Animals do have feelings and emotions—I know this for a fact. During one of my astral trips with my spirit guide, Albert, as recounted in my book, Dancing Forever with Spirit, I viewed some segments of my current life in the Akashic Records. In one episode, I got to view a scene from my life as a lawyer in Calgary as I got home from work one day. I was allowed to hear the thoughts and feel the emotions of our little dog, Oscar, who was nestled in his bed, waiting for my return.

When Oscar heard the garage door opening, he rushed to the back entrance to greet me, his little tail wagging furiously in anticipation of my entry. But my head was in the clouds that day, and I walked past Oscar without greeting him or giving him a pat on the head. Poor little Oscar was devastated—he could not understand why I had ignored him. He wondered what he had done to offend me, as he slunk back to his bed feeling totally dejected. It was heartbreaking for me to watch this scene and experience Oscar’s feelings of rejection.

Many people believe animals are just dumb creatures without feelings that exist to be used (or abused) by humans as they see fit—but this could not be further from the truth. Animals do have emotions and they can feel love and fear, joy and melancholy, and acceptance and rejection, just like humans. Most people with pets will know this to be true—but we must do our best to convince everyone else to treat the other creatures on our planet with the dignity and respect they deserve.  

So does this mean it is wrong to kill animals and eat their flesh? Most vegetarians would vehemently answer “yes”, but for many humans this is a troubling question. During one of my astral trips with Albert, as described in Dancing Forever with Spirit, I posed this question to him, hoping to get a definitive answer from Spirit.

Albert reminded me that there are no absolute right or wrong actions on Earth, because the Source does not make rules for us to follow. But we all have rules and guidelines for our conduct on Earth that we set for ourselves as evolving souls. In this context, Albert said it was wrong for humans to kill animals for sport or to harvest exotic body parts (like shark fins, elephant tusks, and rhinoceros horns) that are not essential for our survival.

But when it comes to killing animals for food, the answer is much more complex. Historically, humans have been omnivores because they ate animal flesh as well as vegetation. In the early days, humans did not have the food choices available today, so the survived by eating the flesh of any animal they managed to catch and by scrounging for edible fruits, berries, and roots.

It is not unnatural for humans to eat animal protein, since we have been doing for so for millions of years. But this does not mean that humans should necessarily continue to be omnivores. In recent times, most people in the developed world have an extensive array of fruits, nuts, berries, grains, and vegetables, available at the local supermarket and, armed with modern knowledge about what is essential for a nutritious diet, they can live healthy lives without consuming animal flesh.

Vegetarians adhere to their practice for several reasons. Many believe eating animal flesh is detrimental to their health and physical well-being. Others feel it is morally wrong to kill other animals, even if it is for food. And some vegetarians believe raising animals for food is harmful to the environment and an inefficient way to feed the people on our planet. More recently, some people have become vegetarians because they believe the consumption of animal protein is a deterrent to raising their vibratory rates and expanding their consciousness.

So what is the answer according to Albert? Provided the animals are treated with dignity and respect and killed in a humane way, and their bodies are consumed for food, Albert says the decision should be left up to each person on an individual basis. After millions of years as omnivores, it would be unrealistic to think that humans would change this practice overnight. As humans continue to evolve and increase their vibratory rates, more and more humans will cut back on the amount of animal flesh they consume because it hinders their progress up the vibratory ladder and makes them feel physically uncomfortable. Eventually they will eliminate it completely from their diets, but this will be a gradual process that should not be forced on anyone.

Not only will there be a slow and steady shift away from animal protein, but humans will begin to cut back on solid food of any kind, eventually consuming only liquids containing all the nutrients needed for a healthy body. In the meantime, Albert says people should consider their options and do what feels right to them. The transition will happen smoothly as humans raise their vibrations, but the pace of change will be different for every person.

--Garnet Schulhauser, author of Dancing on a Stamp and Dancing Forever with Spirit.

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