If you would like to close your eyes now, and take a deep breath now as we connect to the central universe of all that is, we connect to mother/father God, we connect to Lord Jesus, we connect to Mary Magdalene, we call forth and usher in the Christ Child energy, Lady Sarah, borne from the beloved union of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, we call forth now the archangels and the ascended masters, our personal guides, we call forth the beloved energy of mother Gaia, we call forth the energies of light from the different planets and universes that have come into this unique synchronisation, the starting of the different stargates that bring us into the temple and portal of unity, which will fully anchor and realise in 2012. We align and open our being to receive the highest codings of love and light, to open our heart, and we open up our mind to bring through these higher frequencies and perceptions, that we may become one, and unified with the higher planetary realms, that we may come to know, to feel this more on a physical level, that can be something in our lives that we are able to comprehend on an ongoing basis, that the divine direction and the pathway that is set for us, by the divine realms, according to our higher self, with our spirit self, that this begin to connect in a more knowing manner,  through the conscious levels, that which is stored in the subconscious and that which is between the conscious and the subconscious, any barriers and pathways of illusion, any blockages, any barriers that you no longer wish to hold you separate in this manner, begin to release now. We open up now to knowing the physical in a whole new way and entire manner. We open up to knowing that other than that which we have known before. Take a deep breath as you begin to open up all of the passageways – all of the axiatonal lines, right into and through the meridians in the physical body. These codings come from the central source universe of all that is, through the elders of the throne. This unique exquisite high vibration now begins to pulse through every part of your being, every vein, every cell, and as it does so, it clears away any layers and membranes that still exist that allow a perception of anything other than unity, of anything other than the flow, of anything other than the connection – the total connection of source of ALL that IS. You feel now, within your solar plexus, a beautiful crystalline tiny miniature stargate - that now anchors in through the solar plexus, anchoring into your body the absolute divine will, for that which is to anchor – that the light brings on earth. This beautiful miniature version of the larger stargate that is to be created, anchors firmly within your being, and this was originally made of the twelve crystals of the beginning of time of creation, that contain the seedings for all the multi-universes and multi-worlds of existence, more than one could perhaps imagine or conceive with the mind, but know dear ones, you have not only incarnated on a physical plane – you have incarnated on many, many universes, many multi-universal levels, many types of incarnations. You are much more than perhaps you are ready to perceive yet, but that way is opening to perceive through the absolute levels of divine pure love of ALL that IS, to perceive ALL that IS. You can come to know God and Goddess in the full form of ALL that IS. You can come to know your own spark within your soul, that spark of ALL that IS. To know consciously as ALL that IS, to feel that completeness, to feel that unity. To feel that totality, to know what that really means. There are many formations in the world that have come together on levels other than love, other than light, and that which has come together has come to break apart at this time, for it no longer serves the formation of the new and the divine plan for the golden light age upon earth and through all the levels and multidimensions. Take a deep breath now, as you breathe in more of the frequencies that are coming through and the energies and activational work. This is to embody through you, that you are to bring into your life; you are to accept as one – with you, for this shift. You feel in your solar plexus, this cool golden energy enter in now, the absolute divinity, the original angelic keys of ALL that IS. You hear the sounds of the harmonics of heaven now; enter through the different levels of your being. As this begins a deep encoding process now, to allow for the divine body to anchor through in its fullness and we speak of this as the new divine body – the body that can handle the frequencies and changes that are happening and the one that contains all the new frequencies of evolution as birthed from the central source of ALL that IS, from the original seeding of all creation. It is not something that is “stepped down” on different levels. It is “stepped down” in the sense you can receive it, but it is not diluted in any manner whatsoever – and this is the important point – that which comes through is to be received in its pure level – its pure crystalline formation, its pure original seedings. We now begin to release from the body all seedings that are other than that of the light, perhaps times where for whatever reason, a detour may have been taken into the duality. You may begin to receive pictures or perceptions of this, but do not hold onto this, but just watch this, as though you are viewing a video, or something of this nature, allow this to pass through you. You may first feel this energy and sensation and what this is about, and how this situation felt, the energy signature of this, and what this means on a soul level, the lessons. You may first begin to perceive this on a solar plexus level, the level where you may have chosen – at some point in time, for whatever reason (as I have said), to perceive this and to experience this from the level of your own will. You may have been pulling away from the divine will, for we have a choice – a choice of free will on this planet, but the divine path is an absolute – on the levels of light – this is the way – there is light, more light, and nothing but light. Take a deep breath now, as you release this through this chakra, as you do so, the crystalline stargate, this miniature version, anchors more deeply into this chakra, and you see deeper elements of duality begin to spin out. You may see symbols of formalised religion that you have participated in some lives, and you may see the symbols of this begin to spin out, and the energies and what this meant, and you can also choose