Reflection - “We don’t go running away from our values. We go drifting away, and one day wake up in a place we never meant to be, drifting in a direction we would have never chosen.” John Blumberg

“Good to The Core” by John Blumberg…
John is a certified speaking professional specializing in helping business’s and organizations develop leaders of substance and cultures of genuine service. The following story is based on a personal experience.
“I was in Honolulu to speak at a large national conference. I scheduled an extra day onto the trip since I had never been to Honolulu and because a few great friends were also at the conference. The day after the conference, we awoke at the crack of dawn to visit Pearl Harbor. As we stood above and looked down upon the sunken USS Arizona, the depth of our experience came to life. It was moving and humbling. Upon our return to the hotel, I had some time to spare before departing to the airport. A couple of my friends and I decided to rent a raft large enough to hold three adults. We targeted the white-capped waves, out in the distance, as our destination. With the incoming waves, we had a hard time getting away from the shore. At first, there seemed to be enormous momentum keeping us "grounded." Slowly, but surely, we began to make progress. It seemed to get easier. We eventually got within a few feet of the whitecaps and decided to board our raft and relax as a celebration of our efforts. It was in our moment of pause that we felt the reality of our situation; drifting two feet out and one foot in; again, two feet out and one foot in. We all felt the unsettling formula of our ever-so-gentle drift out to sea. We immediately abandoned the raft and grasped for safety, with one arm holding the raft and the other arm aggressively swimming. I have never scissor-kicked so hard in my life. Twenty minutes later we had made minimal progress. Out of nowhere, a lifeguard on a kayak appeared on the scene asking why we were so far out. Feeling the comfort of his presence, we laughed for a moment, lightly commenting about our distance from the shore. He wasn't laughing. The orange balls had warned us, and we unknowingly ignored them. Infrequently placed across the ocean's surface, they created an invisible line on the ocean's floor. They silently warned us not to drift beyond them regardless of our vision or mission. "You see those big orange balls on top of the water?" the lifeguard inquired. We could see them, but they didn't look very big from where we were still struggling in the water. They did, however, give us the insight that we were basically five times farther out than we should be. I think the lifeguard was trying to teach us a lesson. He didn't leave us, but he didn't assist us either. Forty-five minutes later we walked up on the shore. I was shaking from exhaustion. I began, for the first time, to feel the numerous cuts on my legs and feet from the sharp coral rocks lining the ocean floor. We had briefly noticed the orange balls on our way out. We had paid little attention to them and certainly had not given any thought to their significance. We had been too focused on our mission to get to the white-capped waves in the distance!”

What happened?…
How often has your life gone in the least expected direction and you find yourself a drift, confused and just a bit frightened? The reflection above states that we come to a place in life ‘we would never have chosen.’ The words indicate that there is a place of unconsciousness in which life is lived. How does one land in this unaware condition? And if one is truly unaware, what does it take to awaken? Perhaps we should start at the beginning…

In the beginning…
That would be at birth where the only thing you were aware of was hunger and comfort. Within a short period of time you began to notice light and dark, colors, sounds and more. Everything was new. You touched, tasted, and investigated; the world was unexplored territory and as you grew, you became an explorer. The first wall you ran into was the word ‘No;’ it was the original curtain, though the intention behind the rebuff was more than likely to keep you safe, it was never-the-less your first big shutter. If you go through your memory file, you will find many more curtains. The curtains became shields blocking the light on your path of discovery. Whether the curtains were delivered in a soft and loving way, or, they were roughly tossed in your direction, they altered the trail you were blazing.

The people, the stories…
Each person in your life has had an effect on the story that is yours and yours alone. They shared with you their narratives, given to them by their predecessors. Due to the fact that you were growing and learning, developing, questioning and searching, you readily took delivery of that which was offered. You may be surprised to know that the hopes and dreams you have been working towards and reaching for, may not be your own. It is entirely possible these desires came from seeds planted in your young, budding garden. If this is the case, the time has come for you to take inventory. To determine if your story is your own, ask and answer these questions: Are you happy with the work you do; are you comfortable with the people in your life; do you close each day with a smile, or, do you have countless questions swirling around? Who am I, What do I want, What to do, Do I have the ability to stay in the moment?

The other side of that coin is the shadow of fear that we often feel. These too may have been downloaded onto your memory chips by well-menaing or nor so well-meaning family, friend or acquaintances. These moments of apprehension and trepidation; those that are heavy and dark and stop you in your tracks need also to be examined for ownership. Once again, it is time to begin the process of questioning.

Remember questions are very important. Listen to them; they are your way of pointing out something needs reviewing. As you seek answers, be sure to remain open minded. Another thing to keep in the forefront of your thoughts – when you ask a question, you have the answer. It is waiting patiently for you to take the curtain around it down and then it will rise to the surface of your mind.

Are you ready to captain your ship; to step into the role you are destined for? How far have you drifted? Is it time for you to unlock all the unconscious moments and bring yourSelf into the light of day? Rest assured, the journey will be amazing. You have the power to change anything; all you have to do is choose. In the words of Stephen Covey, "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." Curtains up, shutters open, let the sun shine through!!

If you need help understanding a question, drop me an email, give me a call. As always, I am here for you!

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