as possible, rather than wait until later. It no longer seems to appropriate to wait (in that mode of being). We now bring through the white and platinum ray, bringing these through the left side of your energy field, spinning, spiralling, the divine DNA coming within through and around your energy fields. Feel it spinning, coming through your energy fields at a high velocity, feeling the light, the codings and higher vibration coming into your energy fields. Breathe this in to you now. Allow this coding to permeate all levels of your being, through the cells, through the DNA, through your entire soul history of embodiment upon earth. Allow this to become purified throughout all time and space.

Take a deep breath as you allow this to anchor more deeply within you. I now bring through a golden ray of many different shades and colours of gold, the most beautiful exquisite gold ray that you can imagine, of divine energy, now begins to come through the right hand side of your energy body. It spirals firstly through the different areas of the brain, allowing all old codings, perceptions and third dimension reality veils - now begin to lift. Everything that you thought that you could not do in your life that you want to do, - all old thought forms that hold this back – now begin to spin out. Allow this golden ray of energy now begin to spiral throughout all the different levels of your brain.

Spinning out every perception that no longer serves you – perceptions and projections that you have taken on from other people, and adopted them as your own reality. It is now time to release these now. Allow the different levels and synaptic firing within the brain now to ignite to a different level of reality where you can perceive and sense and hear the new reality. This is not something for tomorrow; this is something you can experience today, with the full range of codings we are anchoring through. Lord Metatron is going to join us to allow for a special synchronisation to bring you to the new levels so that you can perceive the new reality, in a way that is tangible.

I, Lord Metatron, come through from the universe in the heart of ALL that IS, to bring through to you this day, codings that will take your mind and your perceptions beyond that which you have known in this lifetime so far, and you’re other lifetimes – since the time of the fall – that the veils have been present. It is a fact that the body is not working at its optimum level, and that is what we are encoding today – to move to this optimum level – within your energy fields, to the point where your perceptions will come 100% online. Do you know that currently you are living a small percentage of the reality of which you could potentially perceive? Multidimensional levels of your being – connecting to multiple universes – receiving the benefit of this on all levels of your being. All the multi levels contain much wisdom, love and light. So think about that, when your perception is cut off from knowledge of all of this.

Take a deep breath now; as we begin to bring through more rays of higher codings now, through the left and right sides of the brain, they are weaving through a unique synchronisation. Allow any past perceptions, anything that you have stored within your subconscious – that is no longer for your highest good – may you release now. Know that much is stored within your mind, and so much of this is situations/issues that you have held onto for some reason, that no longer serves you, that is no longer appropriate and taking up “mind space” – so to speak. Take a deep breath now as we begin to anchor this in the mind, and we begin to weave a beautiful network of ruby ray and emerald ray, as we begin to energise all the circuits of the brain. The rays of ruby and emerald bring a deep healing, to every part of the brain, every memory that has traumatised you – that has caused any part of the brain to shut off, that has caused it to slip back into the subconscious, not to experience some part of that reality consciously. It is not necessary, when you bring this forth again, to re-experience it again. It is something you have already experienced, and it is not necessary to replay all of your past. This is the time to synchronise everything, and bring everything forward and that which does not need to be experienced.