to spin out at this time – any vows, agreements or promises that you have made in this lifetime or any other lifetime, to participate and engage in something that has been something other than the total original seeding, and the seeding of the future promise of the light that will anchor in the not-too-distant future. Take another deep breath as you now begin to open the solar plexus more, so that it may go through the sorting process necessary – for all the times that you have been looking into your life from the level of discovering yourself as an individual that is separate from source by deem of having a physical body, a physical vehicle that you have felt separation – but the truth of the matter is that the whole body can be coded and all veils can be removed, which will be removed, and they can bring an absolute connection through all of the different portals and the chakras – once all of these are awakened - the full multidimensional being comes on line in its absolute self, there is no less than this. We now bring through the codings for this, and if you are ready to receive and bring this through your being now:-  allow your crown chakra to open, allow all the major and minor chakras in the head, neck and shoulders now begin to open wide. We now bring through an additional protection of the Christ light around our entire group, creating an absolute sacred space of the glories of heaven now:- this is white and gold – filigree in nature, as Jesus comes forth to hold your hands, you see him in his absolute beautiful light body, his beautiful gleaming light, almost blinding it is so bright, and his eyes are like pools of water that melt you into your divine essence, and all blockages begin to melt away, you begin to surrender to the heart of the one, to the heart of the light, anytime that you feel the separation, any time that you have pain from this separation – where you felt spirit was not listening, or you could not get in touch – you now feel a gentle melting away – a very reassuring melting away within your being of this – and he touches your shoulders, just behind the shoulders, and there is two chakras there that connect to your wings of light. He now takes away a crystalline blockage from the time of the fall, that was embedded into the energy body, that would make the physical body look similar to what it does today, but in this time prior to this – shutting away and limitation to the physical vehicle, we would never have needed a cars, or that type of transport, for we had wings, and we travelled through the different dimensions with all parts of our being, we didn’t have to leave the body to astral travel - then we knew no limitations. We now bring through a higher level of anchorage of this original gift now, into our bodies now. Breathe this divine energy in through your body, through your meridians, through your cells. Take a few moments as you allow these codings to enter deep into your being. You allow for perceptions other than this to be released from you in the absolute entirety. You feel this slowly coming down through the body. Allow all doubt to release from you now, all doubt that you could have special abilities that would be totally amazing, such as bi-location, and many other types of special gifts of spirit. May these special gifts become an everyday occurrence, for those that are seeking these higher states of the light. The angels and the archangels now shower forth a hundred million diamonds of light, seeding the new age in, onto the planet earth. These diamonds are exquisite and were created in the higher realms. They were created a long time ago in preparation for this time, of seeding the new light in, for the time had come when enough beings of light had called upon this, because under laws of freewill, this had to be so – this had to be this way, and this way is opening now, for the flower of consciousness, the flower of creation, the flower of totality to begin to come through in a complete manner, to not experience the separation and the fragmentation on any level of your being or any manifestation of your life to no longer experience lack in your life, things missing, for no longer to be feeling that you are searching in the dark and not knowing the way, no longer feeling that you don’t have an answer to something that you are seeking. Imagine a world where you are experiencing the totality, where there is nothing missing, where it is complete, where your jigsaw puzzle picture of life is no longer missing the two pieces you need so much to see the whole picture. Imagine the whole picture, but also draw forth now into your reality, let us imagine it into our life, let us imagine and anchor. We now bring forth the codes for this, to come through, these codes of perfect balance, as this is being transmitted on this most beautiful powerful positive ley line within Glastonbury. This ley line is holding the perfect balance for this anchorage. You now feel an activation deep within the chambers of your left and right brain, which is awakening every part of your sleeping being, any part of you that needed to defer anything to the subconscious for fear that it would overwhelm the conscious, for who says we need to defer anything to the subconscious? Why not step in and live in the flow? Why save for later? Why procrastinate? Let us activate these chambers fully now. Lord Metatron comes forth now, as he places his hand over your third eye. You see initially three pyramids, they are most beautiful and exquisite from the worlds of creation, spinning, swirling, in beautiful liquid light, that allows for the flow and changes to the mental body, for allowing for the greater perception of life as it really is, to allow the synaptic firing in every part of the brain, and igniting/activating of the glands – to contain the thought form flow from the mind of God. As Lord Metatron’s hand now presses more firmly on your third eye, one of the pyramids enters into the third eye, it pierces into this chakra, spinning, swirling, clockwise, it begins to remove the 3D barriers, of perception of time and space in any limited manner, it collects the codings that would say you are limited by time or space in any way, and it scoops these out, and the pyramid goes up to source, to be cleansed. Take a deep breath now as this anchors within you, as you prepare for the next pyramid to enter into the pineal gland, and the third one into the pituitary gland, spinning and swirling – as the first pyramid did, again, collecting and absorbing into it, anything that would say that reality is less than it truly