DNA  AND Dating 

What the heck DNA has to do with ‘dating’, sounds absolutely  absurd and insane ! Well yeah indeed.

But if you get deeper into the ‘dating dynamics’ there’s lot of hidden agenda there …or shall we say not so hidden yet oozing out of ‘insecurity’, deep fears, ‘past life impressions’, ‘karma crap' , ‘mind blocks’ect…the list is sort of endless. To a young mind the world of love is all ‘heaven like’, ‘floating in fool’s paradise’…'love lost' or ‘love stuck’…dream like ‘mushy mushy'…stuff …aha..reminding me of the ‘love at first sight’ kinda love. Does it exist ? Yes it does otherwise dating wouldn’t be so ‘real’ so to speak and love wouldn’t have been such a ‘jumpy ride’ …ecstacy full blown…! Trust me ‘dating’ the ‘game’ it is called in common parlance is by far the most  ‘un predictable’ game of  ‘feelings’ and wit.

It’s like you are walking on a minefield and you don’t know when the sweet vine you first tasted just ‘explodes’…and poor you is all but shocked and destroyed emotionally to no ends. So what is the solution do we just give up and say I am done , no more of this! Or we give it a second shot and than another if need be and another till it ‘hits home’ and you are a ‘couple’! And who knows for how long ?

That’s how it is …whether you like it or not.

Ever wondered what will happen if one could get an idea about what DNA is all about and what exactly is coded on one’s DNA. Wow sounds like straight ‘spooky stuff’ out of some Hollywood ‘psi fi’ movie.

On a more serious note our life’s history, geography can be decoded using  DNA information de crypted rightly. If it is so simple than why we are wasting time in ‘mating many' and finding none or one , as your case maybe. The fact is it is not so simple . There are many sources who may tell you , you can decode your DNA but the genuine one will tell you to search your soul and ‘discover' it yourself.  And self discovery is always the best , as the saying goes …"You are your Guru" , unless you sail your course how will you get to know it’s depth and intensity! So the next question that arise’s is how do we sail this ‘dating dna course’ ?

Well there are different routes to ‘get there’…the best one is you get within through breath …i.e, through Breath Training your present life and entire past lives can deciphered like an unfolding scroll.You will exactly understand  ‘your’ existence ; as they say ‘I know where you are coming from’. Every aspect of your personality will flash through and the ‘muti faceted’ ,'multi dimensional’ being you are will come across through and clear ….seamless. Why you meet certain people and why it seems you know them since decades at the first ‘eye lock’ will be very ‘crisply clear’ to you. And yet the ‘eye lock’ does not endup in a relationship or if it does it doesn’t work out the way you would have wanted it to.

There’s a lot of past life impressions we carry in our DNA which  impacts our present life ‘hugely’. Definitely you cannot go back and ‘mend’ your act of past lives but what you can do is ‘wipe off’ the ‘impressions slate’, so that your future is like a whiteboard ready to be embellished with best of ‘pictures’ one can think of. Our life is nothing other than a ‘movie’ just needing ‘hit’ button to ‘play’ it loud.  Now getting back to breath yes it does ‘reveal’ almost everything right from your probably first birth to last ( if you are living the last life). All you need is to trust the ‘inhalation’ and ‘exhalation’…process, breathe deeply and let your self in to the ‘sub conscious’ where your akashic records are stored in layman terms. Delta state will reveal you so! The hidden mysteries of life, the unsolved mysteries are solved and resolved in your sub conscious ‘head’. The puzzle which keeps you searching for ‘answers’ will just flip up like a sequence of ‘synchronous coincidences’, which to the logical mind makes no sense and to the ‘psychic’ self it ushers all ‘closed doors’ …'open’ and transparent. The ‘why’s’, ‘when’s, 'where’s will just coincide in a perfect order and you will get the ‘picture’ very meaningfully strewn …right in front of you. The insane chasing of people and all the heartbreaks will seem to just ‘fall in place’. The best part will be that there will be no more running ‘after’ but you will just know , when it ‘arrives’, simple and straight…in the ‘moment’. As if the ‘not meant to be’s have just paved the way to the real ‘meant to be’, just in perfect time and space, precisely when you least expected! The weird ways will suddenly look more ‘wired’ and ‘sensible’, so to speak.

So without wasting an iota of time in chasing ‘wannabe’s  just go ‘within’ and figure it out whether the chase is seriously worth the effort ? And for a change let your ‘DNA’ do the talking …


Sunanda’ s Bio

Sunanda Sharma is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Author and Life Coach .She is a member Elite Psyche Team - Best American Psychics 2013, Member of Certified Psychic Society 2013  , Winner Tarot Super Achievers Award 2012 India. She is a published author. She has written two books of Spiritual/Inspirational genre "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume I" and "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume II".You can reach her at www.sunandatarot.com



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