 That which is not to be experienced again, it is time to release that (from replaying out again in your reality.)Everything that you have stored, not only in the brain, but every other part of your body, that is holding onto anything – that you no longer wish to experience by processing it – so within the energies and patterns that are coming through  to you – it is the time to spin out everything that you have stored, everything that you have held onto in your body, any part of a coding, in any part of your cells,  any illness, anything that is less than the reality that you wish to experience – and then the space comes through for manifestation of your absolute highest dreams, for there is a space for it to come in to, there is a space for it to fit, there is no longer a clash in the duality (of it), of that which you do wish for  and that which you wish to bring in to manifest. You see, if the two are clashing, manifestation is not happening in the smooth manner you desire. You no longer need to experience “bumpy rides”, there are ways to do this that are much smoother to the path that you process and that is to understand how the clashes occur and to spin out everything that you are able to from this level, and call in your higher self, to spin out everything that prevents you manifesting unity, balance, harmony, love, light, magnificence, and the most glorious energy possible. It does not need to be a hard process to manifest. It does not need to be something where you have lots of hoops and hurdles to go through. We ask you now to surrender, as we bring through now beautiful beings – guardians of the chalice well, the most sacred energies come through now, as you feel the guardians – one to your left shoulder and one to your right, you feel their support, through their love, you surrender to this love and light, and your body now becomes a liquid wave of pure love, and pure light, as you begin to experience the sweetness of spirit, the sweetness is there for you to experience, it’s there for you to call upon, it is there for you for to receive in your life, it is there for you to unify and become one with, in fact you never need to be separate from it at all. With these codings that we are bringing through today, you will feel so much more – as more veils are lifted. Some of these veils were coded in at the time of Atlantis, in an attempt to perceive (the intangible) as something more solid. It has come a very long time to come full circle, when we would reconnect multidimensionally – with our multidimensional perceptions and abilities, so we can connect in this manner and have it as our living reality, and it is a time of connection to that glorious vision and to see it manifesting, seeing your innermost hearts desires playing out in reality, just before your eyes, with this most magnificent feeling of light – and it is not long before it manifests, because there is now a clear subconscious – so nothing to you back – to “flip back into” another mode of duality. It is just one breathing, living, glittering, stream of light. As you step into this stream now, feel every time you have wished for a dream to manifest and it has not turned out the way you wanted it, or perhaps it took a while, or some other problem, you now begin to release that from your being. Mary Magdalene now comes through, and she places her hand on your right shoulder, she brings forth many beautiful codings to allow you to become vulnerable to opening up your heart again, to wanting, desiring and dreaming again, because the moment we shut this off because we are frightened of something not manifesting again, the living breathing mechanism of the heart chakra, you no longer allow the flow of life to flow into your reality, allowing you to have the capacity and the breathing space to gestate, to create, to  manifest, ,. Take a deep breath now as you expand your heart chakra, allowing the release of everything in your heart that would prevent a full connection to the absolute unity of life. Mother/Father God/Goddess now comes in within, through and around your fields – connecting, igniting, inside your heart chakra, and the beautiful ignition of the creation of the original love of mother/father God/Goddess ignites within you, weaving new pathways – an absolute beautiful pale blue on one side of the heart chakra, and a beautiful pale pink on the other side of the heart chakra, These two colours ignite and flow through all the etheric pathways of your heart, and this begins to flow throughout all time and space, all feel all the beautiful pastel energy that you have been linked to of absolute love, and anytime where you have experienced less than this begins to heal. Take a moment now to contemplate this love, that you were birthed from; you are this perfect being, that perfect love, so how can you experience anything less than this? That love flows out, and becomes your reality. Take a deep breath now, as you allow the heart chakra to expand fully, allowing in more of the love and the light, so it strengthens your heart chakra, so any hurt and pain that you have experienced emotionally, now begins a deep and exquisite healing. Allow this to penetrate as deep within your heart, you may see visions of times where you have felt the separation. Begin to release this now. Allow the beautiful colours to come in, releasing all that needs to clear out of you, until the entire heart chakra is repatterned and has expanded into its much larger form of origins (than it is today). Love is not something to hold back. Some people’s definition of love in duality that can create any potential hurt – is because it is not love. Take a deep breath now as you allow the rest of the energy body to connect with this love and light, and you allow for a balancing throughout all of your energy fields. You allow every part – every atom of your being now to experience this original love, that you birthed from. You allow everything from your present moment that is not of your highest heart’s desire to gently release from your energy field. As the energies of the chalice well now begin to blow this amazing ray from their mouths, it begins to soothe all parts of the energy body, they breath out the sound of the angelics, this begins to soothe you and this sound brings back harmonic resonance and remembrance of a time when you were within those energy fields on a higher level, and had not experienced the duality. They bring a restoration of this to your fields.

