Divine Magic: 3 Simple Steps to Co-Creating a life of Purpose, Passion, and Fullfilment

Are you just about ready to throw in the perverbial towel?  Feeling like you're going against the grain day in and day out?  Nothing seems to be going your way in relationships, health, and in your job?  Feeling stuck?

It's time to take back your power!  The truth of our being and essence is that we are the co-creators of our life.  That's the main and most important lesson we have incarnated on this third dimesion to learn.  How to co-create our life and live in alignment with our purpose. The energy of the Aquarian age we are shifting into is one of community and oneness. Realizing and acknowledgeing that everyone one of us has a special and unique gift to share with the world.  Moving from the heaviness and denseness of competition and the 'dog eat dog' or the 'survival of the fittest' way of thinking to embracing a unity consciousness, honoring each other and every soul their individual gift.  This is an abundant universe and abundance in all its forms is our divine right.  We are all here to learn from each other all while embracing our unique talents and the abundance that surrounds us now.

Step 1: Awareness

So how do we begin doing this?  We start by having an honest conversation with ourselves, the beginning of our awareness.  Our life as we're experiencing it right now is a perfect mirror reflection of our internal reality.  Our thoughts, beliefs, and our fears, whether they stem from past lives, pre-natal or chiildhood experiences are the culprits behind creating the life you're living today.  The parts of our lives that are not in alignment with our vision of happiness, love and success are needing to be re-examined right now.  Which parts are not working for us and what are the beliefs or fears around that?  Start taking note of that connection by first creating a vision of your dreams and what they mean to you, whether it's creating a vision board (posting up pictures or clippings on a board), or by simply writing or journaling.  Then, notice the thoughts, feelings or fears that start popping up around your vision.  The litttle voice of your ego and fears that says "that's impossible" or "who are you to want that" or "you're not worthy of this dream"?  This is when the work begins.  Congratulations for taking the steps to start shifting your awereness!

Step 2: Trusting

Whether we choose to ackowledge it or not, we are all surrounded by beings of light, from Source or God, embracing us with love and support on a daily basis.  Be it the angelic realm, our personal guides or even our loved ones, they are all around us wanting to support us on our journey of learning and healing.  The truth of our being is light. If you look at your hands under a very powerful microscope you'll see light energy moving at a very rapid pace, and which quantum physics has proven time and time again. We are spiritual or energy beings, renting this physical body on this physical third dimension plane for a very short period of time while we learn the valuable lessons of being in awareness of the place of the ego as we transcend at our own pace back to light beings or source.  Our ego is a valuable tool for co-creating our purpose on this physical plane, but the fears of our ego is what we need to be aware of.  It's not about condemning our shadow selves but rather understanding it's place in our growth.  As we begin our practice of awareness, noticing the fears and beliefs between this present moment and the vision of our dreams, we acknowledge those fears and allow ourselves to release them and just let them go, re-programing our mind to a new way of thinking and creating. As you make the conscious choice to let go, trust in this process, and trust that you only need ask for help and it is done.

Step 3: Taking Guided Action

Our fears and negative beliefs can show up in our lives in many forms, like stress, fatigue, physical dis-ease, financial issues, imbalances in our relationships and so on.  Mahatma Ghandi says, "No illness develops randomly.  I am responsible for the creation of my health, I therefore participate at some level in the creation of my illness".  As we begin to recognize and acknowledege our fears and decide that it's time to take responsibility for our part in the creation of our well-being, Divine Magic happens.  A Course in Miracles says "A Miracle is  a Shift in Perception from Fear to Love".  So why not start taking action today?  Baby steps of course!  What are the negative beliefs, fears and thought pattens holding you back?  Write them down, acknowledge them and then let them go, replacing them with new beliefs and positve thinking that best supports your vision of success and happiness.  As you start creating your dreams so to you inspire others to do the same.

Sending you Love & Light on your journey!


Shivana Pateras, C.N.H.P. is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Akashic Records Consultant, and Reiki Master, specialized in many modalities of Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. Through her private practice and spiritual teaching her vision is to be an instrument of Love, Light and Service to you on your journey of Healing and Self-Discovery. You can learn more about her work at

www.shivanapateras.com and connect through social media; facebook, twitter and LinkedIn

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