is, this includes any mental storage of thought forms from either this life or past lives, where other people have told you that reality is this way, and that you are to accept this, or your own perceptions that you needed to fit in, and that you needed to perceive reality in a certain way in order to function and manage in the world, but how do you function in the world? In a lesser form I am sure – if you do not perceive all of reality. How can you know the way or the true reality? How can you know what your day is for, what your week is for? What your life is for? How can you be on tap to this if you are not connected to it fully? Take another deep breath as we now begin to bring through some beautiful lavender light, from the heart of creation – it swirls through your energy field, clearing and cleansing all the debris that is now releasing from the energy body, triggered by the higher codings coming through, it smoothes the way, making the transformation that much easier, and it brings through a higher new pattern, allowing you to step into the light, on a much more higher and refined level. You now see before you a pathway leading to crystalline steps, a very slow gradual staircase is before you, as you stand on the crystalline steps, and your feet chakras awaken and anchor in the absolute light. This anchorage allows you to connect to the heart of the source of ALL that IS on a deeper level. You feel this connection move through your entire being, and you feel this particularly in your hara. As you move higher up the steps, your connection raises higher and you begin to release all from your reality, throughout all time and space (which is an illusion that it has any limitations) – so we would rather say all of creation. Just begin to release everything as you ascend the crystalline steps, release any (old) cloaks, and positions, and roles that you have taken on in this and any other lifetime, that are not part of the core of who you are, in the truth of reality, that is not the core essence of your soul and spirit. Just begin to release these and leave them, leave them on this staircase, and the angels are clearing (away) everything you are releasing, as you are going higher and higher up the steps, that on occasions spiral, all is still releasing. You now see a platform of the highest exquisite divine energy imaginable, and we step onto this with the surety of our spirit and soul, with the levels that we are going to now – having left everything behind that is part of the drama of duality, will begin to absorb these new levels. Take a deep breath now as you begin to take in the new surroundings, the light temples – the absolute radiant light, you see these rainbow pastel pulsations of light on this crystalline platform, and you know instantly you are home, the true home. You look at these amazing temples, and the leap in your heart is one that you have wished for all of your life, this absolute amazing joy of home, to feel that, to know that, to know the truth of creation. You see between these temples, several portals now, and you move up to one of these portals and you place your right hand on this portal. You hear a sacred signature of sound as you do so, and this allows you to hear the sound of your soul, of your spirit and attune to this level of being. It feeds back to you the codings of your destiny. You allow this to come to your consciousness, and you step in through this portal now. As you reach the other side, you notice you have the most beautiful exquisite white cloak around you. It has the most exquisite pattern that is of your soul and divine lineage that is embroidered onto the back. Take another deep breath now, as these beautiful wonderful beings come to greet you. This beautiful magnificent light being, Kuthumi, comes and places his hands on either side of your head, and he kisses your head, and you feel the absolute exquisite divine vibrations. He places his hand now on your heart chakra, once again releasing deeper levels, of any pain you have experienced from your life on the physical plane. His hand emits rays and pulsations that allow a unique relaxation and repatterning of the heart chakra, you feel this deeper than you have felt an opening in your heart chakra before. He puts forth the golden ray into your heart chakra, and this liquid light of the golden ray now begins to absorb into the chakra, repattering, bringing the vibrations of the absolute higher realms and the absolute level of the truest higher words and the wisdom that it brings, begins to repattern into your highest chakras. The highest gateway for the highest worlds begins to activate within you, that you may have a more direct connection and access to the higher realms, on a vibrational level, that you may be able to walk your talk and become the embodiment of this, rather than flit in and out of this reality, and then having to align back to it and then going into your physical reality as  you perceive it, and then going back to the spirit, and going back and forth, back and forth, and the effects that this has on the body from going back and forth. We now wish to introduce you to a new way, as the divine mother of light takes your hands and activates your hand chakras to her level of receiving the light, to receiving from spirit. You feel this absolute piercing level of light that knows no darkness, begins to activate the receiving into your energy body. You feel a tingling in your hands as this light comes in, and you feel an absolute gratefulness and thankfulness in your heart, that you are able to receive from this level, that you are able to be fed with light energies from source that your body may receive and know this again. The light comes in now through every meridian, and pathway, from the axiatonial lines to every part of your being. Major and minor chakras begin to alight and ignite, with this amazing exquisite vibration from the higher levels. You know oneness with source now, I AM that I AM. Take a deep breath as you acknowledge this in every level of your being. Allow this light to fill up in the heart chakra. Allow everything from this life that has troubled you to begin to melt away; for once you have released it you never need to experience it again. It can be gone for good. Release this now, if this is your choice, and it is a choice that we totally firmly recommend to you. As you take another deep breath, allow the pathways to expand to receive this into you more. The pattern of the stargate enters in through every single chakra, major and minor, in your body, every portal, every pathway.

