In the Quantum Activist, we are told that we influence each other through entering into the quantum field with thought and intention.  It is suggested to us that if we want to harness this intentionality, we need to be moving through a state of "Do Be Do Be Do", referring to moving into a state of being and doing - acting from our intentionality, then returning to conscious awareness, and repeat as necessary.  This is as effective if we are working towards planetary harmony, or individual expansion.

If some of us could practice do good, be good, practice do-be-do-be-do regularly, be with God some of the time, and be in the ego some of the time, and let the dance generate creative acts of transformation, then I think we will hit a certain threshold and will be able to achieve very quickly the power of downward causation in unprecedented numbers.  This is a threshold that will carry us towards making that fundamental step that these changes will take hold in all of humanity, not just a few of us.” - Quantum Activist

There was a time I would have pulled towards being a Quantum Activist.  I would have believed it was my moral responsibility to try to create a better world.  We are living in a time of greater consciousness, I would have explained, and we must all harness ourselves for the good of the planet.  The very word "activist" would have been an apt description of how I lived my life.  I was very active.  I did a lot. I moved through out my day from one set of "doings" to the next.  At times, I would become overwhelmed by how much there was to do, whether in my life or in the world, and I would become anxious about it. I would feel that I was not doing enough.  I had to do more, be more.  I could spiral into believing that I had to go get everything on my bucket list done in order to feel that my life had been spent wisely.

In tantra, we are presented with a different view.  The idea of assigning meaning or significance to things moves us away from the state of being, moves us away from consciousness.  The divine is in all things.  We are one with all things.  And that includes the things we are labeling as good or bad.  Suffering arises from identifying with the experience of good or bad, instead of recognizing it as energy vibration.  The divine is present in all things, accessible to us in every moment of experience.

I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with doing. I am saying that for me, doing was a way of masking myself.  What I did was driven by a state of obligation, "should".  A belief that if you can do something to help, you should.  If you see suffering, you have to do something about it.  It created separation between me and the divine consciousness.

In tantra, and in many metaphysical philosophies, we recognize that we do not experience the world as it is - we experience the world as we are.  Where our attention goes, energy flows.  This is beautifully demonstrated in one of the exercises of E squared.  The exercise is meant to show that all possibilities exist in our field of reality, but that we attend to only those that we consider significant or that align with what we believe.  We are told to go "create" a certain color car, or a unique object, and then see how they show up in experience.  I created green cars, which I chose because there are a lot of black, white and beige cars out there (I believe, so that is what I see). I didn't expect to see green cars very often.  And within a 20 minute drive, I saw 12!  Did I suddenly "create" green cars, the way I create cookies from batter? Instead I aligned myself with the possibility of green cars, and saw that.

"Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities; possibilities proliferate when we sit quietly in the ‘be’ mode, doing nothing.  Occasionally, we choose from among the possibilities precipitating an action, a ‘do’ mode.” - Quantum Activist

The balancing act becomes the harmony in being and doing.  Attending as much to being as to doing.  In our culture, we value doing.  What are you doing tonight? What have you been up to? What is your action plan? Have you set your goals? What are you creating?  We spend very little time understanding ourselves from a state of being.  And we have fewer social conventions that bring attention to that state of being.  And so, when we are presented with pain in our experience, it is natural we move to action.  What must I do to end this suffering of mine? And we make an external change. Tantra suggests that the divine wants to experience all things through you, so the feeling you have is part of that divine experience. The practice of not identifying with the story that causes  the pain allows us to witness the energy of the emotion, and move that energy through us.  The movement of energy and the clearing of the path create beautifully powerful moments of experience.  It also helps prevent manifesting from the same blocked energy pattern over and over again. 

While many flock to books like The Secret, The Magic, or E squared to learn what they can do to feel better, the truth of the spiritual path is captured for me in Do Be Do Be Do.  The spiritual path is not about feeling good all the time.  It is about moving between being in consciousness, and doing what arises from being in flow with the energy of life.

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