They touch your shoulders and transmit this energy into every part of you that has experienced duality and have suffered as a result of this. You feel this energy move deeply into your energy field. The inner chalice now begins to spiral down through the crown chakra, transmitting codings, allowing you to have a remembrance of your full divinity. This is anchoring now through the spinal column: - vertebrae by vertebrae, connecting with your nervous system, and spiralling the energies of the inner chalice throughout your system. As this moves throughout your system, you see this glistening like diamonds, spinning through your body, recoding everything to the highest purest level. Take a moment now to allow this to spread throughout your entire body. As we bring the light through all the way to the feet chakras, stretch your shoulders back as you allow the heart chakra to expand, as the different activations synchronise with the energy body. We now welcome the office of ascension to bring through the new coding now, as we take a deep breath, we welcome this into our energy fields now, as they now speak: - We come forth, beloved ones, from the heart of the central universe, and the central station of all that is. We come through from a space that has never experienced duality; therefore we come forth with the codings of absolute perfection and precision, to bring through the new codings of the Golden Age through your energy fields. We bring through the templates of this new reality that you may fully anchor and sustain this through your energy fields. We now begin to spin template one in through the crown chakra. This is a template to allow your body to be receptive to the divine encodements. As this energy comes through your body now, spinning. It takes anything that is not part of the reality we are stepping forth into now. These will spin out automatically, so you do not need to worry, see or wonder what these are. These spin out completely now, knowing that you are coming to the absolute truth of who you are – once this has all spun out, for we are stepping forth into a reality, that is a pure reality, it is a reality that knows the absolute moment, it does not even have time to contemplate that which has gone in the past, all that is – is this moment- and it is pure, and it is creating from the highest level of soul evolution. It is the spirit guiding light, it is anchoring the light in each and every moment, it never knows the ups and downs, back and forth, - and this is not their reality. Of course it was an experiment of the fall to come into a space where we might want to experience something other than the divine, but for us it is to experience the absolute (light). Why would one want to experience the duality? When the unity is something that is so precious, so beautiful. Why would one want to experience the opposite, just so that one knows what the beauty is? One can appreciate this, I can assure you, without needing to know the opposite. So with this, we bring through template two, spinning through at a high velocity, and taking with it that which does not resonate with the codings of light, and with this the codings of the dark begin to release. It is spinning out from the energy field, all that is not for your highest good, it is a like a de-coding process (of any dark codes), Take a deep breath as template two now moves deeper into your body, recoding as it moves through. We now bring forth template three. This template allows the body to code to allow the senses to expand, so you no longer feel the limitation, and no longer experience some of the ascension symptoms that are associated with duality, the blockages. So now allow this to recode, spinning, glistening with the absolute most beautiful golden light – it is swirling inside this template, as it moves through your body. The highest archangelic levels now begin to spin through your energy field, with the next template four. The most exquisite light deep patternings begin recoding on an organic level; your entire being is being reformulated to this higher level, take a deep breath to allow the space for this to spread throughout your being.