Mother/Father God come either side of your being now, and Jesus and Mary Magdalene, creating a balance through to the physical realms from the higher realms, to anchor this higher level of activation within your being. Take a deep breath as you acknowledge this initiation into the higher levels of the light; now release anything that is other than this, everything that would potentially prevent this, release this now in an instant. You may come to know this light, perceive this light, feel this light, be this light, merge with this light, and step into the light. Merge and fuse this within your being, these higher levels. Allow any part of the body where you have experienced any stiffness, where you have held on or resisted life, because you were following something that maybe dualistic in origin, just allow that part of the body to relax now. Forgive yourself for pushing yourself into situations that were other than that which your soul and your spirit wanted, causing the resistance in your body, causing you to follow a direction other than the divine direction, causing you to follow anything other than that which is your divine path, your divine design from the soul/spirit level. Forgive yourself deeply for this. As the Shekinah dove comes down now, into your hands, cup your hands. The dove is carrying an olive branch, for the first signs of the creation of the Golden Age, to anchor within you the absolute peace and everlasting peace. This exquisite divine vibration now becomes one with you, as you place this between the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra, restoring the faith and peace that this world can change, the faith that your own personal life will change. The faith that by this you can change those around you and the faith that this radiates out: - life is making a difference. The faith that you, as a spark of the divine, make a difference in the world, that you are a spark of the initiator of the change, for the cities of light to anchor upon the earth, for it to become that which it is meant to be, for Mother Gaia to birth into the truth of that which she is transforming in to, for the crystalline gateways of the inner earth to fully open and reveal the beauty of all that is hidden within. We have all known this on a subconscious level, perhaps, of this beauty, that this change is possible. We may perceive this as the energy of hope, because that which we hope for is there waiting to reveal itself at the right time, and that time is anchoring and awakening now.

