Enlightenment -    The energies and directions for the month of May are evolving around enlightenment.  So, what that means is, it is time to tap into getting, being, and feeling “enlightened.” But what the heck is that?  Enlightenment is one of those words bandied about by many people in many circumstances but what is “enlightenment” and how do I get there.  It seems the traditionalists say only those most grand wizards and gurus get enlightened and poor, lowly humans can only struggle and seek to become “enlightened,” rarely succeeding because being “enlightened” seems to be only for the most pure, the most sacred, the Saints, those holy of holiest people.  This Oracle is here to say, hmmm maybe that’s not so, please do read on…

The word “Enlightenment” in the English dictionary is defined as being “enlightened” – oh, that’s helpful, eh?  It does go on to say that Enlightenment was a philosophical movement of the 17th and 18th centuries that emphasized the use of reason to scrutinize previously accepted doctrines and traditions and that brought about many humanitarian reforms, and is generally used with The. This philosophical movement consisted of thinkers who consciously sought human advancement through logic, reason and criticism.  This was at a time when religions defined human civilization and advancement and so the “enlightened” ones shifted from the mythical, religious perspectives to that of logic and reason to think on and seek advancement of human civilization.  Enlightenment had an Eastern philosophical bedrock too.

Because East and West were having separate evolutions (ah, duality!), the Eastern philosophies were not as integrated as they are in today’s modern, integrated world.  Since East has now met West, generally speaking, the term “Enlightenment” is now more fully and broadly integrated into the English language, but it’s beginning was from the Buddhist and Hindu perspectives and defined as:  “a blessed state in which the individual transcends desire and suffering and attains Nirvana.” – Well, needless to say that tenet of faith requires an in depth study of “desire,” “suffering” and “Nirvana,” all of which are way more than the words themselves convey, eh?  That is way beyond our purposes here because the purpose here is really to simplify the concept to understand that the evolution of consciousness, that being conscious, being present, being in the moment is being, feeling, and expanding an enlightened state of being. This Oracle is here to support you in integrating this understanding: that enlightenment, that being “enlightened,” is truly what you can and are doing if you are indeed doing in depth work, processes, exploration and integration along your personal and spiritual paths.

 Like learning and understanding that love is a state of being as opposed to an emotion or some “thing”, enlightenment is a state of being too.  It is a transcendent state which takes you to the present moment out of ego into that who you truly are, your spirit, your immortal soul the realization that human endeavors, human civilization, human structures all the illusion is just that and that there is a consciousness that transcends it and allows you to be more expanded within your space and time to be and do whatever it is you want to be and do as a human in physicality. 

Enlightenment, for the Oracle purposes, is that of being beyond the veil, having a level of understanding that there is more than just this reality; that there are indeed multiple realities all going on at the same time. Part of being enlightened, is understanding that the inner universe is as infinite as the outer universe.  That inner space and outer space are just extensions of the same all, the same unity consciousness.  Really getting this, really understanding this and integrating it into your human existence at this time is what it takes for you to personally develop and evolve as we set the paradigm of the new reality, the new eon.  You who are reading this are indeed the wayshowers, those who are either seeking to understand or who understand and want to expand that understanding. This Oracle is here to support you in understanding that for this month of May, your focus is on that state of being.  That state of understanding, so that you are indeed able to look through people’s egos, and look through situations, challenging or positive, opportunities, whatever it is that is in front of you this month is the time to understand at a higher level that egoic satisfaction, is not the key to anything.  It is only ego in action.  Wayne Dwyer years ago said that the “ego” is the “earth guide only” and I have loved that for years as a great definition that indeed the ego is not you, it is only a personality, a construct and to lose your complete identification with it is a step in the direction toward expansion of your enlightenment.

Also, in experiencing the realness of enlightenment is the acceptance that you are living in the light, as opposed to darkness.  Are you the lighthouse?  Kryon (Lifting the Veil Book 11) talks about lighthouses and this concept totally fits with being an enlightened person at this time on the planet and that is to be the lighthouse.  The lighthouse knows the storm is coming, knows things are changing, knows it is going to get very heavy and it has no concern about the storm, that heaviness, that challenging situation coming.  It is just to shine the light to help others to shore, to help others find a path to their own enlightenment. Lighthouses hold the space and lighthouses are stalwart in the face of whatever comes their way.  It is the present moment impacting every step of the way.  The state of enlightenment, consciousness, if you will, is the focus of your attention for the month of May.  Since the need for discrimination and trust preceded this month’s energies, discrimination and trust are the foundations upon which you build your enlightenment, so bring the light now, more than ever, to your practice for this month.  Getting it, feeling it, being it and expanding it. 

Know that in reading this Oracle you are opening pathways within your brain which will allow the spiritual energy to flow in and focus where it needs to be through your crown chakra, to your third eye, through to the throat chakra to the heart level – it opens and expands the heart chakra where love flows to all the other chakras and into your complete energetic body so that the flow continues out into the physical world.

As always, this Oracle’s guidance is here for the expansion of your Spirit to support the fulfillment of your purpose…which is what you came here to do and why you chose to be on the planet at this time. So remember, by gathering the light of your spirit and living it, being it, feeling it and expanding it, Spirit will deepen your spiritual experience each and every step of the way and you will find yourself truly grounded in the bonds of Divine Love that hold it all together, all the time no matter what and remember…LOVE is all you need…it will propel you more and more into living the enlightenment, the enlightened being that you really are!

Let your mantra for the month of May be:  I AM opening to fully understanding the experience of enlightenment and its support of my service to others…And So It Is!!!

Love from the Lotus World <333,


Note:  Darity Wesley is the Founder and Chief Spiritual Revivalist at ReviveYourSpirit™ based in San Diego, California. You can contact her at Darity@ReviveYourSpirit.org. You can follow her on Twitter.  @SpiritReviver. If you wish to subscribe to Darity’s ~The Daily Oracle~™, just send an email to Darity@ReviveYourSpirit.org, simply put “Subscribe” in the subject line. To learn more about Darity see her Bio page here on OM-Times Magazine If you are on Facebook, help promote Darity by clicking the “Like” button at www.Facebook.com/DarityWesley © 2013 The RYS Center All Rights Reserved. 

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