Mary Magdalene now comes to your right hand side, and the Christ Child Sarah now comes to the left hand side of your body, and they both enfold their arms around you, surrounding you in the most beautiful pink ray, that is the definition of absolute love, allow your energy body to raise up to this higher level, so you can experience what this level of love feels like. What does this level of love feel like? Do we know this? Do we remember this? Let us begin to feel this energy throughout the energy fields, through all of our senses, through the heart and the higher heart. The Christ child Sarah now brings forth a white ray of light, which she brings now, to your higher heart. Mary Magdalene now brings through the most exquisite pink ray of light, into the right hand side of your higher heart, and you feel a path cutting through this chakra. This path cutting opens your perceptions up, to the true frequency and vibration of love. Your emotional body begins to receive these patterning’s through your energy field now. You see these as beautiful circular patterning’s, with a filigree pattern, and you see them glistening with platinum light, opalescent, glistening, spinning, merging with every cell in your body, recoding you up to the highest most exquisite level of love, that you can experience. Begin to watch this flow into every cell of your body. Take a deep breath now, as your body becomes a river of absolute love. The Christ child Sarah now places around your neck the most exquisite white opalescent necklace. As you look closely at the opalescent jewels, glistening, absolutely gloriously glowing, with the energy from the heart of the source of creation. You feel the pure light. Liquid particles from inside the necklace release – one drop flowing into your third eye chakra, allowing you to see clearly through your third eye. Another drop flows into your pituitary gland, clearing the energies of all toxic substances, all limitations. A deep repatterning occurs within this area, any agreements that you have made in this or any other lifetime, any time where you have agreed to receive less than the divine, whatever reason there was for this – you now begin to release these contracts and agreements now, so these areas of the brain may fully form to experience and hold the omnipresence. You see the closed doorways within that you have experienced externally – now begin to melt away as the repatterning takes place, dismantling the old. Then a new energy comes forth, the perfect light, breathing into areas where you have experienced loss. The energies of the God/Goddess move through these areas, clearing and cleansing that which you have experienced as closed doors in your life. These codes now open. Take another deep breath, as we bring forth another anchorage (of light) from the central source of all that is, from the 24 elders of the throne. As bring this through us and into our space now, the codings and blueprints are revealed unto us: - the divine presence of God, and the frequencies begin to connect with your own bodily systems, allowing it to cleanse and strengthen – and come to a point where it creates a deep capacity for bringing through the divine, so that sometimes when you feel that you have brought through divine energies and then you have had trouble pulling them through, path cutting them through. We now expand the energy system, allow this expansion through your energy system. You begin to feel the divine as a flow, with joy in your heart at the remembrance of when you felt this before the fall, before the veils, this joy leaps in your heart, carrying a wave of pure love and light from your heart chakra to your higher heart chakra, creating a beautiful pathway, as the energy of unity connects now in the most beautiful way imaginable, you feel another pathway has been created, another strengthening, you feel a deeper recognition of the soul and the spirit as this connects through. You begin to feel more remembrance of your destiny and what this is, as the two pathways connect. As this connects on this level, this connects through many levels, more than you can imagine, through a multitude of levels of your being. As this transforms, this light comes back to the physical, and then the expansion just happens like the breath, the path, the expansion of the original creation, as you breath in and breath out with love and light, you pulse this through your energy field, life becomes a joy, there are less “hiccups” and things going wrong, it becomes the thread that it is meant to be (golden thread of life), it is not meant to be a hard path, you do not need to experience this, just to synthesize, synchronise, and open up, and allow through, to divinitise, knowing who you are – is so divine. Take a deep breath now as you begin to allow this to flow through your body, allowing synchronisation of everything that we have brought through so far, all the many different frequencies and codings, as the body aligns, and connect these energies, spirit now configures all of the energetic pathways:- feel this now taking place. Take another deep breath, allowing this light to flow through every part of your being, every meridian of your body – from the axiatonal lines of your lightbody, into the meridians of your physical body. Feel this anchoring within your heart chakra, take a deep breath as the energies stabilise within your heart chakra. Allow that stabilisation to flow from the front to the back of your heart chakra, and place your right hand on your heart chakra, as you allow the light frequencies to stabilise within your energy body, as you know begin to move the energies into the chakras below your heart chakra, into the solar plexus – and allow this to ignite and anchor within this chakra,  moving your hand now from your heart chakra to your solar plexus, feel this anchorage igniting and fully anchoring within this chakra, that you come to know this on an “I AM” self level. The will becomes the pure divine will. The divine will is the absolute highest path. Take another deep breath now, as this begins to seal within the chakra, the energies now move down into the sacral chakra, maintaining the flow of light within the body, anchoring firmly, securely. The light shoots through, as it anchors into this chakra, meeting the energies within, merging, fusing, and becoming one with. Take a deep breath as the energy seals within the sacral chakra, and slowly moves into the next chakra. You feel the energies now merging and fusing with the root chakra, as it does, you see a beautiful, new, glistening, golden and platinum template – in the root chakra, allowing you to anchor the new reality, to the physical plane level. It is time to know reality in a more joyful experience than before. It is to be within the reality: - the joy, the light and the love, within your soul, within your spirit, then you open your eyes and see this reality in the external. To see the deepest part of your hearts dream. Take a deep breath now, as we begin to slowly anchor back into the physical body. Just become aware of your body on the seat, your physical surroundings, this time and space, this present moment. Take another deep breath, as you bring yourself fully back now, and slowly open your eyes when you feel ready.





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