Deep within the core of the earth, you see these beautiful crystal portals, temples and pathways. Take a deep breath as you take in these higher vibrations, the new vibrations for the new physical earth, and how that will change your own physical body.

As you come back through the portal, and down the crystal steps, you see these steps spiral several times, taking you into a different time zone that is within the centre of the earth. You feel the deep hum of the energies of the earth. This humming sound is the sound of peace that the earth holds for universes upon universes for the worlds that this is to birth. The peace of the absolute of all that is. Take a deep breath as you allow yourself to perceive and release any messages and projections of doom of the earth that you have taken on, so at least you, yourself are no longer the carrier of this. That you no longer participate in the manifestation of something other than that which is beautiful, harmonious, complete, aligned, balanced, joyous, love filled, light filled:- beautiful. As you do so a beautiful vibration of grounding this new higher energy – comes into your higher heart. You feel the different vibrations that we have been bringing through, begin to anchor more in the body, as you go deeper into this passageway that goes into the centre of the earth. You look around you, and see beautiful crystals – citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, and many other beautiful gem stones, crystals and minerals.

This hum grows louder as you are moving through this portal – deeper and deeper within and you move down this crystal chute, taking you into a cave. This cave is connecting directly to ALL that IS (God/Goddess). A deep vibration penetrates your body. Allow your body to become one with this vibration, releasing all feelings of ungroundedness you may have felt during the shifts of the earth. You now feel, perceive and receive the vibration of the paradise through this cave. We now release from our body all feelings of illness, or lack, or feelings that we can’t quite manifest, that we can’t quite make it – we’re too tired, we’re too incomplete, we don’t feel supported enough – we begin to release all that through all levels of our being. Take a deep breath now, as you begin to allow your thymus gland to completely recharge, from any tiredness that is felt, any bitterness, anything that is not of the highest vibration. Within the chamber, you sit cross legged (Lotus position in yoga), and you put your hands onto the crystal floor. You feel the beauty of the crystal devas connect with your energy body now. They want to show you the vibration of the new earth. As you connect to this, you look through the inner vision and see what the earth will be like. When you look, you do not see disaster (as in the changes), you do not see destruction, you just see the beautiful formation of the vision that is to come.

We now clear out all the projections where anybody has put a projection in that is of duality, that is of control of Gaia, that is trying to control and manipulate the earth to be a particular way – perhaps other than Mother Gaia wishes. For this future, all pathways and networks must be breathing and flowing. Mother Gaia will not contain or tolerate for too long control (of her), for the land is free, the earth is free. Mother Gaia is her own being, she shares generously and joyously, with those that do not wish to possess her in any form whatsoever, but like a mother she cradles you in her glorious body, that you may come to know, and bear fruit in your life also, and those fruits further embellish the beauty of her also, for they are cradled upon her body and as you embellish and create something beautiful, on her body and of her body, the glory of her body just accelerates in its magnificence, in its light.

