Cutting Negative Psychic Cords & Toxic Relationships

With every intimate relationship we have there is a psychic cord created. Some of these cords are more positive and loving than others. A psychic cord is an invisible string of energy that holds a strong emotional pull or force with another person.

These cords can be developed with a partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, family, friend and even with coworker and will leave an emotional imprint on us. It can be good, bad or combination of both.  Some of these cords will be positive, silver cords where we will feel love and a deep spiritual connection to that person around them or just thinking of them.

Other cords can be completely negative in which whenever we think of that person we only have negative thoughts and feel very negatively emotionally charged around them. Relationships in where there was abuse, deceit, betrayal or trauma develop negative psychic cord attachments. Negative cords are usually black or grey looking. You can also have a combination of positive/negative cords attached to the same person.

How You Can Identify If You Have a Negative Cord Attachment(s) :

-You have a difficult or challenging relationship with someone and can easily be angered by this individual for no reason, i.e. just the mere thought or image of them angers you or makes you cringe

-Blocked emotionally/financially/career purpose, not able to get the life/career you want or achieve those life goals

-Negative pattern in romantic relationships or same pattern with different people or attract the same type of negative characteristics in people?

-Relative who irritates/angers/annoys you and you can’t stand to be around them?


Location of Psychic Cords:

Sacral Chakra- Romantic cords are attached here usually and a person may experience stomach/intestinal problems and women may have health problems in the womb.

Base Chakra- extra weight on hips/thighs used as a protection from those cords. Spiritual healing can help solve this.

Lower back area- Cords here can block us financially, upon removal we can be put back on the right path

Psychic Cords and toxic relationships can create huge emotional/financial stress for us and health problems. Cutting these cords can create new beginnings for us and end that negative attachment to the past, person and old way of being or reacting to certain situations.

When you let go of these attachments to the past, you allow yourself the individual freedom to move forward. Do you ever have dreams or visions of that person? Or receive random texts or emails, bump into old friends still connected to this person or even see them somewhere unwillingly?

This energetic cord can hold you back from moving forward and creating new healthy relationships and patterns of behavior. It may not feel good to cut a cord or let go of a toxic relationship but in the end you will be doing yourself and that person a favor soulfully.  Remember, “To forgive someone is set that prisoner free and that prisoner is you".

When cutting cords remember to practice assertiveness and set your boundaries should that person try to push themselves back into your life. One of the most important things I've learned is you have to  teach that person how you want to be treated and "No" means No. If they continue to cross boundaries and just don’t get it, take action.

Don’t allow yourself to fall back into old patterns of behavior or react to them in the same way as in the past. Reacting in the way in which they expect you to will only reaffirm their perception of you. But if you react in the complete opposite way it completely shifts the energy. For example, I personally have a negative cord attached to my father.  Just the sight of him makes my stomach turn, mainly out of fear however in with a lot of self-talk and restructuring of thought patterns I've reminded myself that he can no longer hurt me. This simple thought helps me to step into my power and recognize the strong woman I really am despite all the damage created from him. Not only does it shift the energy and perception of that relationship with my father but it helps to cut that  negative cord attachment to him.

Also, cutting cords isn't enough. Take steps to heal yourself after such an intense experience. There are various ways to heal and people have different ways to cope. I personally have found healing through consistent therapy, journaling, meditating and spending time in nature. I also took classes in things I wanted to work on such as my self-confidence, finding my inner voice and empowerment.


These relationships can make you feel drained or less of yourself after the interaction. You may feel emotionally exhausted and angry which can be signs that you are in a toxic relationship. You may want to confront the individual and try to change the direction of the relationship and let them know how they make you feel. If the person is unresponsive and just criticizes or blames you, it may be time to cut the cord and let that relationship go or assert yourself and take your space.


How to Cut a Negative Psychic Cord:

  1.  You need to be in a quiet space and may want to create a calm atmosphere by lighting a candle, playing soft music and use healing oils such as lavender
  2. Set the intention of this ritual by saying a prayer to ask for help in the process. Whatever your belief system is you can ask God, the Angels or Divine Source to be present during this process of cord-cutting.  
  3. Now take a few long deep breaths and visualize a white light of protection around you, connecting you to the Universe, Spirit and Divine Energy.
  4. Once you are in a meditative state, visualize the person who you have a negative cord attachment standing in front of you.
  5. As you see this person imagine you are holding a sword and start moving your arms around your body. Visualize this sword cutting all the negative cords with that person. You  may want to say “I now cut and release all cords of this relationship (say the name of the person)". Cut above/below to roots/pull up roots/visualize all cords being cut from every chakra or part of your body. Try to focus on just one or a couple relationships in one cord cutting session. If you were raped, abused or attacked, you may need to focus on that one first and do other relationships later in another session. 
  6. Once you have fully cut all cords peacefully say "Goodbye, I release and let you go." You can send them well wishes and or visualize them disappearing or fading away.  Always remember to say their name and explanation of relationship.
  7. When you’re done, pause  and take a breath. Surround yourself with love and light and notice how you are feeling. Ask for the highest love and light to fill you completely, allow your heart to open and feel a connection to yourself and to the Divine. Feel free to say a closing prayer and end the session on a positive note.

You may need to do this exercise a few times to really cut all the cords. It can be a challenging process to let someone go so patient and commit to it. It will be a very freeing and enlightening process not only for you but for that person as well. You are setting that prisoner free.

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About Emily Stroia

Emily is a Professional Psychic Medium based in New York City. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and has trained at various spiritual institutions all over the world and continues to pursue her interests in the spiritual and holistic field. She gives readings by phone and Skype and also teaches workshops on how to develop your intuition and mediumship ability. Learn more about Emily at

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