Take a deep breath now, as we go to another level of repatterning. This time we are clearing the tailbone, the original cells of the body. Eight drops of liquid crystal now come from the crystalline stargate, seeping into the original cells of the body. They now move through all control patterning’s that are less than the light: - anything that controls your life and steers your life in any direction that is other than the divine, other than that which gives you the total freedom for your pathway and your manifestation. No matter what you have agreed in the past, it is time to relinquish that now if it holds you back from your divine plan and purpose. You may choose to release these contracts now. Just see them perhaps as scrolls or sheets of paper, of some kind/form or nature – whatever you wish to symbolise, and see now, these tiny miniature sheets of paper floating out of your original cells – out of your energy body. Out into the universe to be transformed and released from your body forever more, never to be experienced again, cancelled through all levels, all time and space, no longer in existence. The lords of karma now bless the release with all of this. Beautiful balancing and exquisite divine energy comes through your entire energy body. It lightens up further as you have released something that you were committed to and may have felt some loyalty towards, but was not yours to fulfil, it was the will of another. For whatever reason you chose to undertake that in that particular lifetime. Bless yourself now for being able to release all of this from you. Any patterning’s that have come from these contracts or from anything else that holds you back from moving into the full divitisation of the physical vehicle (body), now begins to release from every cell in your body. Take a deep breath as this now takes place. This is the time for opening up to the deepest cleanse possible:- from your mind, from your heart, from your energy body, from every level of your being – from every chakra, from every lifetime, from every experience, from every issue, from every situation, any time frame of this – any other lifetime, now begins to release. You take a deep breath as it releases, and you see the absolute levels of the flames of transformation and transmutation of three different shades and vibrations of violet, exquisitely burning through all of the levels, all of your bodies, taking with it all distortion, all chaos, all duality, and these three flames work so exquisitely they burn away even the most stubborn energy blockages within your energy fields, the most stubborn veils of illusion, that which you have suppressed. That which you have taken from the conscious into the unconscious at times when you were in a situation that you felt you could not handle. You felt it was maybe too much for you, you did not want to experience it. Where you have felt out of misguided loyalty that you must do this, whilst your soul was screaming “No, no”. These flames burn within through and around your fields (aura), consuming lower vibrations. A pale golden flame now comes in to these areas, so as the transformation happens, the repatterning happens of giving you a higher patterning, the patterns that are of the highest light, the patterns that we educate the body to something else other than duality, other than separation, other than breaking away from the divine pathway, and onto something that which is for your highest good. You feel these patterns of re-education coming through the body now, from Lord Kuthumi. Take a deep breath now as these come into the energy field. They come into the spinal column, each vertebra, allowing yourself to know your body anew.

Therefore to know yourself on a physical level anew, for heaven and earth must become one within you, to experience this. You take a deep breath now as you place your hand on your heart chakra, allowing for a stabilisation for everything we have brought through today. In the stabilisation, you feel a stepping down onto the physical plane level of everything that has been brought through. On that stepping down you feel that the codings are coming through pure in their absolute highest intent in the love and the light. You begin to feel this particularly within your brain cells, all your cells in your body, filtering through like tiny crystalline sparks of light, anchoring and igniting in every cell of your body. Within the centre of the spark of that white light is the ruby light of the christed light of the love of ALL that IS, from the heart of the source of creation, melting away anything that is not of the love that is still residing in your energy body, of any level of your being. You see a ring of ruby gems around your heart chakra now, and this ring multiples until your entire heart chakra is full of these ruby gems, repatterning and healing the heart at a deep level now, of any fragmentation that you have felt of separation. Any time that you have felt a breakdown of the unity in your life, and you have experienced that which is other than what you wanted from your level of love. This healing moves deeply. This healing now goes deep into the patternings that you may hold in your heart that tells you, that you need to be cautious, that you need to play it safe, that you need to be conditional with your love or you may be hurt. The parts of you that give off warning bells of giving love. The parts of you that tell you that love cannot be, that love is hard to come by. That it is hard to find this match on earth, that you feel within your being - with your heart and your soul and your spirit. Take a deep breath as these codings anchor firmly within your being, this wheel of ruby crystals. You feel a coolness as this anchors deeper into the multiple layers of your heart. Mother/Father God now spiral a golden stream of liquid light right into the centre of your heart chakra, all the way to the back of the heart chakra.

Even throughout all time and space, through levels of divine angelic love, through every level of your being - through your heart, and permeating every level of your bodies. You feel the angelic love flow through your body now, healing further levels of separation, clearing layers from the energy body that no longer serve you. Just begin to allow these to fall away. Allow the higher vibration to be building in your body, and then it pushes out any lower elements, any structures, anything that no longer serves you. You begin to see this all break up and move away, particularly perceptions of you - that other people say you are this or that way. You just begin to come into the truth of who you truly are on a divine level. Further levels of the illusion that are within the body begin to break away now, that life in a 3D reality should be a certain way. The most exquisite lemon coloured light now comes in through the solar plexus and hara healing this level to the most deepest level imaginable:- moving away absolutely all projections from other people, thoughts and feelings or anything that you have taken on consciously or unconsciously, begin to release from your energy body now. You may feel the release through the back of the chakras, as this begins to spin out. Golden light from Mother/Father God now comes in to both hand chakras assisting a further infusion of light through your body. El Moyra now places his hand on your third eye, pulsing through liquid blue light into your being, of the divine will.

This liquid light trickles through every meridian in your body, strengthening your divine will within you. Strengthening your ability to perceive this, and act upon this in your physical life. You feel the most exquisite strength in your body now, from this infusion:- a new courage, a strength to move forward, the ability to know the divine pathway, to be sure of this. This divine will becomes more rock solid within your being, as this anchors now within the solar plexus. We now remove further veils from your being. As the crystalline stargate now spins towards the front of your body, from where you are sitting. You feel the strong vibration of this stargate. As you connect with it, the stargate begins to open, and you prepare yourself now to enter through this. We release the last remaining cords within your energy body that no longer serve you. These just pop out of your energy system effortlessly. You remove further cloaks and images of roles you have taken on that are no longer part of this new level. As you now step through the stargate into the new vibration you see stars upon stars, galaxies, the most exquisite light of the new worlds all around you. You feel the lightness of this, the absolute unity. This energy of the stars move through your fingers on your hands, into your hand chakras, up your arms - slowly - repatterning as it goes, as you do so, release all doubt and fear, as this is nothing of the light worlds, as we have nothing to need to protect from in this level of reality. Move this energy further up the arms, ensuring you are repatterning all of your cells in its completeness before you move along further into the body.

Onto the shoulders, into the neck. View the body almost as though you are seeing it from an X-Ray level. Take it into absolutely every level of the body and allow for complete release as you do so, into the shoulder blades, down the body, more psychic debris comes off of the body, as you take it further into the body. Any embodiment from a past life that is holding you back at this time now begins to release or any connection to another that is no longer for your highest good to hold on remain in your body now begins to release as you begin to bring these through, of the new reality, further into your body, into the centre of your body now. Any pathways of limitation and blockages begin to release as this comes down further into the body.

Take a deep breath as you become one with this light of the new stars. This absolute brand new energy of creation, from the source of Mother/Father God of ALL that IS, of the central point of creation. Take a deep breath as you begin to bring this through the lower part of the body to the sacral chakra, releasing all perceptions of separation and survival, that you may begin to know life from the point of creating that which you wish to create, rather than from managing, coping and survival. That you may begin to live from the level of the absolute, become the embodiment of such in the flesh. So, the pathways of separation have been dismantled. You now begin to anchor this further into your body. You become more aware of the physical body at this point. Take a deep breath, as you slowly stretch the body, rotate the ankles, stretch the hands, as the codings become more firmly integrated into the physical body, recoding as they go. Stretch your arms, slowly allow your perception to come back from the centre of the earth, and into your body now, up through the passageway, and step firmly now into the physical body. Take a very deep breath now, anchoring your presence firmly into this moment. Just allow a moment for the energy bodies to catch up with each other in frequency and for that connection to speak with each other, to synchronise, to allow the body consciousness to synthesize. Take another deep breath, and slowly open your eyes when you feel ready.

I would like to give thanks to spirit for bringing this through today, for the absolute light and love and for allowing myself to be an anchor for this future vision that is to come into being soon. I thank each person for participating, for anchoring your light through in this manner, to bring about the birthing of something that is going to be so beautiful, so glorious, for us all. I give spirit my gratitude and love for being part of this and may we all manifest this in divine timing in accordance with divine will, and the protection of this manifestation always be held in the perfect light of all that is, and that it manifests in its purest form – as visualised. Namaste.




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